Naked Brothers Band members Nat Wolff, accompanied by Alex Wolff, performs the National Anthem on August 10 prior to the Lake County Captains game at Classic Park.

  • Lilly-May

    wow . nat has really grown and changed im mean 5’10 and he’s only 14 :L
    puberty has done him well.
    im glad that NBB is over now they can be taken seriously , not be taken as little kids trying to make a name for themselves .
    well done (Y)

  • OhGollyGoshGoodness

    anonymouse said:

    It’s hard to believe he’s 5’10” now. (He said on his twitter) He grew up fast.
    wow, he don’t look 5’10. forrealz?


    Exactly, that’s their biggest problem. Honestly the fact that they got the Naked Brothers to sing the National Anthem to whatever event it was surprised me. It just doesn’t add up I don’t think. No hate, just my opinion.


    I’m just curious, but what does (Y) mean? I’ve seen people do that before and I can never understand what it’s for. I’ve also seen (L).

  • becca:]

    NBB sucks booty:]

  • Casey L.

    He sounded okay until the high parts. Ew.

  • Mandids

    Wow he doesn’t sound like he’s 5. That’s a first

  • holly

    (Y) is a thumbs up. i know it looks nothing like it, but on msn it is :)

    I think theyre pretty cute. and he’s a good singer. yeah they started on some crappy nick tv show but everyone has to start somewhere, and its a load better than i’ve ever done in my life! :)

  • Anonymousabc

    He sounds good. Good job, Nat!

  • sk8 4 life

    nobody likes you any more !!!!!!!!

  • Catherine

    Now that his voice deepened, it’s OKAY now.

    But they need to work on his high note. ;)

  • nickjjjbaby123

  • nickjjjbaby123
  • anya

    omg! he’s grown up so much.
    he used to sound like a girl!
    nbb sucked – what happened to the rest of the band?

  • anonymouse

    It’s hard to believe he’s 5’10” now. (He said on his twitter) He grew up fast.

  • Biannnca

    aw, hes so cuuute; and hes good – he got alooooot better. i just think NBB should do something else? because its kindof stupid.

  • ssssara

    i’m seriously obsessed with his voice.

  • Biannnca

    whats his twitter, the legit one.
    because theres so many fake ones. i cant even find the real thing.

  • Anonymous!

    Oh shit, he sounds hawt! :O too bad he really isn’t…

  • and…

    Wow, he really surprised me. He has GREAT voice control for someone who is 14.

  • Sam Wolff

    they are both SO talented. i’m glad that NBB is over now. they have matured so much, along with their music, and can actually be taken seriously as musicians. i love them :)

  • Wowwww

    They need to change their band name before I can take them seriously.

  • Sam Wolff

    their real twitter is “natandalex” its been verrified. and their real myspace is myspace/ natandalexwolff :)

  • IheartMiley

    watch this! miley is gorgeous.

  • ellen_luvs_jonas

    he sounds like the lead singer of my chemical romance kindof. im glad his voice isnt like a girls anymore

  • anonymousr

    Yeah, for real. You can see on his twitter “natandalex”. He said he is 5′ 10 1/2.

  • sammmyy

    it wasnt that bad


    “Anonymousdfasfdsa said:
    Not a bad singer but I hate NBB”


  • Mary921

    i love nat. he sounds soooo good.

  • Sam Wolff

    they aren’t “the naked brothers band” anymore. they’re just nat and alex wolff. so you can take em seriously now ;)

  • anonymousr

    They don’t call themselves the NBB anymore, they go by Nat and Alex Wolff, so you can take them seriously now. Haha.

    So much talent.

  • Anonymouss

    hes pretty good

  • Anonymousssy

    good job nat.

  • sss

    Wow, nice. He actually has a really great voice!

  • Jonas4Canada

    I’m sorry but I hate when guys sing like that, they try to sound so strong and smooth but it ends up being more of a whine.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that was really great! His voice sounds so much better than it used to. Gotta love puberty :)

  • jonas is love :)

    ehh it was okay :)

  • Josh

    I heard he has Tourette’s. That may be a tick. I also heard some people noticed him twitching on his TV show. I know his dad has Tourette’s.

  • mileyrrrz

    why is his hand twitching? lol

  • Anonymous

    AMAZING!! I love him!! <33

  • Natalie33

    Hey! I can sing just like Nat Wolff, and if you don’t believe me, then, get to know me better, and then, you’ll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heyooo

    he’s cute:)

  • Anonymous

    All though this will mean nothing, I love them no matter what the call them. Yes the NBB was a little 2 year old but ehh…There extremely talented… I swoon to the sound of Nat’s voice!!! =)

  • Anonymousdfasfdsa

    Not a bad singer but I hate NBB