Hayley Williams MTV VMA ARRIVAL ’09


Hayley Williams of Paramore posing at the VMAs.

  • huhzzz

    wow. you people have got to be blinded if you think she looks SO PRETTY. she looks like a massive trainwreck.

  • A.


  • dookie till i die

    i really thought they would win because of the damn twilighters but …
    GREEN DAY WON!<333333 xD

  • Kim

    I love that skirt!

  • ihearthayley

    wow, all positive comments.
    good to know the world has some good taste in music.

    paramore lovers unite.
    *cool superhero theme music*

  • bushra

    I love her, n loving that skirt xD

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  • Camille

    wtf kevin? dont you mean jeremy?

  • darkrainbow

    love her outfit ùù

  • YO

    Aww, her skirt is a record! That is kind of adorable on her. Most people couldn’t pull it off, but she does!

  • person!

    her hair is awesome!love it!!!

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  • krixtina

    omg aww hayley this is sooo cute :D

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    Love her :)

    And I would wear the shit out of that skirt.

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  • V

    Okay, wheres josh zac and kevin?!

  • Kourtney

    I GET TO MEET HER NEXT MONTH AHHHHH. I think they should have won the award, I’m surprised a lot of Twilight fans didn’t win it for them!

  • vczvccvx

    nobody could pull this off but her! i love her! shes awesome! she is what you call talanted! her voice is killer!!!!!!!!!!!! and shes gorgeous

  • xD

    My goodness, THANK YOU

  • Josephineee

    so prettyy!!

  • chloehere

    she is so cool. i <3 paramore. cant wait for their new album

  • poopoohead

    she looks so different :) very pretty!

  • Anonymousssss

    i love them green did win but in my mind paramore took the moonman

  • duh

    She looks cute (:

  • 1111
  • Amy,

    I think you’ll find that Taylor’s there too! >:(

  • …???….

    No offence, but Josh is SO much hotter then Taylor! And can’t wait for ”BNE”

  • Mystery

    Not my favorite of her outfits, but way better than last year girl! Huge fan and can’t wait for BNE. Taylor looks gooooood too!