Miranda Cosgrove, ‘iCarly Was Renewed!’

Mir confirmed iCarly renewal to Popstar! Happy? Getting ready for VMAs under!

  • Jblover_dieing

    You know she’s 15 on the show right?

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    i think her show is cute not gonna hate on her because i love the disney girls more she seems like a sweetheart and i think she is very pretty ,no hate from me

  • kingofallmedia

    iLoveMileytoo :0)


    iEveryoneLovesMiley —tour starts today!!!!

  • taylorswift

    I am better than Beyonce, Miley, Madonna, Kelly, Kanye, Janet, Gaga and Pink. My lip syncing rules.

  • jonaslover285

    I live RIGHT by the Bridgewater mall….i was SOOO mad i couldnt go…all my friends did and they said she was really nice….they were opening a new store!!! but BRIDGEWATER ROCLS…and so does Miranda!

  • darkrainbow

    I’m soooo happy for this <3


    OK, don’t get mad at me. I really like Miranda, she seems very sweet but she’s 16. Isn’t she getting a little old to be acting like a 12 year old on the show now? Does she not want to do different stuff to be taken seriously as an actor?

    I’m not hating on her, I watch the show as well. I’m just saying that she’s getting older, you’d think she’d want to branch out from Nickelodeon a little bit.

  • Ankljhloon

    how is it ewww???

  • Ankljhloon

    yeah. i used to like the old shows. i used to watch so much when i was younger

  • Ankljhloon
  • fdffasd

    OMG! I GO TO BRIDGEWATER MALL LIKE EVERY WEEKEND…why was she in central jersey? that is so freakin cool!

  • Anonymous

    Met Miranda at the mall too. She was soooo sweet and down to earth. Those people who hate on her have probably never met her :)

  • davidhenrielover

    i dont really get i-carly at all. i think disney has better shows at the moment like wowp and hm. i liked nickelodeon years ago when it had better shows

  • laurena

    ok… i dont really care to be honest.

  • mmf

    I <3 iCarly!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!! :D

  • strawberries&cake


  • melodie

    i dont really get the big deal about i-carly. ive never been able to sit through a full episode. but thats good for her and the cast

  • 1111

    if you make a wish it will come true http://www.real-wishes.com

  • nina

    dont really care. there are better programmes on other channels

  • kate stevens

    Great, my kids are going to be thrilled.

  • 1111
  • thegirlwholovesicarly.&hateshaters.

    I LOVE icarly. All you haters can just go somewhere else. If you hate the show so much then dont be concerned with it be going on longer. just dont watch it. icalr is so down to earth& WAY better than disney. Disney is too little-kiddish.

  • mymommysaidso

    Duh, it was a hit. Why did Taylor S. wear a full length oscar dress to the hip VMAs? She said her and Selena are fashion icons for girls. Um, thanks but I will dress like you when I’m 30 and older…for now I will dress like a youthful fun person.

  • eonline2


  • Jerretc

    Who cares =]

  • me.

    i love selena!

  • JonasCyrusMad

    I love icarly

  • Bring on the


  • nicoooole



    man, i remember when she was on drake and josh… she was really mean

  • animalmouse

    Oh goody! And why is this happy news?