Taylor Momsen FISHNET STOCKING Flirt


Taylor Momsen wearing a leather jacket and flaunting her fishnet stockings in between filming Gossip Girl scenes on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Photos: PacificCoastNews.

  • bree

    i personally think she is gorgeous, pretty, and beautiful :)
    she has an awesome style, love her hair.
    so stop judging her cause you dont even KNOW her.

  • Ano

    she has NO class

  • GoldenGal9311

    FINALLY JENNY is back. Come GG writers! Don’t make Eric gay!!! Please let him and Jenny get together.

    But close your legs.

  • bushra

    Yah she’s pretty n everything but shes only 16 n she acts like shes 22 !!!

  • hate haters lovers for hate haters

    I don’t understand you guys, She’s really cute and gorgeous, ok I accept that, but she’s just 15 or 16 and no one bashes her for wearing outfits like these. (and she wear it in real life too, (see the old pictures and you will see). and Miley is 16 too. she’s been judge for a things that are very stupid.

  • Anonymousssssssssssssssssss

    she’s pretty but she dreses like shitttt
    she’s trying too hard to be rock and roll
    …not working, honey, stick to gap

  • dood

    She’s friggen hot

  • *

    umm eric is already gay…. the actor is in real life too

  • Jo

    I just love her!!!! So Rock glam !!!

  • izzit

    and that outfit she’s wearing really reminds me of something Effy from Skins would wear. haha.


  • Miles and Miles Apart

    Ew… she’s totally degrading herself.
    She was WAYYY prettier and more likable with our the skanky clothes and slutty makeup.

  • Anonymousgvbjhvb

    urgh typical pathetic kids hating her just coz she don’t look like the kids on disney. shes wayyyy hotter, ya’ll know it & ya’ll probably just jealous. i like what she wears, she’s different, it’s cool.

  • YO

    Did anybody else think after watching the episode last night that she looks a lot better in pictures than she does on film? I remember seeing the pics of her filming that episode and I didn’t think she looked that bad, kinda cute even, but then when I saw the episode I was like uhh…what’s wrong with her eyebrows? Anybody else?

  • Doom

    Her makeup is much better like this than all of the eyeliner that she usually wears off set… In my opinion.

  • Anonymousgvbjhvb

    lmao 10 years older than her? wtf are you on about. miley has a reputation to keep up, pole dancing and oping you legs in front of you kid fans is not cool, taking trashy pics in the shower, in your underwear ect, not cool when your on disney, taylor is getting paid for this stuff, miley just did it stupidly. oh and taylor is soooo much prettier… btw what you wear doesn’t make you a slut.

  • WhoaChasity

    *crickets chirp*….

    Im tired of seeing this girl. Does she want attention or what? Im not going to judge her. I turned 16 in July also, but wouldnt wear anything she wears. Its not appropriate..at all. She is getting the wrong kind of attention. No sense in that. She would be such a pretty girl.

  • eman

    http://twitpic.com/hqcn9 nick JONAS !!!

  • Cassi

    i was thinking the same thing.
    she sort of has an Effy vibe about her, except Effy is cooler because she doesnt try.

  • izzit

    Exactly. hahaha. Hell, Effy would cooler no matter what. She’s freaking EFFY. <333

  • LillyB

    We only got one life. So hell why not dress the way you want to! No matter what age. So stfu and gtfo. :)

  • Jobrosforeverandever

    Okay seriously. I love Taylor Momsen and GG but Miley Cyrus is called slut for dating Justin, “pole-dancing” and taking inappropriate pics. No one bashes Taylor for makin out with a man who’s 10 years older than her (Okay, its on screen but still) and walking around in outfits like these. (Still on screen but yeah) and she’s a year younger. I know that she’s not in any way involved with DC but if Miley did this it would automatically make her a slut. So why isn’t Taylor a slut? Just sayin.

  • farahhh

    Gorgeous i love her <3 , first comment i hope

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  • Anonymous

    damn girl put the vajayjay away

  • WTF!?

    Ok. How old is she? Like 16 or something right? I’m older than her and wouldn’t be caught wearing what she’s wearing…….not hating, just stating my opinion.

  • Anonymouswth815


  • Kourtney

    this is a Jenny outfit, not Taylor Momsen outfit. I know she may wear things like this in real life too, but I just wanted to point it out that this is for her JOB

  • Edgar

    She’s fucking gorgeous! Everybody that hates is probably just a fat girl who is jealous.

  • 666

    taylor swift’s slutty twin

  • AnonymousX&Y

    She just turned 16 in July.

  • izzit

    She’s good looking and all, and I’ve even been to one of her Pretty Reckless shows, but she has this “I’m better than you. I know it, you know it, as long as we’re on the same page” vibe about her.