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Vanessa Hudgens featured in the October issue of ALLURE on newsstands Sept. 22. Nessa on her fully nude pictures that keep leaking online: ‘Whenever anybody asks me, would I do nudity in a film, if I say that it’s something I’m not comfortable with, they’re like, ‘Bullshit, you’ve already done it.’

If anything, it makes it more embarrassing, because that was a private thing. It’s screwed up that someone screwed me over like that. At least some people are learning from my mistakes.’

On Megan Fox who is friends with her boyfriend Zac Efron: ‘We actually have the same stylist. That was our first time hanging out together. We were sitting at the same table; we went to the afterparties together and just had a great time. It was my first Golden Globes.’


    sexyy <3

    I still like her :)

  • Kourtney

    i LOVE your icon, Taylor Swift is the best! :)
    heck yes she is! thanks.

  • hello

    first of all, when you send nakey pictures to someone that is like asking to be humiliated! Somehow someway someone else that wasn’t supposed to see them will see them. That happened at my school with some girl…
    second of all, she is slorr and needs to keep her clothes on
    third of all, she has zac…. and that my friends is the greatest thing about her!

  • hello

    why the heck would you compare her to mariah carey… that is like a smack in the face!

  • Chris Martin

    Sorry, she’s just a whore. Pure trash. If you didn’t want someone to betray you by releasing your nude pictures, why did you take them? The fault does not lie with the person that gave them out, it lies with the person who took the pictures.

  • Anonymous

    “I just don’t like her, at all. I feel like she has this holier than thou attitude about herself. Whatever, I don’t actually know her so I guess I shouldn’t judge.”

    oh, but i DO know her and you got it exactly right. at first i thought she was just shy and quiet, but now i know shes just a stuck up jerk.

  • DemiandMileyPones

    After the shit that has happened to her, she is still very beautiful.! :)

  • rawr

    when they ask her about megan. in her mind shes probably like”yeah shes a wannabe boyfriendstealer bitch whos trying to separte me and my zaceypoo

  • Mrs bass

    I don’t like the first picture, she looks constipated, the second picture though is nice

  • maha

    vanessa is amazing :)

  • ____-

    whore.. she is lookin kinda prego!

  • huhzzz


  • Irene

    gorgeous (:

  • u.n. owen

    she freakin GORGEOUS
    but im sry i still think shes stupid and slut:P
    i forgave he the first time but seriously, its not just OTHER ppl who have to learn from ur mistakes nessa :P

  • Damere

    woah,she has clothes on,this is rare.

  • shan

    6 minutes ago from web

  • shan

    MileyTour09I am tweeting the set list
    half a minute ago from TwitterFon

    MileyTour09Going back to take pics during break and the end
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    MileyTour09Updating can’t reply to everyone want to watch while posting the setlist and twitpics
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  • shan
  • XD

    She’s a beautiful girl and stop calling her slut or whore cuz it’s getting old. If she were really a slut or whore then why is her relationship with Zac lasting so long? They must be faithful to each other for it to last :) You don’t know her, don’t judge her from some mistake she made when she was what? 14?

  • Anonymousforsure

    ——-WHAT TIME DOES THE CONCERT START? 7pm — does Nick ever tweet? rarely!! He tweeted on her opening night and signed mr pres.. opening night 7;05! NILEY LIVES! MILEY DREAMS OF PETER PAN & QUOTES ANGELS! Nick Miley said was her angel and Peter is Nick and she dreamed of dating him. Remember when Miley dreamed od Nick saving her from the JB fan girls????

  • shan

    MileyTour09They r mixing some songs that they played on the previous tour jn other countries cool
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  • Lauren.

    Vanessa, you’re beautiful
    I love you & support you.

  • shan

    MileyTour09But stills wesome as always
    2 minutes ago from TwitterFon

    MileyTour09I wish I went to the other tour with them so I would know this song
    2 minutes ago from TwitterFon

    MileyTour09They r mixing some songs that they played on the previous tour jn other countries cool
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  • LOL%L$^$^

    okay, i lovee that girl!
    but why is she cussing?
    i hate cussing, but whatever
    she is gorgeous & i love her anyways! :)

  • Kourtney

    I just don’t like her, at all. I feel like she has this holier than thou attitude about herself. Whatever, I don’t actually know her so I guess I shouldn’t judge.

  • shan

    FROM MILEYS TWITTER… @nicolerichie say your prayers for @SimoneHarouche she’s walking around singin “It’s a party in the stud room today” (A la Party in the USA)
    1 minute ago from web

    Best because all excitement & anxiety is released on to stage for the first time. Worst because wardrobe changes don’t always go as planned.
    5 minutes ago from web
    Listening to Metro Station from backstage. First shows are always the best/worst.
    8 minutes ago from web

  • LOL%L$^$^

    i LOVE your icon, Taylor Swift is the best! :)

  • @biaanunes

    boobs = photoshop!

  • shan

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    MileyTour09I’m coming down bring me uptake it off let’s just touch <<<<<33333 control one of my faces 1 minute ago from TwitterFon

  • stop

    hot! i love it, the second picture remember mariah carey. do you know?

    love v ;*

  • hlf45

    shan said:

    6 minutes ago from web
    i hate 2 say it cauz the guy just died but that definitely deserves a LMFAO fer sure

  • dc is right

    seriously keep ur cloths on, ur adisney channel star

  • Anonymous

    ew that whore

  • Anonymous

    omg..the 2nd picture of her looks just like mee! like JUST like me. woah freaky.

  • larña

    damn! how fake are those boobs!Shes pretty flat to be honest!

  • alllysmack

    vanessa is a shit actress
    shit singer.
    and a pretty ugly slut
    shes not a role model in anyway.

  • josepha

    I love her so much!
    She’s no natural and beautiful *-*

  • joe’s brown sugar :)

    who cares if she is pretty
    she is a slut.
    doing shitty things
    then acting like nothing happened and no one would find out?
    vanessa= EPIC EPIC EPIC FAIL! :P
    worse role model than miley…

  • juliecouture



    love this girl to death! im her biggest fan! and i dont care about the nude photos ! every one makes mistakes! and the photos WERE OLD! so get over your patetic asses!

  • tellmewhy

    why zac is still with her?
    I mean, look at zac, he is sexy and gorgeous but vanessa looks like a man, and her voice annoys me to no end.

  • justletgo*

    She’s gorgeous (:

  • Anonymorerfvevevvrerevedc

    wow taking it off

  • Anonymousz

    i love and support her, with or without clothes.

  • Negative


  • Doom

    The second picture is lovely. :] Also, why do people keep trying to bring up stuff from the past just to bring someone down? Get over it.. Please.

  • ohgod

    gorgeaous :) love her

  • AN

  • lambertlovr<3

    omg shes gorgeous.

  • huh

    shes so pretty, im happy for her to speak up and grow up from those old pictures

  • YO

    Since when are her boobs that big? I think they photoshopped that a little bit..

  • jay

    I don’t know if i hate her or love her because she posted herself nude and everone was saying that she had learned her lesson but i guess she did’t because she did it again and her she is saying that she wouled have not go nude for a film.i am soo confused

  • bojo

    I like her “golden globes” in that second pic.

  • izzit

    speaking of ‘golden globes’, dayum, her boobies ’bout to pop out. Cover Zac’s eyes, y’all.

  • kristina16

    i actually like vanessa`
    she seems real
    and isn`t like all those fame whoores out there`
    And actually has talent`
    Plus i have to admit that she looks pretty damn gorgeous`

    And i actually feel really bad for her`
    i don´t get why she has so many haters ??
    i know for a fact that she took all those pictures when
    she was between the age of 15-16 maybe 17 ??
    When no one cared but the fans, before the media got involved & started hyping up her and zac`s relationship & the paps started following her` She was YOUNG and dumb
    She didn`t know that they would get leaked for the whole world`
    WHO the hell are we to judge though` im sure alot of you
    guys have takin not so innocent pictures of yourself
    And if not then i still know that millions of other girls does`
    ( People who judge her for that are pathetic, and completely narrow-minded )
    But really if anything people should hate
    on that psychopath that hacked
    her computer in 2007 and took a bunch of her PRIVAT pictures
    And kept them..
    he/she probably has more nude photos of her that she took when
    she was YOUNGER and she/he is probably planning on leaking
    them when idk her movie Beastly is coming out
    Just to screw her over Just a little bit more`
    POOR GIRL.. that`s all i gotta say.. if i had or was in her position or
    had been through what she has ..
    i would probably had killed myself or something :/ lol
    So yeah i actually really respect her for being brave enough to continue with her career as she’s been doing lately
    ( which is actually going better than it’s ever have She just had bandslam out which got amazing reviews then she has Beastly coming out And she`s doing suckerpunch zack snyders latest work Right now then maybe Dead@17 and then there has
    been rumors about Spiderman-4)
    people should care about her talent
    as an actress and what she does when it comes to her work,
    not about scandals that she didn’t even have control over at all…

    It seems like she really has grown up though
    and learned from her mistakes .. that`s for sure .. :b

  • Anonymoussss

    =-. i agree .-=

    ^^ And LOL what`s wrong with posing seductive
    it´s not like she`s gonna pose like a 12 year old when it`s a grown-up magazine
    Plus come on she`s 20 years old !!
    There`s Nothing wrong with posing seductive.. O__0
    Lmfao srsly there’s no need to act like a 6 year old — ??

  • 76876

    seriously vanessa, why do you love posing seductive. :/

  • Anonymous

    Only thing great about this girl is her sense for fashion, Thats pretty much it. Everything else about this girl is fake

  • Anonymous23335

    shes pretty, but a skank.

    who cares though?

    she can get away with

  • harajuku lover

    my friend thinks im identical to her lol
    idk how though cause vanessa is beautiful !