Alyson Stoner, ‘I Must Be A Pioneer..’


Alyson Stoner blog update: I’m listening to ‘Anything’s Possible’ by Jonny Lang, and suddenly I’ve become unusually inspired. For awhile now, my days have ceased to be distinctive; instead, they’ve blended in with the rest. The special moment-to-moment experiences that I used to savor, have now begun blurring together. But at this admission, something in my deepest core is disturbed, unsettled, depressed by this.

It’s my undying passion to pursue my dream through thick and thin. Though I may falter, and make countless mistakes (sometimes the same one over and over), I cannot be shaken. If I truly plan to make a difference, I must be a pioneer for my generation, a wise leader willing to plow new ground, be mocked and ridiculed for resisting conformity, and so full of love that it overflows into the lives of those around me.

And while I hope I’m not alone, since four hands are more capable than two, I am ready to face the music on my own. So what if I dance to the beat of my own drum? We’re individuals, aren’t we? :) So, I encourage you to listen to Jonny’s song and see if you’re not inspired like I was! Write down your dream, and get to it! Don’t wait! The world’s greatest leaders didn’t wait until they were adults to handle business. They did it NOW! :) Have a great Saturday! Alyson