Ashley Tisdale having her sexy garter taken by boyfriend Scott Speer at her
sister Jennifer’s recent wedding [Who is now Jennifer Tisdale McChesnie].

  • maju

    she was sooo drunk! hahaha i love her

  • Jennifurrrr

    Is it just me or does she look a bit like Danielle(Kevins Fiance’)(sp) ???
    I really think she does.

    Looks likes shes having a lot of fun anyway :)

  • Jennifurrrr

    Oh wow yey someone agrees you just said it before me haha.

  • juliecouture

    haha i couldn’t even find her in the last picture, i love her so much better with brown hair

  • daniginmb

    Hey I submitted this! :) Thanks for posting it OceanUP!

  • demiLOVEatolovexoxx

    shes freakin pretty(:

  • YO

    Look! Ashley’s running around barefoot at the reception. I did that at a friend’s wedding and everyone was like, omg, you’re so white trash right now, do your feet really hurt that bad? It’s ok to do that at weddings when you’re dancing! Gosh! All those people can suck it! Haha.

  • Brittnee

    Congrats to Jennifer on getting Married . I hope you have the best future in your life. I will also keep you in my prayers . You Rock Jennifer.

  • mileyfan4eva

    whats a garter ???

  • Maddison

    he’s used to removing her clothes alright

  • chloe <33

    omg i love her <33

  • chloe <33

    shes looks gawjus

  • Victoria_xx

    haha, she was sooo drunk there!

    And come on, who doesn’t get drunk at weddings?

  • Letícia BRAZIL

    HAHAHA so funny, ashley looks happy :D yeeaah Ashley and Scott are cute together <3 I think that they will get merried soon :) Ash seems a great person to have like friend. Looks how Jenny looks beautiful! And the place, amazing!

  • doldol

    she kinda looks like danielle deleasa in this pic!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymousss

    lol she looks kinda Scary in that picture..

  • Solbii

    omg her legs are so thin.. :O

  • rainbowsprinkles

    awwh cute

    but she looks so drunk lmfao<3

  • likeyeahparty


  • doldol

    she kinda looks like danielle deleasa(Kevin jonas’ fiancie)

  • annaismyname

    ohh lalaaa .

  • annaismyname

    yay i was 1st – hahaa

  • Anonymous726382

    hahaha cute

  • Disneyiscool


  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe she’s 24 years old O_O Just boggles my mind. But I love her.

  • Lelelle

    Awwww cute =)

  • Jonas88

    LOL cool I bet she will get married soon ;)

  • —–

    Haha so cute!

  • mirna

    when i see those posts
    i really feel that they are normal people like us
    i love her