Justin Bieber WATER CHUGGING Contest

While broadcasting from the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Justin Bieber invites Ryan Seacrest to one of his favorite downtime activities, water chugging contest! Thx Mari Ceci.

  • BigThimamog

    gay porno

  • just making a point

    everyone relax. stop hating on KANYE WEST, we all know that he’s more famous than that little country girl and the only reason she sold like 10 million albums is bcause theres alot of dumb kids whos like obssessed with her so CHILL EVERYONE…stop hating on a nigggga

  • Jonas4Canada

    I just explained.
    But yeah too much of anything is bad.
    I’ll say it again for you girlie though, its because water throws off the levels of potassium and sodium in your body and thats REALLY bad!

  • randomstar

    WHAT dose that have to do with anything uhh i hate that profanity that you used at the end of your sentence disgusting

  • chugchugchug

    lmao! i can’t stop laughing the lady was like “justins sucking it down”

  • Jonas4Canada

    Yeah don’t worry girl, chugging a bottle of water is fine!

  • DEFFSAnonymous

    Awe! he’s soooo adorable i love him lol
    i’d marry him ;) [stalker moment.. im sorry apologize.]

  • DEFFSAnonymous

    * I apologize

  • Bieber fever

    Yeah! Some people get to worked up over things like people it’s okay to drink water! Just don’t over do it, just like anything….

    Hey jonas for Canada how’s it going?? I’m watching. The oprah special about mj it’s so sad I’m on the verge of tears :(

  • meljonas89

    ha totally reminds me of my guy cousins… they ALWAYS do that… they’re like pros at it tho lmao… such lames

  • yep

    WTF? This post is not about Kanye or Taylor, so you chill…And Kanye sucks, not only because of this. He has proven that he’s a moron many times, nor just once. And people are not “dumb” or “obsessed” for liking a certain kind of music. She won fair and square, end of story. Seems like you’re the one obsessed with defending someone you don’t even know…

  • Jonas4Canada

    Aww… I’m just hanging around the house doing nothing really.

  • BirthdayCake

    Haha. I love Justin!

  • rose b.

    how adorable!!!! i just entered to win tix to see him in nyc next week at some private event….i found the contest on iheartradio facebook page. any1 else heard about it? i hope i win i’ve been wanting to see him for soo long.

  • Bieber fever

    oh goodness let me tell you about how my day why wearing the in shirt… So like some people like it and some just gave werid looks but in math class this girl was like ‘urg the jonas brothers I hate them I used to like love them but I’m SO over them god I hate them’ and I was just like ‘ why do you hate them now and she said she moved on to Taylor lautner I I kinda blare up on her and well let’s just say I think she’s a jb fan agian

  • Bieber fever

    Oh no I’m typing on my iPod so some words get changed sorry I hope my story mmakes sences! In means jb and blare up mrs a blew up LOL sorry

  • Jonas4Canada

    LOL! You should’ve been like “Ew… downgrade” (TL is a hottie, but Joe Nick and Kevin are 3)!

  • jb lover1

    i love you justin bieber you are veary good at chugging water

  • jonasforever.

    if you love SELENA GOMEZ follow
    on twitter for updates,info, and GIVAWAYS!!


  • Bieber fever

    Lol yeah but like this girls behind me was like yeah the jonas brothers rule so she just was like sorry I’ll go check out their new cd and now I’m happy I did that because none of my friends like the jonas brothers so now I have a friend that does!

  • Mari Ceci

    Haha i sent this :)

  • ARiANA

    lovee him<3 haha

  • NickJoeKevin

    Justin is soooo hot:D

    that’s the day i met him, best day of my life!

  • hhhhhhhheeeeeyyyyy

    justin is a fag.

  • fast cash advance

    justin is so cute

  • caitlinn

    Wow. I completely adore Justin AND Ryan. But, isn’t that like, really bad for you if you chug too much water?



  • i love water

    are you fucking serious? you can die from these water contests like these. and to the bitches who don’t agree, look it up and you’ll see that your wrong

  • lovely09


  • i love water

    it is bad. people have died from these silly contests. its not worth it..and besides who *chugs* water anyways

  • NickJoeKevin

    I know that was hilarious!

  • Jonas4Canada

    Lol mte people! I think Justin would know when to stop though, but yeah you can actually die from it, its because too much water throws off your potassium and sodium levels in your body!
    Its sad a woman did a contest to win a Wii for her son and she died :(

  • Anonymous!

    Why would someone’s favourite pastime be chugging water? That’s seriously messed, and as you guys have said, you can die from it…

  • ladidaass

    how can you die from water.. lmao

  • Bieber fever

    Awe he is so amazing! But only if you chug like more then your body can handle! Like 8 or more liters I think? But yeah good for him! He is amazing!!!

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    haha justin is soo amazing!!

  • Anonymous


  • pft.

    ha hes cute. although he looks like he should know nothing about ‘chugging’ and ‘throwin back.’ he looks like such a kid but adorable none the less.

  • Jonas88


  • lalalala girl

    hahahaha lol
    it’s funny

  • #


    self explanatory.


  • JJSa

    You could die from that. He shouldnt do that


    more reason why he should do it.

  • sammyd

    hahahaha awh