Justin Bieber Back At ONE Brian McKnight

VINTAGE Justin Bieber. ‘Wait For You’ by Elliot Yamin under!

  • izzit

    see, this is the Justin I remember. Back in the day, when he only had 200 subs and still talked to us online.


  • DMV

    So what’s gonna happen when he finally goes through puberty!?

  • ellen_luvs_jonas

    la la la brushin my teeth…. god i <3 him.

    but glad he ditched that haircut

  • katiee

    Um Jusin, you’re bald.

  • 1111

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  • Justin’s Girlfriend

    Justin is so nice in person i hanged with him on set of his video one time. he is awesome!

  • booboobear

    you are not his girlfriend

  • speakingthetruth

    Yal need to shut up. The only reason you like him is cuz he’s white. You don’t like his haircut cuz it’s in a black style. Newflash, he’s singing R&B and he’s working with Usher, who’s black. I bet all yal white.

  • Justin’s Girlfriend

    i know i’m not but i wish i was

  • muntnga

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  • uhhhh

    LOl aw. omg he shaved his head. and he looks like cody linley now.

  • ~

    He’s fucking 10 yrs. old, I swear they’re lying about his age.

  • elenamjonas

    plus buddy, WTF HAPPEND TO YUR GOD DAMN HAIR ?!!

  • Anonymousss


  • juliecouture

    was his hair dresser DRUNK when he was cutting justin’s hair?

  • BriannaAshley

    i like that songg

  • CyrusLovatoJonas

    ew hes soo ugly backthen haha

  • hollywood




    DEMI aaaaaaaaaaand SELENA 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


  • heeeyyyy

    wowww this isnt exactly vintage, cuz he posted it on his youtube its not like it wasnt supposed toe found, and all his reasl fans would have already seen this, LONG time ago ive been a fan since 2007

  • Run and Hide

    aww adorable. I dont care if he loos ten hes still the best damn teen male singer out there.

  • ..

    I wonder if Jaques seen this??

  • Run and Hide


  • tehe

    Ive been a fan since he first started posting his youtube videos in 2007 so its really cool to see him come this far.

  • lakjdfasdf

    I’m so glad that he still doesn’t have that hair;p
    Now his hair is BEAUTIFUL<3

  • joehawkxo

    k i used to live in his hometown. im guessing his hair is like that bc he was on a hockey team, judging by his jacket, and sometimes in hockey, each player would let their team mates shave their head in some crazy way. i remember my brother used to do that with his team.

  • heeeyyyy

    yes ): i miss this sooo much tooo! i mean its good that he has fans and stuff but i miss the old him like when noone knew about him, now everyones like omggg justin bieber and they only know 1 of his songs when he has like 3

  • magggie

    i love himmm <3.

  • kiiim

    i’m so happy he has hair now! lol

  • Simone

    funny, he sounds the same.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    When it all started.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, glad he ditched that haircut hahaha. He messed up some of the lyrics but was cute hahaha,

  • jonasforever.

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  • caitlinn

    Ohh my gosh I thought that was his current haircut. I almost freaked.

  • hi9iiii9i9


  • GoldenGal9311

    Aww, he’s just so cute!! He looks like those “precious moments” figurines.

  • yoyoooo

    i thought this guy was supposed to be amazing

  • proopygeoff

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  • ariancool


  • Anonymous

    OMG he’s BALLLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mhhhm


  • Anonymous8231

    he’s so adorable