WOW & Keana MIX IT UP For Menchie’s


Teen pop boy band WOW & Keana Texeira serve up yogurt and Popstar! magazines to fans last night at Menchie’s grand opening in Chatsworth, CA on September 18. Photos: Terri Tex, T2PR. What is YOUR favorite FROYO SHOP?

  • anony

    why you hoping…………….

  • honey

    and madeline, you are just adorable……………..NOT

  • Anonymousssss

    Don’t know who they are but the one in the orange is hot.. I wouldn’t mind seeing more posts about them LOL

  • Anonymousdfdgh

    who are they?

  • IFuckinPone

    LOVE WOW!! Hate Keana…bye Keana. Looks like shes in fuckin lingerie in the one picture where shes in the white outfit. Bye…

  • Meganlikestea


  • next..

  • wowfanalways


  • Anonymous

    idk who they are
    but they’re very brightly dressed

  • alexissssss

    WOW. they’re gay right?


  • alexissssss

    WOW. they’re gay right?


  • TheNewCitiesRock!

    I met them at a JB concert.
    they were nice.. I mean, they were really hot so my friend and I went to tell them hi like four times, so at the end they were laughing at us (in a nice way, though).
    they are really talented :)

    i hate keana, though.. she’s reallyyyyyy not pretty :/

  • anonumousss

    please come check out our page

  • rhonda

    you look a little douchebagy yourself there madeline

  • Anonymous333

    idk who the hell she is
    who cares!!!!


    Kyron has a sexy pink mohawk ;)

  • CDK

    who the heck is this?

  • bianqueesha

    who?!? lol

  • Anonymous0

    AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH, i was there.
    it was awkwarddddd

  • Madeline

    please stop posting about these wanna be punk/ guido douchebags.

    k thanks bye.

  • RuffGrl69

    wow they prolly arent, and your prolly jealous, how about you go hang yourself in your closet ok alexis? dont comment about dem if you dont like em, they happen to be my cousins favorie band and my fav band and we dont need your ugly comments trash of a bitch…. cunt

  • lovely09

    who are they?

  • Jonas4Canada

    Awww the icon!

  • Ashleywowwowow

    I met them at the jb concert in uniondale they were so sweet n took pics wit us Frankie (the one in orange and he is 19) is so adorable n hot

  • randomstar

    uhh not interested can i say NEXT

  • camille(:

    They seem like douches.. saw them outside tca

    And yogurtland FTW!! :D

  • NICOLE .


  • Jakeisbabe

    Nice Mandeline what an ass!!!! Your the douchebag!!!! These boys are amazing!!!!

  • ddeeee
  • ddeeee
  • urSOsquare

    never heard of them b4. dang OU just come up with a good story already! >:/

  • urSOsquare

    oh and my favorite froyo place…hmmm can’t decide.

  • paaperplanes..

    btw, boring day on OU. ;)

  • ktwomen


  • kiki-kew

    amazing WOW…….we are having a WOW get together now……….. amazing WOW

  • t tort

    WOW IS AMERICA’S NEWEST POP SENSATION, enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sydnee

    ok for the record, the wow boys, besides being sensational performers are, like lupita said, the nicest people you will ever want to meet. they are down to earth and friendly as anything. they are as happy and bright as their clothes, so nice to see today, especially in the vampire era….first it was that awful rap, gothic , now vampires(i know some people like that)so WOW is such a nice thing for everybody…..even mothers like them…..well, mine and my g’friends mothers do anyway…..there is enough killing and violence, that is not entertainment, it’s too for real anymore so GO WOW GO

  • judy-judy

    i love wow, there colors are fantastic, i know, i know, vampires are in, but these guys are fun, colorful, happy and very, very talented. Jake, Kyron, Eddie, Frankie, Michael, you are my favorites…wow is magical……………….jake, ur voice is totally awesome…….

  • ellemastersluvsW@W&Keana

    First saw Wow and Keana at the Teen Choice party at Hollywood & Highland. I’ve known Keana since she was in the G-girlz. Met her several times and she always takes the time to give me a hug or sign something for me and my friends. Because of her, I found WOW (thank you! <3)

    I first saw them in person when they sang to her onstage during the Teen Choice party. IMHO, they all equally very sweet almost protective towards her. I think they’ve known each other since b4 they got started and are all really good friends. Those hatin’ on her are just jealous and should get over it.

    I agree w/ judy and suzette that jakey sounds like an angel. But whats up with swear it again coming on and off on the myspace???

  • kittycatsz

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

  • 1111
  • kittycatsz

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

  • LupitaM

    these guys and Keana are the awesomest people ever!! :]
    I haven’t gotten to meet Keana but i just know she’s great! Wow is amazing <333 i love those boys sooooo much! They are the nicest guys ever!

    I wanted to go to the meet and greet but its far from my house and i was at my school’s homecoming game :[ but next time i will see them again! I’ll do whatever it takes to see them again! i lovee them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchh! <333

  • kiara


  • Anonymous3444

    i love them truley amazing jaes voice is great but i love michaels it has more soul and feeling i get the chills …. actualyl i j ust love them all there so nice and hot

  • Samantha!!

    I love you WOW!!! especially you FRANKIE!!!STAR STRUCK ALL THE WAY!!

  • FranBabe

    i love WOW….they are amazing!

  • Michelemybell

    ahhhhhhhh finally more WOW! so excited…love this group! cant wait to hear more new music from them! soooo sexy!

  • Domino

    How old is that boy in orange shirt? He is cute and HOT xD

  • iLOVEwow

    he’s 18 :) and sexy hahah

  • graciouslee

    i love wow so much frankie and eddie are my favoritee there so hawtttt

  • Alisa


  • Millie<3sWOW&Keana4ever

    I asked Frankie to give me a kiss last night be he said they were not allowed. Sum guy i think was their manager looked really mean j/k but the boys and Kiana were super nice they gave everyone autographed Popstar magazines. There were so many people they ran out of mags (I didn’t get one @sad@)

    I don’t care I love WOWWW & I love Kiana!! I hope they stay together 4ever and ever

  • Rachel:]


  • Stacey1

    To Jonasbrotherfan,

    Colors is a beautiful thing. That is what the world is made up of. I also met them at a JB concert. They are a great bunch of guys not weird a tall. Very down to the earth. In fact on got their myspace
    their musich is so up beat I love it. I will be going to see them again that is for sure.

  • jonasbrothersfan

    This WOW band seems so weird to me. I saw them outside a JB concert. I don’t understand the whole super colorful thing. lol

  • Ilovewow14373947

    They are so talented and such sweet guys.
    Please keep posting more about them!!

    Keana on the other hand, I have more talent in my pinky then that girl has in her whole body. She can’t sing, she can’t act, and the only thing she has going for her is maybe a job at a strip club in a few years. She’s such a bad role model and dresses so sluty.

  • oceanUP Twitter Operator

    Pinkberry FTW.

  • jade t

    ok anybody that has a doubt about WOW being number 1 just go to their myspace right now and hear their new song, swear it all over again…………it will erase all doubt, they are fantastic

  • rhonda

    WOW is the best, the hottest, most gorgeous boy band on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people just can NOT be nice, it is not in their nature, they HAVE to be mean and nasty. I was taught that if you can’t say something nice then say nothing…..but some people just were NOT brought up I guess. WOW, they are great and the best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love wow.

  • CrazyWorldOfWOWemily

    it was soo much fun but menchies was like way to small lol. people you really need to stop saying things about both keana and WOW the are all amazing. keana is really nice i dont know why you all hate her. She is soo sweet and WOW is just AMAZING.
    i love KEANA&WOW<3333

  • l0vew0w

    everyone who is hating on WOW keep your comments to yourself,because when their famous tou’re gonna feel kinda stupid..
    & stop hating on keana she’s gorgeous!!

  • ….these are the same fucking people commenting again saying they like them. its so PATHETIC. they can see your i.p. you know

  • Anonymous

    you are the same fucking person. this band and their management is pathetic and everyone else on OU knows it. its hysterical

  • jemmie

    wow, you guys just keep getting better and better, and i didn’t think that was possiblel. That new song rocks, Jake you are amazing as always, and you are so gorgeous…..i listen to you guys all of the time, the unforgiven video was sooooooo special. we just need more and more of wow.

  • Andrea37


  • aAnonymous

    I love wow they are so nice and funn I love goosebumps danceee:)

  • MandyandHeather

    shampoo?? coooooll!! seriously i love those boys love love love

  • aAnonymous

    I love wow they are so nice and funn I love goosebumps danceee:)

  • aAnonymous

    I love wow they are so nice and funn I love goosebumps danceee:)

  • jeanne

    Love it Rhonda, you got that right, the best is yet to come with WOW, they are going to be big, they are soooooooo good, very talented and gorgeous tooo, they have it all. And a tremendous amount of support too.

  • ilovewow

    WOW is blowin it up!! Swear it again is amazing!!!


    love these guys and keana is hot

  • !!!

    who are they??

  • iLOVEwow

    i LOVE WOW!!! haha their not gay at all!!!!!!
    they are such hotties!!! not a huge fan of keana though :\

  • theWOWupdates

    awh this is so cute!!

    we love these boys :D

    check out youtube’s theWOWupdates for more info


  • boybandsaremylifenow

    why would somebody say there gay? because there cute, have great simles, cool clothes?? maybe its jealous people because I just met WOW and LOVE them and there music and thier new video

  • RuffGrl69

    hott, hott boys, hott girl im bi so i love them both , please let me get in i wanna know both your worlds

  • vessyyessy

    i like wow. whoever that girl is with black hair is ugly

  • Jakeisbabe

    OMG! I am a great big fan of WOW!!! They are aresom and are on their way to being huge!!!
    Jake is hot hot hot!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!

  • deanna

    You are going to blow this music business wide open, you are awesome, Jake I love you…..impossible to get any better than WOW, it just doesn’t happen. The clothes, love them……


    omg stop with these comments, they are bad and vulgar oh my goshh, but i lvoe wow they are so cute and whats this picture for, and i love keanas music shes good

  • ilovewow

    I love the WOW boys and i love when the haters comment it lets us know there are truely only a few of you!!!

  • ilovewow

    i am sure you girls hating on wow and keana are just sooooo jealous it is eddie with his arm around her and not you!! ahahahaha to bad

  • andreabby5

    I love wow there so good can’t wait for there new songs u can just fall in love with them all

  • anony
  • anonnn

    who is this?

  • randomstar

    come on we need a new post

  • Jonas4Canada

    Canada sucks, we have none!
    In the states, the self serve ones!

  • xxlacie

    i have heard of wow before, but i never knew what it was, i thought they had mispelled wowp (wizards of waverly place)…and if that guy with wirdo hair at the very first pic thinks he looks cute, well maybe this will hlp him be better, how about you wear normal hair? And dont reply rudely, cause i dont care :P

  • Anonymous8231

    WOW is a good band and they are all very nice. Keana is beautiful as well.

  • jemmie

    said and anonymous you are the same fucking people commenting ur hate over and over again, they can see your i p you know. their management must have turned you down….

  • jemmie

    oh and this is a little PS for said and anonymous, check the times they are like a minute or 2 apart, hmmmmmm now i wonder if that means they are the same person, usually when somebody accuses someone of doing something it’s because THEY are. WOW lovers don’t have to do that there are so many of us. go soak your head anonymous and get a brain

  • ksssjwey

    LOVE WOW and think they r going 2 b HUGE

  • suzette

    everybody has to have haters, it means they are getting noticed…….some people love to hate. WOW is the best and just getting better and better, they are awesome and so hottttttttt especially jake with the voice of an angel, eat ur heart out jealous ones….

  • jerseyjblouv

    Sooo hot kid in the blue looks like efron a lil don’t know muich of them excited

  • ladyj

    i love wow, absolutely love them, what’s not to love…oh, I am on my g’friends computer, does this count………mine is down, but i love wow

  • marialynn

    ahh i love them ohh sooo much- last night at the yogart place was soo much fun! i love the pjs lol

  • kristinia<3wow

    please ccome back to la soon…the meet and greet was sooo coool and yogurt wass soooooo goood tooo lol….when are yu guys going on a tour!?! ahhh and michael looked soo cute yesterday

  • Lindsey9284

    i was there! must admit my cousin dragged me (had no idea who they were til yesterday)

    there was barely walking room at menchies!! keana and the boys were soooo super nice and signed every autograph and gave us hugs. keana was pretty gorgeous and sweet (no homo) even my aunt who was with us thought she was so pretty. and the boys were no question HOTTTTT

    all you haterz just crack me up! the more u talk bad about keana and wow, the more attention they get ha-ha

  • MrsMoodyisMe

    All the boys of WOW are awesome. They are going to be huge, all you haters will see then b ready to put your foot in your mouth coz they WILL blow up then all us wow fans will laugh in your face.

    As far as the girl, I’m sure she’s the same one I saw with the boys at the Jonas brothers concert in LA. I looked her up and she used to be in the G-Girlz. I think she dated Jake T. Austin. I remember she looked beautiful. They remind me of Britney Spears and NSync.

    Eddie is myne! He is so delicious

  • KatrinaPatri4

    i’m sorry but i FREAKING love these boys!!!! and keanna is so pretty i’m jealous she gets to hang out with these guys all the time!!! keep posting about them they’ll def bring alot of attention! Love you boys <3 <3