Blake Lively Hayden Panettiere Emmys ’09


Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere, decked out in red, attended The 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at NOKIA Theatre LA LIVE in Los Angeles on Sunday night. Photos: Fame.


  • annoyed

    I hate how nobody ever comments on the posts about non-disney stars. That just shows that oceanUP’s main audience has to be between 8-12. I’m just saying. And Blake’s hair is disgusting. I hate her. Leighton is way better. :)

  • randomstar

    do you think anybody gives a crap

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  • YO

    Blake looks great, and hey if I looked like that, I might be tempted to dress the same way, but why does she always have to wear such revealing dresses?? Blake, you can look sexy w/out showing your whole chest. Just sayin.

  • Kim

    This is why I love my bestie. So pretty girlie.

  • slh

    I love blake lively’s dress it is to die but I think that she should have just kept her hair down a la serena. Hayden’s dress makes her look a little to old, but her hair is very chic!
    Stop saying bad things about these girls and who they are, y’all don’t even know them.

  • Anonymous..

    Looks like the Jonas Brothers are getting a lot more help from Disney Miley Cyrus did.

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  • Valium
  • it’s me :)

    do you know what I don’t understand? why people with SO much money just seem to not be able to buy a freakin good looking dress! like, they could have ANY dress on the ENTIREE world. any. and they pick ones like these? even I with a 300x lower budget could get a prettier dress than they did… and the thing is, they’re not the only ones….. people have stylists and what so ever and still.. I just don’t understand it..

  • Anonymous

    why it must be red
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  • it’s me :)

    and why the hell do they wear a RED dress on a RED carpet?! stupid much? ^^

  • hithere

    blake looks always the same ! and hayden is getting prettier !

  • Anonymous

    why it must be red…
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  • Ayla

    This is so unfair, Blake is so pretty. Why is she wearing her hair like that? she looks like an ugly 11 year old boy? Also, we get that she has a great figure, can she stop showing it off please.

  • Yo dawg

    Blake Lively is the definition of gorgeous!

  • Ness4Jonas

    the featured picture of hayden is amazingly beautiful it reminds me of a princess.

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Blake is drop dead gorgeous

    Damn ,this girl always looks super beautiful

    Hayden is cute too,but her dress is so long

  • JhrPlm

    vBzqMNi RErqhG

  • Kourtney

    Blakes hair is weird, but both of their dresses are very pretty.

  • mikxkim

    agreed.. blake’s hair is weird…

  • morgan j

    haydens dress is supaaa pretty :)

  • broble

    blake lively is starting to annoy me.

  • bojo

    <3 Hayden :)

  • Blair Waldorf!

    Blake shouldn’t have done that to her hair. I hate Hayden, she annoys me.

  • lady buggg :)

    Oh shhh
    come on the girls both look gorgeous
    and that you can’t lie about

    btw hayden’s eyebrows are pretty cool at the end

  • jonaslovatobabe

    there outfits are amazing!
    they both get best dressed,
    they look soo stunning!

  • ;;;

    Hayden looks amazing!
    Don’t really like Blake’s dress but she still looks pretty.