Carlson Young, Tony Oller, Drake Bell & Nicole Anderson Beso Birthday PARTY


As The Bell Ringers Carlson Young and Tony Oller along with Drake Bell, Nicole Anderson and Kristey Frank [IDK?] attend a friend’s birthday party at Beso In Los Angeles. Photos: PacificCoastNews.

  • Anonymousss

    Aw I love nicole! and carlson is so pretty!

  • Anonymous00000000000

    Drake Bell was wasted

  • trishtastic

    OMG!!! Love you Nicole!!!

  • teamnileyftw
  • Anonymous..

    Looks like the Jonas Brothers are getting a lot more help from Disney Miley Cyrus did.

    If you recall, Cyrus had her Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert film playing on less than 700 3-D screens across the US last year. The concert flick made Disney $31 million during its first weekend.

    But, now, it’s the JoBros’ turn – and Disney plans to put Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience in several hundred more giant 3-D screens for its release this February 27th, giving it exposure in over 1,100 3-D screens, including in 55 Imax venues. AND THEY STILL FAILED! LMAO!!!!

  • bianqueesha

    nicole looks so cute
    i love her outfit.

  • biatrix

    Oh she’s smoking alright. Well atleast holding a pack of cigarettes. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just saying she definately is. How am I sure. Well it’s the same brand I smoke. Virginia Slims Luxury Lights 120’s. Not saying they are hers, but why would she be holding them if they weren’t?

  • Katie xxx

    Sure Drake, go to a Disney persons birthday then call it a “Disney bubblegum town” or whatever
    he’s either very jealous or nobody turned up at his birthday party this year…….shocker but I wonder why?? The comments he makes maybe….

  • clefty is life

    i have carlson’s # no kidding.
    she commented to demi before.

  • ummmmhfguefjn

    nicole is soooooo pretty.
    i have no idea why i love her so much.
    shes super sweet.

  • Kimberly C.


    The birthday party was for actresses/friends: Chelsea Staub and Emilee Wallace. It’s KRISTY FRANK. She’s a singer and is one of Chelsea Staub’s best friend.

  • Yah yah yahh… ;)

    exactly what I was going to put :)

  • w

    wonder where the pics of Chelsea are?

  • rawr {:

    i pretty much love nicole. :)

  • xoxogossipgirl

    It was Chelsea Staub’s birthday.

  • xoxogossipgirl

    LMFAO, I saw that too, but I didn’t write it down.

  • xoxogossipgirl

    Nicole is holding a pack of cigarettes.

  • KristenOhHey

    Uh guys this isn’t Chelsea’s b-day. She held it at a small bar in Arizona.

  • Emzy Crawford

    Nicole’s holding cigarettes in this picture. Opinions?



  • oneofakindxo

    Nicole is holding a pack of cigarettes.

    Lmao wtf. are you guys blind or something. she doesnt smoke, dumbshits……
    Anyhoo nicole’s gorgeous and DOESNT smoke, so all you guys fuck off(:
    and tony and carlson are adorablee<33

  • Delsy

    Drakes jealousy is so funny right now

  • iloveloadsofthingsxxxx

    nicole anderson i sholiding fags/cigirettes

  • Anonymous461754

    Nicole is holding a pack of cigarettes.

    Lmao wtf. are you guys blind or something. she doesnt smoke, dumbshits……
    Anyhoo nicole’s gorgeous and DOESNT smoke, so all you guys fuck off(:
    and tony and carlson are adorablee<33


    you are the dumb one who cannot clearly see the pack of cigarettes and assumed lighter in her hand. look at the close up. its obvious.

  • iloveloadsofthingsxxxx

    seen the pic a while ago
    yeah i hate that fact :(
    but it does show not all disney people are “perfect” i actually agree with drake bell tbh

    love miley and selena
    everyone else on disney = crap

  • Anonymous461754

    she totally is!
    why does everyone have to smoke. i think its so nasty.
    all my friends do too. i hate it!

    remember when vanessa hudgens was spotted with cigs in her car. yuck.

  • Madeline

    i really don’t get what the big deal is. sure, cigarettes are gross, but they’re not illegal. if she was rolling a blunt, maybe there’d be a problem, but she’s not doing anything wrong. everyone has bad habits.

  • Yo dawg

    I love the comment about Drake Bell being a homosexual librarian. Whoever wrote that, you’re my new hero. Haha. He does resemble quite the gay tendencies lately. Are we all sure that Josh isn’t his boyfriend? Wait, Josh Peck doesn’t even look that gay, my bad. But let’s face it, Drake Bell is a homosexual.

  • Anonymous

    Ok shithead. Just look- it’s cigarettetes

  • Anonymous

    KANYE said:

    hero fucking status.

  • mylifeisaverage

    Ohmigod yeah.
    She is. You can totally see the lighter.

    The blonde girl looks really pretty though.

  • fuck


  • laurenmaria

    aww i think carlson and tony really are dating. they are SUCH as cute couple! i’m so happy for them. carlson is so gorgeous too.

    so who’s birthday was it?

  • laurenmaria

    xoxogossipgirl said:
    Nicole is holding a pack of cigarettes.

    seriously? does she smoke or something?

  • JhrPlm

    YwhgGTFE UUtzRYrU

  • Valium
  • nickel


  • LovesJB

    omg am i first?

  • LovesJB

    ohh pshh no. -tear-

  • LovesJB

    2 though i think?

  • natz1291

    that was chesea staubs birthday party DUUUUUHHH!!

  • shabam!

    are tony and carlson dating?

  • LovesJB

    aww i love nicole anderson :)

  • Dannie

    Nicole Anderson looks lyk she’s a nice person :) nd she’s really pretty.

    PS – They were going to Chelsea Staub’s party

  • Blair Waldorf!

    i miss the old Drake Bell . i mean like the 2004, 2006 drake. lol

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