Aly & AJ 78 Violet Kelly Slater SURF FANS


78 Violet posing with pro surfer Kelly Slater. Plus random TWITPIX.

  • I’m just testing my iPhone…

    Mmm my name says it all…

  • leanne

    Gee,Don’t hate on 78violet
    they are soo beautiful!
    I love Aly’s purple streaks

  • Enzo Ferreti

    He looks better without shirt, i know why the girls are to in love with him.

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  • xPkHEB

    VBdoBwtG xPkHEB

  • GoldenGal9311

    I used to like them, but for some reason they annoy me now. Lol I used to call them the “guitar girls”. Now they’re hollywood divas.

  • proopygeoff


  • kSLtAdPB

    itQwbmgx kSLtAdPB

  • brytney

    oh, i like this photo very much!!!I want this man now!!!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    they really annoy me :/

  • Anonymoussdsf

    iphones rock ;)

  • Who cares!

    Argggg stupid people! if they don’t like you then don’t comment!!!! All that I can read is Jonas. Jonas and Jonas… shut the fuck up with those stupid fucking Jonas brothers!!

  • ufcjj

    lol, im on oceanup on my wii xD

  • eman , AW AW AW joe jonas

  • Valium

    GumkmFo Valium Ambien

  • brustvergrösserung

    You are totally right, both photos looks so diferent, the shirt off one seems to be the best look for him.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Isn’t Brenda Song dating FloRida?

  • mimimimimi

    The new series, Jonas, which debuted in the States last month, did so poorly in its initial … night slot it has already been moved under the protective Sunday night umbrella of the lead-in Miley Cyrus hit, Hannah Montana. Disney moved Jonas so Hannah could help their ratings.
    That’s alright miley has always help the jonas even when they feud she got their back all the time by bringing attention to them. I don’t think jonas ever notice miley had their back even when they feud unnoticed. But Disney knows that jb and miley are their biggest act! Any publicist or manager with brains know they should milk miley and jb together, demi is not happening people want miley. They trying to bring demi up is been almost to year and she can’t even fill a small venue or sell quantums of cd like miley did in less than a year. Disney try replacing miley with selena when she could not do the job they brought in demi and she can’t handle the job either! Two girls trying to do what miley is doing is funny lol! Now since neither demi or selena has been able to get the job they are bringing the new chick that played vampire on wowp and jb nick love interest a third girl to try to replaced miley and another girl they calling the next miley didn’t they say that about selena and demi? The fans want miley why can’t they understand that there something about her that makes you look twice. So far the closest they been has been jb but even them are three guys over one girl miley just something i notice. with jb you got every flavor with miley you get one and a lot of people prefer her to them sometimes. i like both but am just saying were the numbers speaks. so i dont blame disney trying to bring miley fans to notice jb more smart move.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    hi mimi :)

  • rawr {:

    i love them. <3

  • I <3 MY BF

    1st pic… whered u get ur outfits… borrow them from some hobos?????? and who r these has beens never was? 1 hit wonder… get over it no one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AJ is a boys name… what does it stand for?
    Ass jerms

    Aly is spelled Ally.. Go BACK TO PRE-K… WE NO UR “SPECIAL” IN A GOOD WAY!

  • Sexy Celebrity Wallpapers

    who is that guy?

    Sexy Celebrity Wallpapers

  • FlorenceJonas follow me if u want :)
    i dont like them, whatever

  • Billythekid-NY

    Miley is still following them so maybe it’s a personal issue for these two girls themselves. Or perhaps they felt too grown up to continue to listen to the various ramblings of the multi-talented Miley Cyrus.
    At any rate, it’s somewhat refreshing to see that some other artist other than Jonas/Miley/Selena gets some coverage on this site. That being said, I think Oceanup could have picked a more relevant artist, one that is actually on the rise, whereas these two girls have fallen into the pit of despair with regards to the musical industry. Their movie/TV career is already in the dumps. Hmm, how long before Hollywood Records shows them the door? Not too much longer I suspect!

  • waite…what

    they unfollowed miley on twitter,feud???



  • farahhh


  • JBarefading!


  • farahhh

    2nd ;(

  • yeyimstillhere


  • sweet dreams

    3rd!!! Whay can’t they be just Aly & A.J. instead of 78 violet anyways it dosen’t matter until they are getting beautiful!!!

  • TeamNileyFTW
  • selfan