Asher Book TRY, FAME Music Video

  • eman eljamal
  • Anonymous

    His last name is BROOKE. God Tim you can be dumb :) lol jk

  • Anonymous

    it’s Book dumbass.

  • Jenn

    Well according to his myspace, the official v-factory site AND even his own official fansite, his last name is BOOK. So unless he changed it…

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  • nati


  • vessyyessy

    WOW is better. I guess this is why vfactory is going nowhere because they only care about asher.

  • tali<3asher

    ok his last name is book i met him and the rest of the guyz from v factory ugh he was sooo nice like they spoke to us and everything and asher was like the nicest guy ever like i came up 2 him he gave me a hud nd this song is incredible im soo excited 4 the movie asher is gonna rock it and ur gna c how big v factory is gonna get in 2010

  • rfgwekbnhkl4r

    i hate with all my soul that girl idk why. i think is her face or his movies! btw he is hooooooot.

  • NowOrNever


  • Ashley(:

    Asher(: I love him! I met him with Vfactory and they are the sweetest guys ever! They care about their fans, they do an amazing performance and they’re amazing singers!(: I’m so glad he’s in this movie!

  • Ashley(:

    BTE his last name is Book.

    thats his offical myspace and everywhere else, + that is how he signs his autograph!