Brown University student Emma Watson posed at the Burberry Closing Party at London Fashion week Autumn/ Winter 2010 on September 22. Photos: WENN.

  • Anonymousffress

    wtf is she wearing

  • BSJBLover

    she is average looking

  • Kourtney

    she is so pretty and classy! I wonder if she’s been having an easy time at Brown, I hope no students there are bothering her too much, but at the same time I can’t imagine going to the same college as Emma Watson, I’d probably be excited too!

  • Zin


  • Heygurlhey

    gooo followww her she’s awesomee and she met the jonas brotherrrsss a bunch of timess!!!!!! tell her angie sent youuu! thanksss<3




  • Heygurlhey

    gooo followww her she’s awesomee and she met the jonas brotherrrsss a bunch of timess!!!!!! tell her angie sent youuu! thanksss<3




  • Dash

    You’re banned. :D

  • jonas is love :)

    she’s pretty, but i hate that dress. lol

  • likeyeahparty


  • Kayley


  • LALALAReally

    Her dress looks like golden popcorn, haha,
    I love Emma. She’s so sweet and down to earth.

  • LindaC

    She is really pretty!

  • psienjoyacidpops

    I wish more silly teenyboppers looked up to Emma Watson as opposed to all those Disney girls. She has such a good head on her shoulders and she’s such a smart, lovely, and modest person. :/ Plus, she’s so gorgeous! I don’t understand how anyone could think she is “average-looking” when you can call Miley or Demi or Selena beautiful. That’s beyond me.

  • hihihi

    hahaha i love how she is at college one week, then is flying back to london to walk the red carpet at Fashion Week.

  • fhjiht

    she is GORGEOUS…simple as that

  • ash

    (Joe and Emma) haha.

  • shouldbereading

    yup, she’s just a normal college kid…

  • A

    GLAM !

  • A

    GLAM !

  • gg

    LOVE HER!!! my absolute role model

  • no fax payday loans

    I love this dress.

  • Kelstastic

    She is BEAUTIFUL! Such a wonderful actress!!!

  • Kelstastic

    Uh, she started Burberry BEFORE she went to college, and she IS a normal kid in more or less ways. Because she is beautiful and is wonderful doesn’t make her less normal than the other students. Did you see the other pictures of her at Brown? Pretty normal to me, I don’t know what your looking at.

  • Anonymous405

    She’s amazing :)

  • May123

    Emma is DIVAA *-*


    i dont know :) haha

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  • xD

    and we care because?

  • Caitlin

    She’s beautiful but shouldn’t she be in class lol.

  • daughtryrocks1997

    stupid oceanup saying that there was going to be a sneak peak of miley’s party in the usa music video i sat there watching the show which i careless about dancing with the stars i miss almost half of my other show just to see a sneak peak of it gosh i almost miss john cena funny moment

  • kiiii :)

    there’s nothing else to say but amazing.
    she’s so gorgeous and her dress is just lniurwngiunfwfe fabulous.
    i die, legit i die for this.

  • likeyeahparty


  • Caylee

    She is so beautiful…I love her <3

  • YO

    Holy crap! She’s gorgeous. Not a lot of people could make that dress look that good. :)


    xD said:

    and we care because?

    You don’t speak for the rest of us.
    You may not care but maybe some other people do.

  • BM

    Really living the College life jetting back off home here to go to London Fashion week :’) Hahahaha, She has the best life. Acting professionally AND being a normal student? aha

  • Michelle

    She’s kind of obligated to go to the Burberry show as she’s one of the models of the recent ad campaign.

  • Dash

    Umm, are you blind?

  • Anonymous123

    she is very average looking at best

  • Audrina

    This girl is just PERFECT.
    Her beauty, body, LOOK AT HER LEGS!!!
    omg, i wanna be Emma Watson!!!! hahhahahhahaha

  • cfsdvd

    I think she is the most beautiful young actress, and her style is classy and unique, the dress is pretty, and it looks really good on her.

  • daniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    FIRST?!! :d

  • popppppppy

    weird dress.

  • daniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    ameiiiiiii o vestido dela *—–*

    follow? :D


  • Brangelina