Ashley Tisdale HOT PINK FAME Screener


Ashley Tisdale, wearing a hot pink outfit, and her sister Jennifer in purple at a special VIP screening of FAME at the Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Photos: WENN.

  • taylorlautnerloverrr

    omfg ashley is NOT fake or ugly.
    stop be a jealous bitch.
    she came out of disney good, and so did zac, his future in acting is looking bright =D
    those two are the best that came out of disney….
    omfg i forgot SHIA LABEOUF haha, yup he’s the best & my favorite that came out of disney.
    haha i just changed the topic xP

  • taylorlautnerloverrr


  • laurenmaria

    what’s up with the ~seductive faces? hahaha.

  • Mardy74

    she looks nice I guess…

    typical -L.A. + blonde + hot pink = life size barbie.. XD
    SORRY just had to get that in there, it was like screaming to be typed! :D

  • Mardy74

    no offence on my last comment to anyone whos actually like that, but right there she just reminded me of the good o’l days! :)

  • Anonymousss

    ^^ Ashley is with disney ???

  • hate her!

    hate her. and no im not jealuse! she is soo fake and ugly!

  • FuzzyPerson

    like her, but she needs some posing lessons. what is up with all of her faces in all of the pictures?

  • d

    i loooove ashley tisdale:))) love! haha

  • GoldenGal9311

    She looks GREAT! = )

  • hudgens

    hmm she look ok looking i guess

  • Blair Waldorf!

    she doesn’t look good there.

    But i want to watch the movie!!!!

  • Anonymouszz

    ashley is pretty but I LOVE HER HAIR MUCH BETTER AS BROWN!!

    she looks like an idiot with blond hair. i hope after her movie, she returns to blond

  • pft.

    she does look like shes wearing pjs. still cute though.

  • Anonymouse

    I’m glad it’s for a movie (so she says). Because it is too soon to dye her hair back to blonde, High School Musical 3 is too new.

  • Anonymous Person

    Thank you for defending Ashley! and yeah,Shia sure is going great! hehe :P

  • love me or hate me

    so someone said joe addmited that he is dating brenda song today anyone know about that?

  • love me or hate me

    sorry i know this is a ashley post still love ash tho =)

  • love me or hate me

    anyone just see demi tweet!

  • hudgens

    lol seriously

  • love me or hate me

    i know i would wear that outfit but i wish it was black instead with hot pink lipstick

  • Elle

    I’m sure a lot of you have heard Selena’s whole album, but here is a really high quality version of “More” with lyrics!

  • Anonymous100


  • alllysmack

    i have one word to describe her.
    wait one more.

  • jonaslovatobabe

    seriously i met her for my second time
    she is amazing!!
    i met her sister too there both soo nice!

  • kakina

    I like her brown hair more, and the face she is pulling in the first picture is not attractive at all!

  • dood

    She looks like Barbie…in a good way.

  • Anonymous

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    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy…
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  • Dur


  • Anonymous4645643b

    WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Person

    lol you do.
    Why else would you be on an Ashley Tisdale’s post?
    Seriously haters, go find someone you like instead of adding negative comments.

  • likeyeahparty
  • TEXT%
  • WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN???????????????????????

  • Anonymousz

    she wants fabulous, it is her simple request.

  • Instant Loans

    Im sorry but I think thats just a bad outfit. I dont like the jumpsuit look. And the color and style of the material!

  • @mascafee

    i love her ! she is so fabulous : )!

  • mdiaz

    shee looks amazing
    love her

  • xoxo

    love her :) shes so pretty, best person that came out of Disney so far ;]

  • pink bb

    she wants fabulous, it is her simple request.

    LMAO! hahah

  • tatatata

    Ashley, you are so pretty. I love your new hair color! It looks great!! =)

  • Camiley

    looks like shes wearing pajamas :P

  • Anonymous
  • Izabel

    She is seriously ugly!

  • böcek ilaçlama
  • katie8p

    she’s really pretty:)but her skin color is too dark for the blonde since she spray tans too much.

  • kakina

    I like her brown hair more, and the face she is pulling in the first picture is not attractive at all!