Fan Girls Storm Mitchel Musso On Stage

From Louisa & Claire: I jumped on stage at the Mitchel Musso concert on September 22 and I walked up to Mitchel and he said, ‘Hey there, pretty lady.’ I asked if I could dance with him, and he said yes. But then a bunch of girls all jumped on the stage, including my friend who was filming, and we got escorted away by security.

  • <3

    ew stop trying to ruin his performance. what if u were up there and a whole bunch of greasy haired guys came running onto the stage..

  • Anonymouss

    How fucking stupid. Immature and fucking stupid. Those girls should have gotten in trouble.

  • AnonymouFs

    thats so cool! i wanna do that one day! but im like too scared to rofl

  • Anonymous98573693845931

    notice he didn’t stop singing the whole time… wonder why ;]

  • Cheapbracelets.

    The first girl who did it was super cool.

    Everyone else after that…lame.

  • rawr :}

    he seems really nice. (:

  • Juliet

    He’s so sweet. And that girl is awesome! I’d do the same!! ha:)

  • katiee

    why’d everyone have to copy her? stupid bitches. she thought of it, so shut the fuck up and get your own ideas. i’d be so mad.

  • rorylovesjesus

    randomstar i love your picture christina aguilera is beautiful but i’m not much of a fan of her

  • Anony(w/o mouse)

    JonasCyrusMad said:

    I thought it was cool at the beginning. But strongly pathetic near the end where loaddssss of people copied and went on stage.

    Same here!

  • Mary6

    WOW that was a lot of girls on stage!!

  • Caitlin…

    haha omygosh Louisa everybody is talking about you LOL! haha and nice camera work Claire xD

  • Anonymous(:

    hah yeah it was really cool at the beggining when it was jujst one girl , but then everyone got on the stagee:/

  • angdsikladf

    hahahah that was hilarious!

  • Shelby

    WHAT THE HELL? I told oceanup about me jumping onstage with mitchel and my video on july 20th and they didn’t put shit on here. I fucking started jumping onstage with him. no one did it until i did. bitches.

  • ssssara

    first girl… badass
    all the rest, lame. nothing is more pathetic that copying someone who has the guts to be awesome.

  • ash

    wow thats stupid


    lmao! the girl in the beginning was hilarious, she just went up there like nothing, it would have been nice if it was just 5 of them or something but it’s lame when they all rush the stage

  • Anonymous555

    I thought it was funny at the beginning. However, at the end Michel tried to get out of the way and that girl that grabbed him by the neck, that was not nice at all. I don’t think he liked being grabbed like that while he was singing.

  • zeppelynn

    I went to this! I have it recorded too.
    Yeah, it was cool she got up there but probably shouldn’t have because it caused a big scene.
    Mitchel was really sweet about it but you could tell he was irritated and just wanted to do his show.
    The girls got really crazy and kinda violent up there.
    Not to mention in the crowd this one bitch..was crazy.
    Everything he threw out she like attacked people for it.
    Broke a CD of his just to have it..which defeats the purpose..
    Then elbowed some chick in the face for his sweaty towel.
    WTF will she do with that? Like rub on it?
    Then some girl up there grabbed Mitchel by the hair & wouldn’t let go.
    It was insane!

    His show was great though!
    I believe he might lip sync in some parts..
    But I think thats his backing because some parts you
    could tell he was singing.

    REALLY fun show though!

  • Anonymous555

    sorry, *Mitchel

  • zeppelynn

    Oh BTW if anyone recorded the Odd Man Out opening speech
    please send it to me!
    Cos my best friend..who is a guy [gay]
    when Mitchel was talking about being the 3rd wheel
    & being the odd man out
    it got quiet & my friend said really loud
    & Mitchel said “OKay..Anyways..” & kept talking about the song.

  • Joejonasfarawraw

    Woww :P , lucky girl but its kinda funny though

  • andii

    Ehw. Attention whore.

  • Chloe09

    wow- thats hilarious!

  • Kourtney

    I wonder if Mitchell was actually kinda scared or if he thought it was funny.

  • Anonymoussss

    HAHAHA. Hilarious. I wonder what mitchel was thinking.

  • Emmie

    I was there! When I saw all the girl rush the stage I was like WTH?

  • JonasCyrusMad

    I thought it was cool at the beginning. But strongly pathetic near the end where loaddssss of people copied and went on stage.

  • randomstar

    hahaha that is funny

  • ZEUZ33

    HUH? WHO???