JONAS BONUS Beauty And The Beat

Bonus JONAS episode from JB Rockin The House DVD. Thx Ana! P2-3 under.

  • Anonymous

    I love Them!

  • Yup

    Haha I like this episode. It’s really cute. Is it just me or sometimes the jokes are like akward. And they aren’t dirty jokes or anything they just aren’t funny, making them akward, making them funny. That doesn’t make sense but whatever. Anyways, I love this episode :D

  • georgia


  • juliecouture

    this show makes me laugh all the time!

  • Anonymous!

    Lol that episode was so funny! I love the two bonus episodes, they’re both really funny! <3

  • ftooneta11111

    hahaha i love this episode! nick+joe+kevin <3

  • Ohyeah
  • TEXT%
  • oooooooooo

    PEREZ — he fact that her movie just got pushed back seemingly has no effect on Miley Cyrus!

    She is living large and pretty!

    After her concert at the Staples Center on Tuesday night, sources tell us that Miley showed up at the newly opened Katsuya LA Live…. with an entourage of 100 people!


    Miles wanted a little privacy for herself and her friends, so she spared no expense and bought out the restaurant for the night! We hear she danced the night away in an open back, black mini dress and high black boots and sipped on Katsuya’s Watermelon Elixir.

    No, that isn’t an alcoholic beverage, but – let’s be honest – if she wanted one, she could have one. Hell, she could buy and sell and buy back the damn place if she wanted to!

    Sounds like she had herself a good time!___ LOL SO PEREZ DIDNT HEAR ABOUT LIAM?? HAHA TOLD IT WAS BS!!

  • Meghan

    i love JONAS!!! I live in Ireland so only like 3 or 4 episodes have aired lol XxXx

  • ashadfsgaf

    “Some people, out there in our nation, don’t have maps.”
    LMAO. I love how they added that in there ;]

  • 8]

    i love nicks eyes @ 4:03
    he’s so !@#@$!@#%%#. (:

  • Jenn293

    thanks youuu

  • jerseygirl

    LOL Joe in the opener………….

    “shoeless, pigeon-toed Joe” :D

  • anoushi

    they totally made fun of that random girl who sucked ass at her beauty padgent

  • Geek<3NJJ

    Hahahahha. Plobnrg! My new fave word

  • no name

    this show makes me smile :)

  • musicloveeee

    hahaha that was a good episode =]

    and yeahh stella’s speech was like miss teen usa’s speech about the maps lol

  • LAME

    They are seriously fucking lame at acting.

  • lalalala

    The Song is about Family and FIRST Love!! LOOK! She talking about Nick when she said life imitates art!

  • JBdeepInMyHeart

    I loved it !!! :D Chelsea said this was her favourite episode :) I teared up after she said the nonesense stuff and Nick had the saddest look on his face.. I rewinded it over again :'( They all had sad faces but Nick’s was so…. really sad :(

  • Ohyeah

    lol that was hilarious hahahah

  • Abby


  • rawr :}

    this show always makes me smile. [:

  • Woew

    bahaha world hole? seriously guys, i’m from belgium, that commercial was hilarious. the last line pretty much says ‘Now with no posioned worms’

  • Anonymous45

    this episode it’s gonna be on air someday?


    hahahah this was hilarious i loved it

  • Anony

    I so agree with you, i think he brings that awkward humor to the show.

  • jbmakesmehappy

    no matter how much a i love joe and nick, this show would be so boring without kevin

  • Ellieeee


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  • gosmfmms

    Fareal man like why do they have a show? I forgot about the Jonas show already.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • Delsy

    Oceanup you really shouldn’t post these

  • Nileyluvv

    i love the JB :DD
    follow me :D

  • Overnight Cash Advance

    I love it! My kids watch it with me too!Overnight Cash Advance

  • Anonymous

    JONAS is amazing!

  • MyselfYeah

    Joe is so cute

  • andreaVeronika

    i looooove this show, is soo funny and amazing!

  • gossipgirl000

    loveyou nick

  • faxless payday advance

    Thanks for sharing this he is so cute I love him.