Kids Choice Awards Australia 09 Nominees


Nickelodeon Australia Kids Choice Awards nominees: Fave Song: I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas Love Story – Taylor Swift Paranoid – Jonas Brothers Sway Sway Baby – Short Stack.

Fave International Star: Drake Bell, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez. Fave Comedy Show: Drake and Josh, iCarly, Sonny With A Chance, Talkin Bout My Generation.

Fave International Band: Black Eyed Peas, Fall Out Boy, Jonas Brothers, The Naked Brothers Band. Fave International Singer: Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Pink. Thx Cat!

  • Delsy

    What whore because there are no whores on that list

  • robotica

    Taylor>Demi>whore bitch

    I want Demi or Taylor to win.Not the whore or Miranda.


    Same here I don’t want Selena too win either!

    Miley Demi and Taylor for the win!

    Miranda and Selena and their huge ass heads are annoying as hell!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Good luck Demi! :)

  • hollywood

    THIS WHORE and SLUT should NOT WIN!!!!!!


  • I hate you oceanup

    go Demi Taylor Selena and Miley!

  • ArchieLuver

    you mean Miley?

  • santa


  • chance

    First Kevin gone for a girl , Then Joe , then Nick. :((((((

  • Anonymous555

    Hey. Please report people that spam or do extensive celebrity bashing and name calling at [email protected]

  • dear

    Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato ! they rock

  • lololololol

    Nick shed a tear for Miley July 14th Joe looks at Nick, Nick wipes a tear singing Fly with Me sad :( FF 2;15

  • lololololol Same night 7/14 Nick shed a tear during WYLMITE FF 2;10

  • Machete

    SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!

    LOVE HER YAY!!!!!!!!1

  • lololololol

    You’re taking 7 steps you! Miley chanes lyrics. Miley is SWEET on “you make me love you”! And the 7 that I like! Must Watch! Omj… Look at her at 1 min 10 seconds! She gets on her knees ands says “You make make me love you!” Like shes giving in! Oh God Fyi people Niley maybe on!

  • chahha

    Winners Fave Song Love Story Taylor — Fav International Star Miley – Fav Band JB _ Fav Singer Miley

  • *selena

    WHERE WE CAN VOTE???????

    Selena is the BEST

  • Ermmm

    i think you mean miley. shes the pole dancing whore, remember? :D



  • xxlacie

    i hope demi wins!

  • Anonymousb,jhn

    wizards should have got nominated for comedy show. :(
    atleast selena got nominated.hope she wins

  • prue

    i would like demi and miley and taylor to win.. miranda/i-carly will prob win as it is the nickelodeon awards and her show is on nick

  • jhns

    agreed. why didnt wizards get nominated for comedy show???

  • lover

    and JB too:)

  • twitterrocks

    hope miley and demi win
    memi FTW!!!

  • Anonymousxoxoxo

    wizards and hm are WAY funnier than Sonny with a Chance… they should have been nominatedd

  • BellaSwann

    i THINK Miranda Cosgrove will WIN because she is from Nick………..

    i hofe SELENA and DEMI WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jhns

    i know. is there anyway to try and get some shows nominated??

  • andreeeea


  • Anonymous111


  • @

    Are you kidding me? Have you seen a picture of Miranda and Selena together?? Miranda practically sophocated her with her huge head! Obviously, it’s Miranda with the huge ass head, not Selena!
    and I don’t know why you hate Selena, but she’s definitely just as equal as Miley, Demi and Taylor! They’re all the same to me!

  • livelovetaylorswift

    Taylor>Demi>whore bitch

    I want Demi or Taylor to win.Not the whore or Miranda.

  • lololololol

    -Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa have been in the news lately. Kevin and his brothers opened up to People about the upcoming wedding. Joe & Nick will both be best men and the bachelor party will be good clean fun. Also, according to In Touch, Danielle will have to sign a prenup: “Kevin sees Danielle as his soulmate, and he’s very Christian, so he’s not big on divorce. Nonetheless, he has millions to protect, so he’s asked Danielle to sign a prenup,” says a source.
    -Take a listen to Selena Gomez’s song “Naturally” HERE. What do you think? Selena’s next live chat is TONIGHT at 8pm EST/5pm PST.
    -Last night, the final episode of “Ruby & the Rockits” aired on ABC Family. The network has opted out of renewing the series, but has picked up other freshmen series “Make It or Break It” & “10 Things I Hate About You.”
    -Check out the trailer for You’re So Cupid starring Jeremy Sumpter & Malese Jow.
    -Taylor Swift breaks records by becoming the first artist ever to score two #1 records at Top 40 radio with a country crossover recording. Congrats!
    -Demi Lovato falls in love with a chicken.
    -Push Play gets “californicised” with the help of Mandy Jiroux. Also check out some new tracks on their myspace including “Watch It Burn,” “Taking It Back,” and “Start Again.”
    -Nominees for the 2009 Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards have been announced. Nominees in various categories include the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Miranda Cosgrove, and more.
    -Honor Society has awesome fans. Check out someone’s tattoo of lyrics to “Two Rebels.” Would you tattoo yourself in honor of your favorite band?
    -Honor Society looks like they’ll crack the Top 20 of the Billboard 200. According to Hits Digital & Tommy2, the band sold over 23,000 copies of Fashionably Late. Congrats guys!

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  • JonasCyrusMad


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  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    congraulations to all the nominees but i do hope demi wins for female singer because she is the best singer in disney to me i like miley but i dont want her win just because she more known than demi demi is very underrated

  • swayswaybradie

    Woo Short Stack are so gonna win fav song!

  • AYniess

    Fave International Star: SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fave Comedy Show: something but not iCarly!!! :)

  • Mandy Loves Joe

    Awww I didn’t know this classified as news, I’m an Aussie, I would’ve sent them in if i knew it did haha
    JonasMileyDemiShortStack (Y)

  • booboo

    why didn’t wizards and hannah get nominated for comedy show? the others suck! wizards fucking won an emmy! shoooot

  • Kyla

    Short Stack (Y)

  • Estefania

    Jonas and Miley should win they are the best!!

  • brit8495

    Wohooo JB <3

  • jroubs

    cant wait for thisssss

  • D

    yay lots of taylor swift :) and two jb and one miley/demi which is good!

  • ArchieLuver

    can we vote if we’re from US? haha

  • oceanUP Twitter Operator

    Demi’s up for two :D SWAC and Fave International Singer

  • SheLovesJonas

    JB JB JB JB!!!!!!!

  • Joejonasfarawraw

    Finally Jb i hope they win =)

  • Linkin Park FAN

    What about Linkin Park!?! they are awesome!

  • Linkin Park FAN

    What about Linkin Park!?! they are awesome!

  • payday advances online

    Well I hope that miley and selena win because they are great and I love them!!!

  • BilliChart


  • minibluebear

    short stack so deserve to winn luv you aussie boiz wooo love u all

  • Anonymous

    i love demi and jonas bros. Relevant digital camera review

  • dao

    so should vote sway sway baby for best song not paranoid by jb bloody boys love stort stack

  • hehehe

    cant wait

    LOVE miley and JB :)

  • Anonymous

    Taylor>Demi>whore bitch

    I want Demi or Taylor to win.Not the whore or Miranda.


    Same here I don’t want Selena too win either!

    Miley Demi and Taylor for the win!

    Miranda and Selena and their huge ass heads are annoying as hell!

    LOL the whore=miley

    Not a Selena fan but she isn’t a whore.Taylor,Demi,& even Selena FTW.

  • ash

    ew miley.