Bridgit Mendler YOUTUBE VIDEO

NEW Disney Channel star Bridgit Mendler YouTube update: So here’s the most recent footage that I’ve gotten. I’m trying not to put up stuff from the projects I’ve worked on/am working on just to keep it at least a little bit of a surprise :) Hope you guys like it! Just a quick little random video, better stuff to come!

  • Anonymoussssss

    shut up you don’t even know what a hater is.
    by the way, briget mendle is stupid.

    Yeah YOUR A HATER! :)

  • Anonymous
  • MyselfYeah

    Love her, she seems to be nice ! she’s Cute :)

  • johna

    I just wanna thank you to author who written this article which you share with us. I completely read the article and now I need to read new ones. I watched similar article on youtube before and really did like it. Also this article is unique on the blog.

    See you on new article…

  • HariKA
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  • rndmgirl19

    you dont even know what a hater is.

  • anonymous…

    she seems nice.
    enjoy the ride

  • MileyFANDUH!

    Look out for the first HQ site for this chick is launching soon!

  • Anonymous

    How nauseating! Another shameless self promoter and she has nothing to promote.

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  • Izabela

    I hate her idk why …. aww I know cuz she was at JONAS =@ Nick’s crush but I’m so happy that that was just a 1 episode =D

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  • Aasdfasdf

    she’s soo beautiful! i love her. and she’s been doing video’s like that since forever if you look at her youtube.

  • rndmgirl19

    shut up you don’t even know what a hater is.
    by the way, briget mendle is stupid.

  • J Gist

    Count me as a fan.

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  • Anonymous333333333333322

    so now she buys a new house…spoiled!

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    Love the music. The video is pretty cool too. It showed pretty much just a bit of what happens in her everyday life.

  • Anonymous

    She’s sooo Disney. I hope she’s not caught in sth weird like the others!

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  • Anonymoussssss

    Seriously alllll of YOU HATERS!!!!!
    leave her alone.
    Just jelous! She’s just a girl who wants to live out her dream! LET HER!

  • TaylorSwiftPowns

    thats kinda copying taylor swift’s video things. I’m not saying its bad but i definetly think thats where she got the idea

  • Anonymous

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  • gabygabyyy

    dontt likee herrr

  • Evas

    hhaahah, im the FIRST. x)

    i dont even know that girl, but gonna watch that video ::DD

  • Evas

    …. and, it wasnt good

  • hpaddictedx

    Yea, she’s such a Disney star..

  • Evas

    that girl looks like a HORSE, not for bad!

  • I hate you oceanup

    you’re killing me!

  • mee

    thats kinda mean.. but fun lol

    But she seems sweet :)

  • hpaddictedx

    That girl looks like Miley at 0:45

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  • Anonymousvjvjvjjvjv

    im gonna audition for disney :D

  • theycallherlove.

    i actually like her (:

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  • Anonymoussss

    I like her. She’s too cute. And love that she used the song “The Plot” by White Rabbits in her video. Love that band.

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  • Evas