Check out Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana DVD Featurette under!

  • whitney

    i like halloween town and all of them

  • Kelsey

    I wanna see Wizatober like now!:) I cant wait till wizards hsdjkhfsdjhf

  • i’m anonomyous

    ehere’s the website?

  • i’m anonomyous

    was up?

  • fihnigusdgbiudsarf

    YAY i cant wait 2 see wiztober
    im sooooooooo gonna make a slumber party

  • andreaVeronika

    WOWP <333

  • courtney

    You are so good at acting

  • LOVE it

    CAN’t wait for Wizards SS3
    I fucking hate David (Justin) face.

  • JendaFAILS

    Yayy! love wiz-tober<3

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  • randomstar

    i cant wait i love wiztober cant wait to watch all the shows

  • MyselfYeah

    2nd, love u selly :D

  • Shiree

    I am cmment to friends,family,school.

  • coolgril

    I am comment to friend,family,school.

  • Kelsey

    YES!!! Those were amazing! I also wanna see like My Mom Has A Date with a vampire etc! Hopefully they do!

  • hpaddictedx

    You know what movie was really good? Halloweentown.

  • 123456789

    yay :) in england they are showing WOWP movie soon :D

  • SelMilesEmilyDemiFan

    Love all of them ;)

  • Anonymous

    i love u

  • Anonymous

    i love u

  • theycallherlove.


    this has nothing to do with this post but whatever. >;]

  • rawr :}

    I LOVE OCTOBER. <3 [: