Miranda Cosgrove HELLO KITTY, Glasses


Miranda Cosgrove Tweeted a picture of her new glasses!

  • Brittyb23

    Miranda is so beautiful, and in a way she has achieved to be just as great as Demi and Selena. She’s a mature teenager that dresses her age, that’s great to her fans.. she is such a gorgeous girl and it’s sad to see all the hate she’s getting just for being a GOOD famous, successful role model… MIRANDA COSGROVE IS AMAZING.

  • Teresa

    She looks a lot prettier now. She used to look kinda creepy. I think it’s the eyelashes. I wonder if they’re fake…

  • Karina

    She is a weird person for me. always looks awkward.
    but she is more beaultiful with this wave hair than the SUPER STRAIGTH one.
    but still weird!

  • Anonymous

    i would like to fuck her sweet tight pink kitty

  • Spinner Lover

    i would love to say hello to her kitty and pet it ;)

  • Anonymous

    Trying to hard to be a 20 year old ?


    Yah, she’s trying so hard…that’s why she’s so open about not even having her drivers permit yet, she doesn’t wear gobs of make up, she dresses like a teen ager and HELLO, she’s at a Hello Kitty event. That’s sooooo 20 years old.


    shes trying way too hard

  • your world[:

    i love glasses. and miranda lol


  • Chelsea-Rose

    I really don’t like Miranda. Idk why.
    She just annoys me :/

  • Awww

    Wow is that seriously her with the glasses? I didn’t even recognize her! She looks really gorgeous in that picture! I was never a huge fan, but she’s growing uuup and looks beautiful :)

  • JonasCyrusSwiftGomez

    Um, okay…?

  • Anonymous

    Miranda is the hottest teen star right now. Miley, Demi and Selena don’t even come close!!!

  • Anonymous

    Miranda Cosgrove is soooo cute but when you add Hello Kitty the cuteness factor goes through the roof. Go Miranda :)

  • Anonymousss

    Trying to hard to be a 20 year old ?

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s growing into a gorgeous young woman :)

    And her hair looks way better wavy :]

  • EmmaYup


    but i like this post kuz i LOOOOVE Hello Kitty!(:

  • Nina

    Miranda lookz soo pretty. Even without makeup most of the stars out there look like crap without makeup. And miranda’s dress is soo curte btw. She is seriously on her way to great succsses. you go gurl. Stop hatin haterz.

  • Anonymous

    she’s beautiful!

  • Nina

    Btw I’m lovin the glasses and miranda’s way too gud 4 nat wolff I mean what the hell waz she thinking she deserves so much better. Btw I love that song by the jonas brotherz. They rock 2.20

  • Nina

    I meant they rock 2. The ansrew to my math question waz 20. Ha lol. :)

  • extrasmallwhite-t

    She looks so cute with glasses. <3 She should wear them more often.

  • LaLaLandGirl

    I think she hired a new stylist.
    Cuz lately,she’s been rocking the red carpet.

  • kat9920

    she looks skinnier..

  • yourworstenemy!

    how is Miranda the hottest teen star right now?
    she hasn’t even come close to Miley, Demi, or Selena’s fame.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Kitty glasses are sexehh.<3

  • Anonymous

    Trying to hard to be a 20 year old ?

  • juuuuu

    she looks pretty here! lol

  • juuuuu

    she looks pretty here! lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i would love to fuck her sweet teen kitty and blow my load in her

  • #1 MC Fan

    Miranda you are the best! I have SO much merchandise of you at home, pillows, blankets, dolls, ect, im ur #1 Fan officially! :) <3

  • Melissa<3

    SHE LOOKS SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!<3 i love you miranda you rock and have an AWSOME VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 hahahaha lol good job on icarly i LOVE that show it’s my fav and i’m your 1# FAN!!!!<3 =)

  • Anonymous121212


  • Sadiezz

    She always looks so awkward to me.

  • Ariana<33


  • Anonymous

    I’d like to say hello to her kitty :)

  • aleex ;)

    She’s so pretty, and is thats her bedroom? I love itttt ;)

  • EvaLovegood

    She looks so much older for her age. She looks pretty here.