The Veronicas, ‘Joe Jonas Is The Cutest’


According to The Veronicas, Joe Jonas‘ taste in music is far from the usual Disney scene. Lisa told Mizz: ‘Something people might not realize about Joe is that he has a mad playlist of great indie artists! He loves to discover new music and always puts us on to some cool new bands. I think people have this preconceived perception that they only listen to other Disney artists.’

Jess on which Jonas Brothers is the cutest: ‘They are really cool guys, and all very cute in their own ways. We’re mostly friends with Joe, so we’re gonna say he’s the cutest.’ Who’s the most famous person’s phone number that they have: ‘Oh God! Haha! Umm.. Zac Efron or Joe Jonas.’

  • sousa

    joe – Demi
    miley – Nick
    selena – Taylor Lautner

  • Jaaackie(notthenileylover:()

    I wouldn’t mind having joe jonas’s number on my phone:p

  • Anonymous

    Like they aren’t biased at all. Whatever!

  • IluvZach

    Zac is all man. This Jonas is a pansy

  • lovelivetaylorswift

    I love The Veronica’s.Last year at the Burnin Up me & my friends were the only ones singing along to The Veronica’s.No one really knew who they were.

  • lovelivetaylorswift

    Zac is all man. This Jonas is a pansy
    Zac wears more makeup than me.

  • your name


  • bekind

    nick nick jonas dosen’t like selena sorry– Sure he does. He loves even more because of the wonderful things she said about him in 17 *sarcasm*

  • bekind

    I guess you didnt the JB boys with spray tans when to London. fyi they looked so fake. not good!

  • your name

    too bad those werent spray tans…

  • GoodLuck

    Joe – Taylor swift
    Nick – Miley or selena lol

  • emilee.

    joe – Demi
    miley – Nick
    selena – Taylor Lautner

    you killed it…

  • jjean

    of course joe is the cutest and hottest. They don’t have to remind me.

  • Emma

    no way, Nick is the cutest.

  • bekind

    Dear Ted:
    I am digging the Taylor Lautner-Taylor Swift thing. In the Entertainment Weekly interview with Taylor and Kristen this summer, he mentioned how much he really likes her music after working with her in their upcoming movie Valentine’s Day. I can’t help but notice that he may have a thing for Ms. Swift. Lautner even made a comment during the VMAs red carpet interview that he was excited to see Ms. Swift perform. Is there a real Tay-Tay in the making?
    —Egger Fan Monielove
    Dear Swiftner:
    We sincerely hope so! It’s just too precious not to happen. Plus, this is how people get hooked up in H’wood—they put it out there themselves, and complimenting your crush in an interview is a surefire way to get her attention. We don’t think a gentlemanly T.L. would break li’l Swifty’s heart over the friggin’ phone, à la Joe Jonas.

  • SJS

    They have good taste. :P

  • Anonymouzz

    I love the Veronicas!!

    Joe is the cutest!

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    Joe – Taylor swift
    Nick – Miley or selena lol — Nick doesnt like after 17 Selena and Selena hates Nick FAIL

  • l;oloilololo

    lol Nick and Selena is like Joe and Taylor. Never gonna happen again!

  • ihatekevin

    we all know Kevin is never cute, he just ugly

  • l;oloilololo

    I think paranoid is about Taylor Swift! Remember when Joe was on Letterman and he was asked about Taylor and he looked around like he was scared! lol

  • ss

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    less than a minute ago from web

  • Colleen

    Joe is definitely the cutest/hottest!!! ;)

  • joejonasisthesex

    Kevin=okay, i guess

  • tata

    Joe-Super Hot
    Nick- Handsome
    Kevin= Cute Nick has the smallest hand and stubby fingers! Btw the Nick and Joe are Pigeon toed.

  • tata

    popstarmagazineBrand-new Disney Channel movie starts filming NOW! Guess who it’s starring??:
    half a minute ago from web

  • m

    I don’t think anyone thinks Joe or any of the jonas brothers listen to other disney artists. Maybe they listen to like Miley when she comes on the radio

  • xoxo,M

    JB are all cute but I would pick Nick over anyone anyday.


    You were the only ones in the ENTIRE arena who was singing along to them? … Don’t believe that, sorry.

  • urSOsquare

    sousa said:

    joe – Demi
    miley – Nick
    selena – Taylor Lautner

  • Ms.aNonymous

    No name …I am sorry I missed you…I hope your well today?

  • Ms.aNonymous

    I want him wet and wanting….me to wash his hair..oh a soaped up Joe is a good Joe..I want his mojoe….lol

  • ash

    Joe – Sexy
    Nick – Hot
    Kevin – Cute

  • Joes_my_baby

    Well, I don’t know much about the Veronicas but we have the same taste in boys: JOE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!

    I also know from interviews before that he really has a wide and cool interest in new music and bands. Joe is not only gorgeous, but seems really sweet, funny and smart. The Veronicas and me are part of the JOE Bro fan club for sure. Love that cover pic of younger Joe.

  • manddiii xo

    joee is the most gorgeous. enough said :]

  • Ashleigh

    They’re right.
    JOE <3 is most definitely without a doubt the CUTEST, as well as, the HOTTEST, SEXIEST, Most BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, ADORABLE brother of the three!!

  • bianqueesha

    I never thought they listened to ther disney artists lol
    I would be disappointed if he didn’t listen to indie music :)
    its the best music fersure

  • Anonymous

    pshhh. Joe’s not the cutest.

    he’s the sexiest ;)

  • Katy.

    The makeup looks really good in this picture

  • Anonymous7teen

    Ounnn I love him :)

  • lmao

    Joe is also the dumbest too. Nick FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Who with a brain wouls think Kevin is cute?

  • trishtastic

    AWWWW I love them!!! Joe of course has a sick playlist cuz he is openminded and excentric!!!! (probably didn’t spell that right,haha) He is the cutest to me tooo!!!! Love you JoeBear

  • Anonymousisme

    Yes, it’s true… Joe is the cutest Jonas AND the cutest guy in the world!!!

  • Ms.aNonymous


    I like your Avatars..I have to change mine..I hate letting go though…lol..out with summer in with Fall..I will have a couple days to do it..I am resting…

  • JoeJonasIsCutest

    Smart Girls!

  • TeenieInDisguise

    He looks so ugly in that picture. Ewww.

  • Cindy

    I agree 100% with them.
    Although I do not know Joe personally or anything, but whenever he talks about a song…its always great music.

    For example, Benton Paul…
    or MGMT.

  • Ms.aNonymous

    Joe tugging at his ear and that thick hair underneath his fingers..I want to feel that…

  • POSTsomethingintresting

    Nick is the hottest AND the cutest

  • Anonymouzz

    I LOVE YOU JOE!!!!!!!!!! he is the cutest, hottest, funniest, sexiest, etc

    the veronicas are amazing, i love their untouched song

  • Anonymous

    wait…where did he say he listens to MGMT?
    I must know this. I LOVE MGMT.

    And yes, Joe is the most attractive Jonas imo.

  • Ms.aNonymous

    I long for old OU where people talked. put it out there and werent afraid..oh..whats that…this is the new OU? People Speak Your Mind..and make no apolgies…where is the lifeblood of OU..gat out of your complaceny and live will ya….

  • SuperCool

    Zac is hotter than Joe

  • sar-uhh

    mhmm. seconded.

  • Dangerpears.

    Joe is the cutest!

  • lmao is the dumbest

    lmao fails – sounds like you are the dumbest.

    Joe is funniest, cutest, sweetest, most charming, sings best and he’s smart. Nick is smart too.

  • Anonymous

    Joe is very cute, but they all are!


  • Ms.aNonymous

    Kevin is a great actor…Joe needs to have acting classes.. and I lOOOOOOVE Joe..but if I love someone I have to let them no..Kevin has a talent for comedy..and his new song.. so good and yet the vein of it…Their are guys who do comedy with a guitar where they sing silly stories that connect..He should do that.. he has a knack for that…I can’t think of the guy but my Mom told me of a guitarist comedian that was the rage..I like Stephen Lynch…but hes a bit risque…..but I know some of you know him.. so F*ckng funny….. Like my name is Craig……he is obviously in tune with religion to come up with the song about Jesus’ brother……lmao….cuz ya never heard other than he had siblings..where in the world was Jesus having to deal with the parents….can you imagine being Jesus’s sibling..Craig..I’m running with the name…
    “well I can’t fix your roof right now but I’ll get back to you”….the Man who wants to go out that night and smells to high heaven, says with urgency, “well goddamnit your brother can walk on water and your telling me you cant fix my well.”..Did Jesus ever come home for Hanukah(sp?) and I would love to have been there…Mary..”Jesus we have become plain as simple and welcome, your brother Craig has something he would like to say…?” Craig stands there in the center and lays down a kit on how to build a bridge, and says “in honor of you brother, build it …and its my design, that you could one day have a bridge that lifts so taller than we know, oh I have the drawings for later..” Jesus welcomes all and welcomes his gift..and says “how bout you and I put it together brother”…

    See I have an understanding of faith..I am more believing though in his underwritten family and those abandoned by the disciples..we are taught to understand someone by how they treat their own families..


  • ANTIjemi

    LMAO, Jemi are like brother and sister
    they have a beautiful friendship, why ruin it? just like Demi said, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Zac is all man. This Jonas is a pansy
    Zac wears more makeup than me.


    LOL. :)

  • Jess&Lisa<3

    Jess & Lisa (The Veronicas) or Joe?

  • theycallherlove.

    hate them. [x

  • Anonymous….


  • Jerretc

    The’re cool.

  • Brittnee

    I really think Joe Jonas is hotter.And,he has grown up so fast.

  • validatemypride

    KNEW ITTT . joe isn`t no freaking disney kid . i don`t think ANY of them are .

  • fernanda ooo sarah read this

    i am amazing!!!!!!1

    sarah go and read this and do your geography!!!!

  • <2 + 1

    joe – demi
    miley – justin
    selena – nick.

  • hthgtrfhdrfg

    ha ha you wish is miley – nick nick jonas dosen’t like selena sorry

  • lalalala girl

    lve you joe

  • krixtina

    <2 + 1 said:

    joe – demi
    miley – justin
    selena – nick.



  • Fuck it

    I love the veronica they are AWSOME
    I also love Joe Jonas

  • name me anyhting

    hah just because they are the closest with joe desnt mean they have to lie. We all know Nick is the cutest Jonas!

  • Ms.aNonymous

    Ahh Lisa and Jess, the Veronica’s…love your music….Who inspired your song Untouched?

    Hmmmmm….I wonder….Does his first name Start with a J and his last names end in an S?

    I love the Veronicas….hot….and they have a style all their own.. and they don’t take shit..but are still sensitive…no wonder Joe gravitates toward them..

    I would love to go down under ….to Australia…and have The Veronicas and LaurenJ as my tour guide.. and to have Joe for dinner….well not literally…lol..but ya know to have a foursome..wait..that’s not what I meant..anyhoo….to have the four of us hang..with me being the only American..Joe arrives and presents himself..what a change of venue.. and then some…Ahhhh if only….I could be with JOe…Lauren likes Kevin so she can entertain her fellow Aussies…lol…as Joe and I slip away… (you with dirty minds) to talk…..and feel the night..

    Us Yankees have to stick together no doubt…SPrites all around..since he doesn’t drink and I shouldn’t..

    The most mudane would holy crap be insane and I would have my Nikon around my neck as we thought about it and took individual pics.. the next day…of the sights of Australia…nothing improper..hey if I get Joe in my vision..I will be in my glory and its enought to see his.. and to just be…

    Til night comes and he comes on to me….hopefully..

    LaurenJ wouldnt mind, I cant speapk for the Veronicas. I am a fan that wont fade him nor jade him but make him…..realize all his fantasies and dreams…

    and truth be told hold him through and past all things…a friend a lover,,,,,

    but above all things true….


  • no name

    they re soo right, but i dont think joe is the cutest, nick is, joe is the hottest and sexiest, i think he is actually pretty cool!

  • Orla

    This interview is old….

  • ZzZ

    Of course they’d choose Joe, I mean Kevin’s taken & ppl’d start calling them crazy if they said they like Nick.

  • JemiLover

    I love the Veronicas, Their right joe is the cutest =)

  • SheWolf

    Joe – adoroble
    Kevin – Handsome
    Nick – sexy and hot

  • MIAthefirst

    lol Nick and Selena is like Joe and Taylor. Never gonna happen again!


    who knows, they both might happen again, you never know.