Lucas Grabeel, Drew Seeley & Adrian Slade star in I Kissed A Vampire, the first ever Vampire musical web-series: I Kissed A Vampire is a musical look at the torment of falling in love when you’re in the middle of becoming a vampire.

Dylan (Lucas) is terrified when a nasty bat bite transforms him into one of the living dead. His world is turned upside down, and he has to figure out how to balance his budding romance with Sara (Slade), the girl next door, and the bloodthirsty desires his magnetic vampire mentor Trey (Drew) is constantly urging him to give in to.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s totally different from twilight, so it’s ok) no problems with watching it)
    Check this recommended vacation rentals to have fun with vampires)) I believe, there some places to live which has stories about vampires) About the real vampires. Chances are – they exist. However, how do we know what they really are? So, discussing the vampires is nothing more but silly thing to do.

  • ash

    vampires are taking over the world


    I HATE STEREOTYPES! Most of the worlds population loves vamps, yet they know NOTHING about them.
    Nice fake fangs that real vamps don’t even have. Retards.
    I think that if your going to do something with vampires, make it REAL for once!

  • Anonymouse

    Vampires aren’t real. You can bend them to anything your imagination desires to conceive.

  • lovevampires

    okay, i LOVE vampires and all, but this just sounds lame…i mean a rock musical, an unoriginal plot, and these people ?… it just sounds bad :P

  • lovevampires

    go f*** yourself dude…nobody really cares if you’re sick of it

  • HeSGunnaKickItWithHisGirl

    a musical?…gayy!
    like stoopid dumb wanna be gay,
    lik miley

  • Disney…

    ok yeah, i REALLY! hate twilight! but i’m gonna see this cuz is a musical ,it will be diferent…i hopeee

  • randomstar

    is this real well if it is whatever gets you money

  • $$$$

    Vampire shows these days … true blood & Vampire Diaries are the shit , but really ?! there are PLENTY of other monsters to choose from , like uhm lets say , Zombies ? lol . This shit is getting old pretty quick .

  • JBlover!

    okay siriously, a vampire MUSICAL! now, they r sirously taking the whole vampire thing, overboardl

  • Pamelaaa (:


  • Twilightsucks

    I’m sick of Vampires. It’s becoming a trend


  • Norfolk

    Drew + Lucas <3

  • AnonymousSSSS

    im sooo done with all this vampire crap.
    and that movie will be supa-gayyyy
    and it all gunna be pop wanna be rock, it will suck (<- no poun intended)

  • Drew Seeley is one sexy vampire

    I would let Drew Seeley bite me any day!

    Wait, what? ;) O=)

  • 1111
  • Jane

    o_O woah! interesting…
    but i hate it how so many producers make vampire-themed storylines now coz of twilight and other successful vampire story -.-

    yet im gonna watch it ;D coz i LOVE VAMPIRES! and musicals.
    and lucas grabeel too! one of a few i like in HSM (not zac, grabrielle or ashley) ;)

    why no 1 commented btw?

  • boobookittyfuck

    i’ve had enough with this vampire shit
    twilight & true blood are okay
    but seriously…

  • Caia

    Man, they’re just egging on this whole vampire thing, huh?

  • Twilightsucks

    You see those Vampires?Those are real vampires,not those sparkly faeries you see in twilight.

  • fuckvampires

    I’m so done with all this vampire shit. I refuse to pick up a twilight book, vampire diaries, or any of that. I don’t watch any of the shows or movies either. It’s sooo gay. FUCK VAMPIRES