Sterling Knight REPLACES Cody Linley


Sterling Knight has replaced Cody Linley in the new Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Starstruck’. A Disney source told Tiger Beat, ‘Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, Cody Linley and the producers of ‘Starstruck’ have agreed to allow him to do the Broadway bound stage play ‘Over Here!’ instead of ‘Starstruck.’ Sterling Knight has been cast in the lead role for ‘Starstruck’ and production begins the week of September 21.’

The film costars Danielle Campbell, Brandon Mychal Smith and Maggie Castle. It will be filmed in LA around landmarks such as Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood Sign, Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Venice Boardwalk. Plot from Popstar! It’s about a Midwestern girl named Jessica [Danielle] who gets close with a famous teen heartthrob [Sterling] during her vacay in Cali, but has to deal with him publicly denying their relationship after she returns home! It will premiere in 2010.

  • Anonymous

    i met him yesterday!!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    I like Sterling but it would have been nice to see Cody on disney again. i guess going on theatre he will be doing more grown up things!


    sterling knight is SO UGLYYYYYY!

  • Craving for sushi

    Sorry for the caps.

  • noooo

    celebtv Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are allegedly taking their romance public! Details to come!
    4 minutes ago from web

  • annah

    i hate you.sterling knight is so hot.

  • 1111
  • Calli

    Yay! This made my day =D

  • Jane

    i love sterling knight more then cody!
    he freaks me out in HM -.-

  • lainey

    Sterling you are HOT! I wish I could see you in person.Iv been to Mecenze and i love your videos. But i love you beter!

  • Sarahhhhh

    Sterling is amazing! I met him when I was in LA a few months ago when my friend and I were out for dinner and he’s super sweet. I’m excited to see him in the movie!

  • airbear

    OMG I want to be you!!! I Cannot believe you actually met Him!!! HOT with capital “h o t”!!!!!

  • Anonymousity

    Cute. I like Sterling for than Cody Linley. You know who else woulda been a good look for this part? Jeremy Thurber. That’s who :)

  • ssssara

    sounds like a fanfic.
    i’m glad to know disney can come up with their own plot ideas…

  • simnotsry1

    sterling is ugly!!! cody rocks

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    I think Sterling’s cute in Sonny With A Chance :] &i used to be in LOVEE with Cody Linley then he cut his hair and i saw these 3 guys named Nick,Kevin&Joe ;)) haha<3

  • Doom

    :[ Dammit.

  • ArchieLuver

    Cody is a little more attractive than sterling. But okay :)

  • peacelovehappiness1233

    ugly? you’re kissing right? he’s gorgeous.

  • kk

    Mmmmmmmmmm! This would never happen would it? Any idea who would do this, Kevin, Joe, Nick?