• Jerry


  • Yeahhh

    i think Miranda Cosgrove is absolutely stunning!

  • Ann

    Yes same here it sucks that they canceled
    all those god shows I love Eddie,Chelsea and Raven.
    Together the Baxter’s were really funny.
    Boys,we are the boys in motion we give you are devotion.
    Aww good time.

  • Emma1108

    Wow, Miranda looks great.

  • Nileyluvv



    JONAS UPDATE!! READ!! Kevin Joe and Nick are talking… Joe – Hey guys really want to see Mileys show I wonder whats shes up to. Kevin- I can check it out on youtube. Nick- yeah! Lets do it! Kevin- omj she effing flies on Fly on the wall! Joe- Oh snap! Miley flies on a harley and looks damn good doing it! Nick – Oh good goodness, Look at how sexy she is in Bottom of the Ocean in that dress. Kevin – ok guys lets go! Joe- I’m right behind you! Nick -uhh cant get up right now, I’ll catch up to you later. Joe and Kevin lol Nick look at you, you got a Miley Joner. Nick- blushes .. ok, I need 3 things.. A cold shower now, a jet to Vegas to see Miley next show, and tell Mom that “I suddenly have to go” see you guys in a couple of days! :D

  • blahh


  • hpaddictedx

    Jen looks so gorgeous!

  • Chloeeeeeeeeee

    J.stone looks gorgeous!

  • Anonymousrox

    i luv miranda’s dress it’s gorgeous! and i missed raven too. her show was funny even though it was a bit stupid at times. I miss the boys in motion and donna cabonna and chelsea and the baxters.:(

  • raina

    raven looks stunning and she lost so much weight!!!
    get into action a new movie or something!!

  • Anonymouse

    Yes, she is with him, but he is most likely (50/50) a friend! I’ve gone with my guy friend to concerts before! Hell, we’ve gone out to dinner before and there was no notion of romantic tension. She said she wasn’t dating anyone a while ago, too. You can’t be making any harsh assumptions. She’s just not divulging a lot of her life to the public because, well, we all need privacy :)

  • rr

    If they were just friends why did she go to Selena’s concert today with him again? You don’t hang out that much with a guy unless he is getting something in return. She is lieing about being single and not having a boyfriend. She is dating him. No guy or girl hangs out with a someone of the opposite sex unless they are dating.

  • 1111
  • rr

    Don’t get me wrong. Jennifer Stone looks great but why does she keep saying she isn’t dating anyone when according to her twitter and I quote “The Tykster is taking me”. Do us all a favor Jen stop lieing about not having a boyfriend when the Tykster seems to be the man you’re with.

  • Anonymouse

    You know, I wonder if the writers even had anymore ideas for Raven. If the show would have gone on, I think it may have jumped the shark for a lot of people soon after. LOL, do you all remember what happened to the guy that played Eddie Thomas (Orlando)? Hehe, cast must have felt lost without TSR, too :(

  • melissa.aaa

    awww thats so raveeeennn!! lol i miss her!

  • GoldenGal9311

    I want new shows of That’s So Raven! Whos wiff me??


    Me! It’s one of the best things that’s happened to Disney Channel. After that show stopped, I stopped watching Disney Channel. I was already pissed because Phil of the Future was gone, so that made me even more mad.

  • Anonymouse

    I loved That’s So Weird. No pun intended ;)

  • urSOsquare

    I want new shows of That’s So Raven! Whos wiff me??


    Me! It’s one of the best things that’s happened to Disney Channel. After that show stopped, I stopped watching Disney Channel. I was already pissed because Phil of the Future was gone, so that made me even more mad.
    me too!!! Golden Gal, u changed ur avatar! the doll is really cute!!!(:

  • paaperplanes..

    They’re all stunning!

  • GoldenGal9311

    me too!!! Golden Gal, u changed ur avatar! the doll is really cute!!!(:


    Thanks. Everyone was scared of my last one.

  • dood

    Wow Miranda’s really pretty..

  • felipetita

    Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven are the best Disney shows, ever!

    but, I love Hannah, Wizards and Sonny too :)

  • James

    Miranda is so beautiful. She is smokin hot here!

  • jerseygirl

    Oh my God – Raven looks FABULOUS!

    I miss her.

  • sel


    love her

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  • katiiie

    its too adorable and i want it.

  • Jesse

    Miranda is miine I have loved her my whole life!2

  • steph90peace

    yay raven

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  • Cash Advance

    My daughter watches iCarly and I have to admit, I actually enjoy it to. It’s really funny and I like that Carly and her friend don’t dress slutty or try to be something they’re not.

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  • Anonymous

    is that the girl from school of rock?

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  • Anonymous

    I like Miranda’s dress. For once.

  • manny123

    where the hell have u been raven?! i missed u girl!!

  • Anonymouss


  • Anonymous:p

    RAVEN IS IS STILL ALIVE lol! ASLO I HAVE TO SAY ONE more thing *nick used miley* but failed because they are fading XD

  • Anonymous

    miranda te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • manny123

    oh and miranda and jenn look soo pretty :)i never knew selena and miranda were friends??


  • Anonymouse

    I KNOW! I was pretty much wtf, then it was like, okay, this is so cool! Two nice girls from the same line of work friends. Yay! I wonder how they even met.

  • lcuy

    did dylan and cole sprouse go to this?

    soemone plz reply

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymgrrtgrous

    Raven looks GOOD!!!!!!!

  • JhrPlm


  • Zackkbum
  • svheduw

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    Sep 26, 2009 @ 10:54 am
    Anonymous said:
    Miley Cyrus Reclaims #1 Spot On iTunes Top 10 With “Party In The U.S.A.”


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    4. “Whatcha Say” — Jason DeRulo

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  • …..sfd.df.

    i would love to have miranda full lips sliding up and down on my cock sliding over every inch taking me in her mouth.

  • Payday Loans

    The dress she is wearing is gorgeous but she looks so pale, this girl needs to learn about tanning fast!

  • DawnLovato

    she’s got the best legs ever!!!

  • Nick&Jada4ever

    I want new shows of That’s So Raven! Whos wiff me??

  • urSOsquare

    im wiff ya gyrl! DC shows were SOOOO much better and well put together back when that’s so raven was on, those were the good old days. Now, there’s crapass shows like Suite life on Deck and shit like that.

  • urSOsquare

    holy shit! IT’S REALLY RAVEN!!! i thought she fell off the face of the earth…apparently not!

    in one of those pics Miranda’s legs looked really small and skinny, it was kinda creepy.