Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz debuted his new mowhawk hairstyle at MTV Coca Cola Live in Rome, Italy on September 26. Vid clip under! Do YOU like it? PR Photos.

  • Anonymous

    he is NOT a she he sooooo hot thats what he is

  • ;DDD

    Love him, love Tokio Hotel!

  • meeeee

    he looks ADORABLE
    better than before

  • B1acksharpi3mark3r

    @Anonymous2143: Tokio Hotel is basically pop-rock… I like them, but they have gotten even closer to pop with Automatic. Most of the haters are more likely metalheads like me. xD I do not hate on them, but I did like them better around the time of Scream.

  • <333

    wow, I frikin love these boys[=
    Bill looks amazing of course!

  • <333

    oh, and this hairstyle looks a lot better on him in my opinion=DDD

  • Anonymouss2143

    All you haters are probably 10 yr old Jonas/Disney fans, who most likley don’t even KNOW real music. Always listening to that pop-sh** music.

    Anyway, I ? Bill’s new hair!

  • Anonymouss2143

    All you haters are probably 10 yr old Jonas/Disney fans, who most likley don’t even KNOW real music. Always listening to that pop-sh** music.

    Anyway, I <3 Bill’s new hair!

  • lm

    Saw them live in a small show in Toronto, he didn’t lip sync. It was fantastic. His look is his look and more power to him for being who he is.

  • Anonymissy

    He looks like Adam Lambert!! :D

  • ScreamingOutLoud

    LMAO! And what u care about i wonder? The crap JB do daily? Fuck, i’d rather give a shit than staring at the stupid shit those guys do xS

  • jonas is love :)


  • dsafdajfbewuibfsuncbfjkewfwefwecfsd

    ew. dont like him period, hes gross. go ahead and give me crap for it just my opinion.

  • Noelle

    i love bills new hair!! it reminds me of his schrei hair back in 2005 =]

  • asdfjkl;

    How’s he gross? Not giving you crap, just wondering…

  • JonasBrothersaremuchbetterthanEdwardCullen

    Honestly I’m not a Tokio Hotel fan at all, but I have to give this guy props for really not giving a shit about what people think about him..

  • ericabbyx22

    who cares?

  • mhm

    I don’t like the bangs or outfit, everything else looks good though! :)

  • GoldenGal9311


  • lex

    I LOVE YOU BILL!!! he’s amazing and all you haters are just jealous! so back off!! can’t wait til they come back to the east coast :) yayy love it!!!

  • beccaa

    still looks like a girl

  • 1…1…1


  • Manderz

    i love it..

    Bill can totally pull off anything and look hot.

    :D love him
    love the outfit

  • Manderz

    i love it..

    Bill can totally pull off anything and look hot.

    :D love him
    love the outfit

  • BlankityBlankBlank


  • (: sara.

    !i hate him. ewwwww

  • xafranbix


  • jjean


  • 390284593254893593-2853985932-85592542395843295839454

    im sick of oceanup posting things about this guy, NO ONE cares. exept for maybe 12% of you.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Oh my fucking Gosh.
    This guy is seriously disgustin, apart from looking like a chick, he’s ridiculous and just plain ugly.
    Tokio hotel sucks and there isn’t a day that they just don’t lip sinch, What a combo.
    Still looks fugly no matter what he does to his hair.

  • ndskjvndfkj nvskjrentsvdcf

    just because he has perfect skin that makes him a girl?

    i dont listen to tokio hotel, but i think the hairs so awesome. it’s different and cool that he obviously DOESNT care what people think or POST about him

  • Anonymous

    he is not #&*%$@! guy if you say that again i will kill you it is just what he wants to look like %&$#@

  • GiLLY

    Just when I thought he couldn’t get any gayer……

  • RG

    why is everyone hating on them oceanup should just stop posting stuff about them, if it’s only gonna bring hate.. they’re only doing it just to get some NEWS,, because they have nothing else about any other stars.. I love Bill and Tokio Hotel!!

  • <333

    okay, lets not get in another argument about this. me and the other tokio hotel fans are free to love their music, but we shouldn’t bash the music the disney fans like. they are free to like whatever they want.

  • Miss AJAC

    I LOVE it! Way to go big, bill!

  • Miss AJAC

    I LOVE it! Way to go big, bill!

  • adriana

    Gorgeous <3

  • Jyllion

    To be honest, I liked his dreads better. This is just a little too extreme for me. Like, he JUST got the dreads. Now he got a mohawk?

  • Miss AJAC

    I LOVE it! Way to go big, bill!

  • FuzzyBeard

    he looks adorable!!

  • TokioJonasLovato

    wow Bill i love ur look u look more punk-rock now!! it looks so awsome ur soo… out-of-the-box!! love u bill! stay handsome!! i stcik my finger to all u haters!!:p(GO FUCK UR SELVES IN A CLOSET!!!)

  • eww

    Hahaha freaky, I just opened my TV and ta-dah, TOKIO HOTEL is playing.
    But eww, Bill’s new hair looks………. horrible

  • TokioJonasLovato

    i don’t think Joe would look that good in a mowhack and a Joe Jonas LUVER!! is telling u this…but he is still so HOT!! Bill,Joe and Robert Pattinson r the hottest guys in the WORLD!

  • Izabel

    AMAZING hair!! He looks even more perfect, if that is even possible! lol

  • OMG!

    Really I thought he can’t make it worse than it was before. I was totally wrong. This is so ugly and I really don’t understand how someone can like his style. No way! But we have all a different opinion

  • rofl

    lol you kids make me laugh all you ever do is judge people for the way they look, when everyone knows you wouldnt say shit to people in real life. all you haters out there use the internet to be mean to people you dont even know. I have a theory to why people are so mean; its because you’re all insecure abut the way you look so you try to distract people from your ugliness you make fun of other. I have a suggestion do something better with your time and stop being mean.

    personally I think bill’s new hair looks better than before and good for him for not caring that haters will make fun of him


  • samjane

    i really odnt understand why oceanUP insists on writing about anyone from tokio hotel. they are so unrelated to the rest of the people on this site. i cant imagine that the people who like disney stars also like tokio hotel. im so sick of seeing posts about them especially this freak. HES NOT EVEN HOT!

  • dassdhjsdhjo

    ew. he is most definitely a girl. and he cant sing to save his life.


  • lalala.

    and nick jonas can?

    he sounds like a dying cat, with that whiny thing he does after every fucking word.
    it sounds terrible.
    he should stop singing and restart AFTER he’s completely gone through puberty.

    bill kaulitz = amazing singer.

  • YourMum :)

    Woop, woop – i love his new hair.
    Didn’t like it at first but love it now :3

    Love him, give it your best shot haters cos no one reeeaallly cares :D


  • Deejax

    Omgd nooo ¬¬
    why.Why.Why??; tht dude used to be hot -.-

  • Anonymousrox

    he’s hot!! don’t even think of comparing him to one of the jobros they got nuthin on him. yall wish u could look as good as him
    p.s. he’s an awesome singer and his style ROCKS!!!!!!

  • rina

    maybe he did this new hair cut, because all the people said that with long hair he looks like a girl.

  • MiMi<3

    sorry mrs.joe jonas but i have to disagree bill looks great and he didnt do this so he would get compared to any disney star or any1 period well thats just what i think

  • gsi

    Love it.

  • Anonymousrox

    390284593254893593-2853985932-85592542395843295839454 said:

    im sick of oceanup posting things about this guy, NO ONE cares. exept for maybe 12% of you.

    a BUNCH OF PPL care so stfu and gtfo if u don’t care about them

  • Anonymous555

    Not my music, but kudos to them, this boy group is around twice as long as the Jonas Brothers and still kicking it.

  • tokiohotelfurimmer4567

    i bet all the haters perfer the jonas brothers other than these guys… may i just say ive stopped likeing the jonas brothers cause now tokio hotel is 100000 times better.
    just because bill has perfect skin doesnt make him a girl. there not gay. His hair is amazing. i swear all of u r ten year olds. if u dont like them why bother?? i love tokio hotel

  • MiMi<3

    yeahhhh i def agree they cant be compared to them musically or physically


    Bill can do whatever the fuck he wants you bitches.. and it seems like everyone here only likes the disney fags. What a shitty site. TH is better without youuuuuuuuu!!! burn in hell lol.

  • balalita2

    say whatever you like, tokio hotel rocks!!

    bill’s style is amazing and i freakin love his new haircut!!! he looks AWESOME.

    AAAAANNNNDDD I’m meeting him tonight!!!!!! gosh, i’m excited!


    sorry babe .. joe jonas is the only one that can pull a mohawk .. i might get bashed for this but it’s the truth !!

  • mei

    Wow, stunning boy!

  • Debbie likes Disney stars AND Tokio Hotel!


    I LOVE Tokio Hotel. And I’m a HUGE fan of Disney stars. Specially Miley. Probably one of my favs.

    It IS POSSIBLE to like both ya know.

  • Sakura_Kamimila

    I like his new look! he looks like very cute anyway he has his hair!
    i have some thing to say to all you that are saying things about this band. Just because you guys hate the band and the singer doesn’t mean other people don’t have to like them….such stupidity is wasted on your comments! if you don’t like them why comment on this page or any other fan page? You are jealous because a lot of girls like them and you feel so bad about so you make comments about them! You guys are such idiots for making such remarks!

  • Sakura_Kamimila

    why waste such stupid comments on here? why don’t you just keep your remarks to your self?!? just because you hate them, doesn’t mean others can’t like them….


    he looks like a fag. wtf i thought he was a girl

  • A’ny

    BTW it’s not mohawk, its a fohawk

    I LOVE IT =D… (Y)

  • walkingdiktionary

    It looks amazing! I love Tokio Hotel. I heard the preview for Humanoid and I absolutely love it! BTW… his twin brother, Tom, is beyond sexy!!!! <3

  • Cerci

    I never thought ANYONE could seriously work a Mohawk… *sigh* he just has the type of face that looks good with any hairstyle. Must be the check bones. Fabulous as always Bill ^^.
    And even if I didn’t like the way it looks on him (‘ch whatever, hes workin’ it), I would still respective him and give him props for doing his thing. I like the message of nonconformity that his image spread and that he so obviously does not care about the opinions of the homophobic/hateful/judgmental people that are sure to comment, when they should just keep their mouths shut *cough*asseenhere*cough*.

  • Cerci

    *cheek. Bah, stupid typos- thats what i get for typing when I’m still half asleep ^^. And thanks for posting up this article!

  • tokiohotels#1fan

    ok im tokio hotels #1 fan and all but come on, Bill. his hair looks reeelllle bad like that. i admire they dont care how they look and all that, but pls. for the fans. do something.

  • person. . .

    omg all you stupid teeny boppers just shut up. . he is perfect so is his band

  • tokiohotels#1fan

    thats just unacceptable. its one thing if u dont like the band or let alone the haircut but thts just mean

  • Anonymou

    kind of reminds me of rufio in the movie hook

  • julianna

    i luv his new hair so dont hate it people

  • Jocelynnn

    oooh bill is too cute(:
    & if you say he looks like a girl, your just jealous hes better looking than youu!



  • Anonymous

    bill… !!! haha maan hvor er duuqh bare til grin .. ! <’3 xD (; duu er såå GRIM !!!…..

  • hate you

    bill. you are soo ugly ! and you are not a good singer

  • Camimf

    Wow, this hair is much better than another one. But I already prefer the ‘lion hair’. haha
    Tokio Hotel. <3

  • KPkitz

    I don’t see the purpose of all these haters and non-interested people posting comments.

    Seriously, people. Tokio Hotel is great in the eyes of the people who are fans, I am a fan, I think Bill’s hot, he rocks his new look. Haters should just shut up.

    And the fact that someone’s even stated that the JB are better than them is like pure and utter bull. Open your ears people. God.

  • *~Michelle~*

    OH and btw, I DO LOVE Tokio Hotel, i just don’t have the same opinion as other girls towards Bill…. :)

  • tokiohotelfan

    xafranbix you can shut up because he is a HE so let us get that straight and if you don`t like it then keep it to your self because you are just jealous and samjane he is hot but it is your opinion so I can`t tell you who to like or not but just my opinion and no Im not one of those rabid fans i just get very angry when you insult them so just keep your ugly comments to your self i luv you bill and the rest of yall in tokio hotel so just DO NOT listen to the haters because they are gay

  • elisekay

    does anyone else think his new hair cut makes him look like Sanjaya Malakar from season 6 of american idol? LMFAO

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love it, idc wat people say about Bill, they just haters:). I love Bill, Love Tokio Hotel!

  • exTokioHotelluvr

    Wow! You guys finally did something good this year!!! His dreads were freaking obnoxious!!!! and I hate mohawks with a passion but wow! Thankyou Bill for doing that! you look fucking hott again!! It reminds me of thee times I would obsess over you guys for hours. Too bad your new music is garbage. Oh well, I have my BVB and Senses Fail so i’m good :D

  • Bec

    Okay, I was in Rome on holiday the day of that concert, and I went. It was so obvious that they were lipsyncing. Like, totally. And so were most of the other Italian bands. They sounded exactly the same as they do on their music videos. They had no strain in their voice. The only people that weren’t lip syncing was like.. Kelly Rowland, Pixie Lott and a few others. Plus, Bill looks like a girl.

  • Mikayla

    Ok, look people, stop being so mean to Bill!! He never did anything too you! I think he looks great in anything, but if you don’t like it, then why do you have to be so mean about it? I mean really! What’s the point?? All the people that are coming on here and are saying stuff like “Ew thats gross” or “i hate tokio hotel, they’re all stupid and gay!!” are lifeless idiots. Thats my opinion. But I love Bills hair now and I really hope he keeps it. I also hope he keeps the style of music they’ve got now even though I miss the old style. But it’s they’re choice.

  • kaulitz lover

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bill looked so better with his old hair not the dreads the other style but now i dont believe it he cantr NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bill change it back i HATE IT please

  • ewwwthisisgrossifying

    ok can ANYONE SAY ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



  • Bathroom Suites

    You have hit the nail on the head with this you are so right, I have been reading plenty on this over the last few days and you seem to have the most information. I will link your blog from my site for others to follow.


    Jill xx

  • meeeeeeee

    BlankityBlankBlank exactly ur 10 u have no idea what real music is u probably like miley cyrus and those other disney puppets although im not gonna say that some of their songs dont have meaning cuz they do but tokio hotel is the best soooo yeahhh i’ve made my point

  • bill you are so fuckin hot

    hot so hot. so hot i want to marry him.

  • meeeeeeee

    HAHAHA i agree!!! who sings about falling in love with the pizza girl?

  • tokiopanickira913

    freaky in a good way!!!

  • afafalkjlj

    just when you thought he couldnt get any freakier

  • thforeverhumanoid

    what the hell!!!!!! bill is not freaky! He’s Frickin’ awesome! and no i’m not punk or goth or emo or anything.

  • tokiopanickira913


  • *~Michelle~*

    Uhhhhm, people have their own personal opinion and are FREE to speak out… There are different opinions in everyone so shut the fuck up and stop telling people to stop the “hate comments”. Respect other peoples opinions please… You’re free to like him and say that he looks hot, but hey, not everyone has ythe same opinion as you! THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY! AND WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF NOBODY CARES ABOUT OUR OPINION!!!!

  • danikaulitz (:

    why are people posting hate comments? it’s ok if you don’t like him or think he looks like a girl, but nobody gives a fuck about your opinion. especially since this was posted for people who CARE about Tokio Hotel. Bill looks amazing with his new hair, and more masculine. so if you dont have something good to say, dont say anything at all.

  • eightiesgirl

    Bill looks great! I love it!

  • fast payday advance

    I love the mohawk look on girls like thsi it is super cute.

  • Whatsername

    I fucking love this guy.

    Bring on the hate.

  • <333

    amen sister!

  • ScreamingOutLoud

    that’s the fuckin’ attitude sista ;D

  • MiMi<3

    I agree with all the TH fans on here if u don’t like them or they scary u then y did u click on the picture u obviously care lol u wasted ur time clicking reading the commments and writting
    stuff no1 cares if u don’t like them that’s fine watever just shut up about it

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  • klaljsd

    better than the other one…

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  • Anonymous

    I think he’s got the beauty any human might like to have, i mean look at that nose, those eyes..Gosh this guy’s too gorgeous to be real *___* And besides he can pull off anything he wants! Gosh, U go Bill Kaulitz! Fuck off jealous haterz!

  • ruarri

    jeeeeeeee rocks! i like ur new hair.

  • meeeeeeee

    by the way oceanup is late with this lol

  • youloveme

    he doesn’t look feminine anymore.

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    Bill Vaughan

  • khaliun the awesome

    shut up u fag! they aint gay and if there were to be a gay person, it wuld be u bitch! u pissed me off, if u EVER ever insult them again, i shall chunk my 0.5 pencil down ur smelly fat ass and then u will mind wat u say. PEACE

  • hollywood TH

    fuck dich…
    they just like to look kick ass like always plus sitting on a tour bus… you got nothing to do but care for your image plus… being world famous rock stars, you kinda have to look sort of gay-ish… and the public demands you to look fucking perfect he can’t be on a high priced stage looking like a lumberjack or a bumb XD
    soz i just had to clarify that Tokio Hotel band members are not homosexuals…they just like to look nice for there punky/emo/rock loving fans…
    personally i wish i ccould do that mohawk thingy or the fucking lions mane XD
    take a lot of practice and hard work…


    Everyone in the Tokio Hotel band are gays. God…

  • :l

    How rude. Bill Kaulitz is not gay. I don’t understand why that’s all you guys ever say. He seriously isn’t. No one in the band is. He just has a very androgynous style.

  • *~Michelle~*

    LMAO! I totally agree with you! xD He looks like a girl… His twin, Tom, is hot AND he doesn’t look like a girl! xD I have no idea how girls think he’s hot and stuff… :S

  • Sophia

    He looks terrible.. even worst than before.. and that seemed imposible to me.. now I know I was wrong xD

  • ScreamingOutLoud

    And I suppose there’s a reason why u don’t put up a pic of u in ur icon right? Cuz ur so fucking fugly u’ll BLOW OUT the whole site ^^ Stop dishing on him, he’s hot, u biatch!

  • Lemonade

    He looks great! I love his mohawk, but…is anyone here out of love with Tokio Hotel? It’s not the same for me anymore, I think I grew out of them. They were my only modern teen idols, that I had. Haha, I just realized how much their music really does suck (and no, it’s not I suck up to JB, I don’t like them that much). But the guys themselves have great personalities…

    and I hate the autotune on their new album, it sucks! It just proved to me more, that Bill really can’t sing.

  • hannah.


  • MarryMeBill

    GOD HE’S SEXY!!!!! LUV U BILL!!!!!! <3 :D

  • :O

    Don’t know who this is but he is hella sexy! :D Specially in the 2nd and 3rd pic. Funny ears though XD

  • JK89

    LOVE IT! BILL’s the most gorgeous man in the world! no matter what hairstyle!

  • Cheapbracelets.

    I like it.
    It’s hot. And different.

    The band still sucks balls though.

  • daniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    see :)

  • MickeyMousesDaughter


  • yeabby

    Ditto! Wow, I felt like a nerd saying that.

  • Manderz

    I never thought I would ever say that.. but he look kinda hot.. O__O :P

  • BlankityBlankBlank

    I can’t see how Tokio Hotel is real music.
    They sound like shit.

    I’m saying this, & I’m not 10 years old.

  • Anonymouss2143

    Have you ever heard any of TH’s songs. At least their songs have meanings.

    Most.. actually all of Disney’s music is about some stupid relationship nobody cares about. And trust me, I know. I used to be a Disney lover before.

  • katie8p

    Its a step up, but let him dress and style his hair however he likes.

  • Random123

    i think his new hair makes him look more like a dude..
    looks pretty good.

  • Are you serious?

    Ermmm to all you Tokio Hotel haters: ARE YOU SERIOUS? Soo pathetic wasting your time writing stupid comments on here about Bill and TH…at least he has got a life and doesnt waste his time commenting on your stupid ogre faces. Go and say all your crap to his face if you want…hes 6ft 3 and i dont think you would like to get into contact with his body guard either :| Am being serious. Adios Amigos.

  • Anonymous

    hmm..quite interesting

    tas laptop batik

  • rosh.

    he’s cute & awesome [for me]. and i’m a fan of them. i don’t see anything fugly in them. they’re just plain unique, specially him. haha. anyway it’s just my opinion. :)

  • TH89bill

    ahhh!! bill is AMAZINGG! i LOVE himm!! lol<3

  • marli


  • LauraP. ;)


    no but seriously.
    he looks ah-ma-zing. even better then before, altough he looks hot with anything. it’s my dream to have a mowhawk, i just don’t have the guts (and my hair already had every color of the rainbow).

    AND YEEEEES, I LOVE DISNEY&TH. i’m a hardcore jonas brothers fan and everything i own is divided: half of my wall has JB posters, the other half has TH ones. same for books, necklaces, t-shirts. if i have something jonas, i have a tokio hotel too. ;)

  • lilyyyy

    See! its possible to like both! I love tokio hotel and i love the JoBros too :) i like bills new hair, its very different from everyone else :) although my fave hairstyle was probs the reitte mich hair :) x

  • iFreak

    he looks hot in this mohawk & whatever you haters say you think we won’t sleep just thinkin why did thay say that ,, Fuck Off then go and listen to whatever the Zac Fuckfron sing and get bill out of your minds !

  • hithere

    hm, ew. he doesnt look good.

  • ScreamingOutLoud

    Pfff and the asshole u’ve got on ur icon does? Bill’s way better thqan ur prick nick! lol

  • meeeeeeee

    i love his new hair well i like all his hair dos hes just cute so he looks good with anything….tokio hotel rocks…and theyre not gay!