Liam Hemsworth Denies Miley ROMANCE


Miley Cyrus‘ rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth denied his relationship with Miley Cyrus while speaking to the press at the dinner for Foxtel TV at Aria restaurant in Sydney on Monday.

He had to think about what to say for several seconds: ‘..We just made a movie together. That’s it.’ Prior to this, Miley and Liam have been seen on several romantic outings and were even spotted making out at Katsuya restaurant after her LA Wonder World concert.

  • mimimimi

    miley is dating liam. they will never admit it because they are both wrong.
    No stop making rumors and stop lying liam and miley both denied being together. And you don’t know what went on with liam and his girlfriend.
    Miley did not steal anyone because she not dating him.
    Liam flat out said he just did a movie together. Usually nick and justin would say. we will see what happen or let see but not flat out say they are not dating.

  • keanebaddream

    SHE deserves better. he is a cheater and fucking ugly as sin.

  • yourname

    BEEN! said:

    Nick is with the pedo! Damn! :(


    people still believe that rumor?

  • 8

    hahah there were never any pics of him at that concert or “making out” at katsuya. this whole thing seems made up, probably to get people interested for the last song.

  • ehhhh

    Nick J read this pist and get away from Courtney pedo! ehhh

  • yo

    I wish her the best with whatever
    guy shes with

    everybody should just mind their own


    BEEN! said:

    Nick is with the pedo! Damn! :(


    I’m starting to think this rumor about Nick dating some older chick was started by a jealous Niley fan who just wants to see Nick suffer under pressure.

    Anywho–I guess Liam and Miley were never dating like everyone said.

  • Creepin

    Don’t believe everything you read, people.

  • ww

    hahah there were never any pics of him at that concert or “making out” at katsuya. this whole thing seems made up, probably to get people interested for the last song.__ 20,000 people at Staples but no one has a picture. so funny

  • Creepin

    and im talking about the Nick rumor.

  • wowowow

    Read the article hes is Australia now.

  • 11

    He’s lying. Durr. That’s why Miley keeps tweeting about wanted to go to Aussie, where he’s filming right now. Shame that her fans think that she actually wants to see THEM. Sad.

  • Miley’s my bb girl

    Can we stop about the Nick rumor?
    How would YOU like it if everyone was all up in your buis making shit up about you???
    And if he is dating her, it’s not your place to tell him what’s right and what’s wrong–
    you don’t even know him personally!

    I’m so fucking sick of you all acting as if you know these people personally…

  • whatevaaaa

    LIES. ooooohhh LIAM don’t even try to be nick jonas denying things. He’s Better than you. :)
    he don’t kiss a friend on lips. he don’t go flirting with them on public.

  • NicoleJonas(:

    I think the whole Liam & Miley relationship is just to promote the last song. js.

  • wowowow

    RyanSeacrest Miley went in studio and sent this to the track @mileycyrus
    about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

  • 8

    no nick is not dating courtney! that was made up. nick is single.

  • deco

    Miley is single

    Nick is single

  • wowowow

    I think the whole Liam & Miley relationship is just to promote the last song. js. __ Me too. Publicity Stunt! I can see where Miley kissed him as well. It’s an emotional Movie and he played her love interest! ..

  • alissa

    Nourtney is sick and perverted! Nick was cute and sweet. I would take Niley any day of the week!

  • soooooo

    yeah right. liar liar liam.
    of course you’ll deny it. you and miley are both in the wrong place. you’re already with miley before you broke up with your 5 years girlfriend. which means YOU CHEATED.


  • brianaheart1995

    Don’t believe everything you read, people.
    Didn’t Kevin say that about fanfictions?

  • bethere

    They had a thing. He went back. Its done! So??

  • judy

    you little miserable bitch go get a life besides butting into other people life no picture, no witnesses a lie

  • Word on the street is…

    well they could not be together or official maybe they did have a fling but decided not to get into it cuz shes going on tour… i could see that happening but who knows… as for the john jay and rich video i do not see liam anywhere on her phone… you couldnt see anyone on the screen obviously it was a guy but you couldnt see who

  • sarah10

    I was a huge niley fan you have no idea guys..
    But I’m finally moving on. For me Niley is in the past, its over.. It was hard for me to realise this and let it go.. But I have too, like we all have too..
    I saw her interview with John&Rich and we all know it was Liam and not Nick.. She doesnt have that reaction about Nick plus they know Nick very well they’d give an hint like when she was interview by them and she was texting Nick..
    For me Miley moved on and faster that we think.. She is happy with liam, let her be happy.. Nick is not the one to blame.. He didnt make out with a girl in front of people.. He can date that courtney girl, i’ll be ok with it.. They played games but for me Nick did his best. he was bashed for Selena, Miley dated 4 boys since their break up in 07.. I wont support Niley, for me its the END! I give up and I wont change my mind.. It wasnt maybe meant to be. It was my dream..Plus I’m getting annoying with her twits, serioulsy. She needs to admit dating Liam and stopping with the Nicks twit..I hope they’ll be ok and friends.. I will never forgot what i lived with Niley and with My nileyfamily..
    Serioulsy guys its their lives, they can do what they want,they’re young.. We dont have to take this by heart.. its an advice..
    By the way this Ou is all BS! :)

  • dottt

    have ya’ll seen mileys interview with john jay and rich?
    the photo is so liam. cause john jay knows asston and nick j.

    So i fucking hate liars.
    go to hell liam.

  • yupz

    miley is dating liam. they will never admit it because they are both wrong.

  • Doom

    Miley and Liam have been seen on several romantic outings and were even spotted making out at Katsuya restaurant after her LA Wonder World concert.

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Courtney xoxo

    yay now all of my celebrity crushes are single!
    Joe Jonas,
    Daniel Radcliffe.

  • yourname

    Courtney xoxo said:

    yay now all of my celebrity crushes are single!
    Joe Jonas,
    Daniel Radcliffe.


    Joe is dating Brenda and Daniel is dating Emma Watson…

  • jjo12

    daniel isnt dating ema watson -.- LMAO

    emma watson has this ugly boyfriend… forgot his name

  • martyna

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahaha no. Joe is def not dating brenda. You guys are ridiculous

  • Anonymous12345678910

    neither of those people are dating those are both rumors!!!!!

  • yah yah yahh ;)


    I find it funny, when they say, “have been seen”, “spotted” & yet, there’s no proof to back up their stories.

  • AnonymousNone of your Business

    Finally SOMEONE with some sense … There are NO pictures,because it’s NOT true! Miley is NOT dating Liam , and Joe is NOT with Brenda, Please… Get it Right Before you post stuff, This is Real people’s lives you guys are talking about -OceanUp. and Other’s…- Only Pic.’s are some what Proof , Then you get the Facts and true story to go with it !

  • BEEN!

    Nick is with the pedo! Damn! :(

  • Gabe Saporta

    yourname said:

    Courtney xoxo said:

    yay now all of my celebrity crushes are single!
    Joe Jonas,
    Daniel Radcliffe.


    Joe is dating Brenda and Daniel is dating Emma Watson…


    Um, Daniel Radcliffe isn’t dating Emma Watson.
    That’d be like incest.

  • bitchplease.

    oh whatever.

    He. Miley sure moves on quick.

    Boyfriend stealer.

    Funny because when Selena was dating Nick Jonas Miley was being a bitch.

    and fyi… you dont need pics to prove their dating.

    we didnt see any pics of Niley walking out together did we?

  • Anonymous123
    i think miley is going out with him
    i think he was mistaken for Liam
    check who his number 1 person he’s following on twitter

  • 3xa

    Slut!!!! Miley sucks!!!!!!

  • us

    she so fucking amazing.

  • Whatchutalkinboutwillis?

    Are you posessed by a two-year old or something?!
    How the fuck do you know she didn’t care about any of the guys she dated?! You DONT know her…AT ALL.Bitch.!
    &&She can do whatever she wants.
    The jutting the tongue thing..OH! Your tired of it?!

    Guess what.Nobody cares! who asked you for your opinion?? o.O Srsly.Get a Life.You shitwad.

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  • 1111
  • Anonymous

    Learn to STAY OUT of people’s lives. k? k. stalkers. ALL OF YOU who are SO caught up with this are STALKERS. Stop fucking caring so god damn much. It’s Mileys life. Not yours.

  • REID.

    i wanna know how long miley cyrus can go
    without posing like an idoit.
    Miley, sweetie, I;m sick of seeing your tounge in every picture.
    You look like my dog.
    And the Peace Sign, that means Fuck You in Europe.
    So, im slightly offfended.
    THe Rock sign is old, and puckering your lips is stupid.
    God. Sorry, love your music,
    but you pose the stupidest ways. >:|
    sorry if i offend her.
    OH, and sweetheart, stop moving on so fast,
    you don’t even give a shit about any of the guys you date.

  • Britt

    miley not following him twitter !
    i think just firends !

  • shame on them

    Thats terrible , imagine being with someone for 5 years, especially when your 19 people start to think of marriage ect. Have a thought for that poor girl. It just proves that Miley Cyrus isnt the good little hollywood star everyone thinks she is . I mean look at all those pics on myspace. I bet yah next it will be drugs, and perhaps pregnancy.. she is just another Britney Spears. Just give it time!

  • yahhh

    From the way I see it, they all want the attention. And this Miley, now that she’s so famous whichever bloke she wants, she’ll most likely get him. BUT I don’t understand what’s the big fuss about her? She’s not that pretty. and she’s 16 or 17 only? pleasee, she looks more like someone who’s 26 or 27!

  • fuck cheaters

    Forget about the crap that they are young and having fun. You are missing the point. Have we grown so ignorant that we have forgotten what it is like to have values and self-respect? Stop making pathetic excuses. Cheating is still cheating. You can be young and have so much fun without disrespecting someone else. It is a matter of respecting yourself and not lowering yourself to such low standards. Let the other person go, so that they can be with someone who genuinely loves them. There is no need to ‘string’ them along, and then ‘hang’ them. Only dogs do that and I am so glad that I had decent parents who taught me to be honest, and just let that person know that you do not want to be with them anymore. There is no excuse for cheating. Only losers who have no guts do this. It is the ultimate act of selfishness to be already dating someone, when you start dating someone else behind their back. Anyone who encourages it, needs to take a hard look at themselves.

  • @bridgetnorris

    oh for crying out loud,please stop! i am following miley+nicks private twitter,and YES!IT IS REALLY THEM.I’ve been following mileys for months+i HATE posers,and she’s responded to his,that’s how i know it’s his.
    I can honestly tell you from what the’ve BOTH SAID:
    1)both have said they are single+miley has written a song about it.She has shown personal pictures,just fyi+is going to start doing competitions for her fans)
    2)Nick has denied any relationship with this Courtney woman+said he was with the camp rock 2 crew
    3)Nick said he+miley are NOT feuding,and to stop believing all the rumours that are out there
    3)he is the ONLY one with a private twitter,(his brothers DON’T have one)and that he’s had this one,since before the @jonasbrothers twitter.
    4)nick said he will always deny it,because it’s PRIVATE+so therefore no media (ps-there are ALOT of posers out there,especially @iamjosephjonas,he says)
    5)Miley has been all EMO about some guy,so people thought it was about nick,until he said that they are both fine.So obviously someone’s upset her+i’m thinking Justin (maybe i’m wrong)

    So please STOP this rumour,because i really believe miley when she says she’s not dating Liam.This must be getting irritating for Liam too because he is constantly being harrassed about it.It is possible for them to be JUST friends,miley’s a friendly person,so she’ll naturally make friends with people she works with.Leave it at that!!!

  • Anonymous555

    There were pictures of them dating, so get over it.

    When you go for dates together you are dating. Doesn’t mean they are in love or a couple, but they are definitely dating.


    im pretty sure if this was nick, yall would go


  • uhmmmm

    Interesting how ALL of Miley’s boyfriends deny that they’re with her lmao. Guess it’s not something to be proud of.

  • ….

    I don’t even carea about niley . but if it is true that this guy and miley are dating then its also true that miley stole laura’s boyfriend and Liam is a cheater.

    just wrong. really wrong

  • mid

    If Liam cheats her 5 year old girlfriend, he cheat Miley too

    Myley and his girlfriend are innocent

  • alla


  • vane


  • alla

    i am not dating liam! we have a kissing scene on the beach today :) im just working :) not a bad job huh? haha
    5:42 PM Jun 15th from mobile web

  • fuckkk

    He’s ashamed to admit it

  • alla

    Miley Cyrus Uses Twitter To Express Her Love For Ex-Boyfriend Justin Gaston
    Category: General
    Posted 47 days ago by Queenoftab
    Miley Cyrus “can`t get enough” of ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston. The “Hannah Montana” actress has left a series of heartfelt messages for her former partner – who she split from in June after around a year of dating – on Twitter, sparking speculation they may reunite.

    She wrote on Wednesday: “I am in between happy and sad today. I`m happy because I love you. I`m sad because I can`t get enough of you.”

    Earlier this week, the pair both confessed they were struggling to cope with the split by posting their innermost feelings on the internet.

    Underwear model Justin, 21, wrote: “Just recorded a demo.. Now I`m sitting on the couch wondering why we as humans try to pretend everything`s okay when it isn`t.. Just be real.”

    Miley replied: “Everything IS ok. Honestly. I can`t change you`re mind and your heart no longer belongs to me. Maybe YOU`RE the one pretending you`re fine.”

    The 16-year-old star appeared to be dwelling on Justin`s words, as she later wrote: “Why do I continue to torture myself?”

    “Drifting away to a better place while listening to `Comfortable`. This song makes me cry everytime.”

  • alla

    HOW IS DATING LIAM FOR 23 MONTHS when she was still dating Nick in July! and FAGSTON TWEETING IN AUGUST?? SEE ABOVE!

  • alla

    HOW IS DATING LIAM FOR 3 MONTHS when she was still dating Nick in July! and FAGSTON TWEETING IN AUGUST?? SEE ABOVE!

  • top.

    I find it funny, when they say, “have been seen”, “spotted” & yet, there’s no proof to back up their stories. — lol true..

  • Anonymous454

    Is anyone else totally confused by all of this mess?
    I’m starting to not like Miley that much anymore anyway.

  • Jenny.*

    O.o I wonder what that tweet was all about.

  • keanebaddream

    OH SNAP!

    “You’re a heart breaker. A dream maker. Love taker don’t you mess around with me.”3 minutes ago from UberTwitter


    Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth’s love affair with Miley Cyrus has left his girlfriend at home heartbroken, writes Jonica Bray.

    When Victorian teenager Laura Griffin saw her actor boyfriend of five years Liam Hemsworth passionately kissing the world’s most famous teenager, Miley Cyrus, on the set of The Last Song, she believed he was only doing his job.

    But as the 19-year-old student would soon discover, the love of her life was not acting at all — he had fallen head over heels for the Hannah Montanas star.

    Even worse, Laura had to learn from friends that 19-year-old Liam was dating the teen star.

    “He was my boyfriend and my best friend,” Laura tells Woman’s Day in an exclusive interview. “There is no other reason why we would have broken up.” In the days since she found out her boyfriend had dumped her for Miley, 16, Laura has confessed on her Facebook site her “total utter regret”, that she’s suffering “depression of some sort”, and that she has “tears streaming”.

    “Meanwhile, the millionaire US actress is using Twitter to bask in the joy of her romance with former Neighbours star Liam. ”

    “Against all odds I fell in love,” she wrote recently.

    “I think I’ll just sit around and eat sushi and watch Liar Liar with Liam.”

    Liam and Laura’s paths first crossed in Year Eight at school on Phillip Island. Liam’s parents had relocated their three boys, Luke, Chris and Liam, from Melbourne.

  • aussie

    i think that miley cyrus did stole lauras boy friend bc she is selfish and greedy and laura is more beautiful than miley . she deserves someone much better than this Large Nose cheater

  • wtfery

    Okay so i didn’t really believe that miley stole laura’s boyfriend and Liam is not cheating. But when i saw the kissing photos at the airport and the movie then the concert.
    I believe it now. i feel bad for the girl.

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  • Okay!

    Yeah ! Miley is single!

  • why???

    Seriously Mimimimi? Whhyyy would you defend miley?, honestly. You aren’t her friend, you dont know her, stop acting like she’s such an amazing person. Anyone could say,” Wow i cant believe i won this award umm, wow. i would love to thank all my fans and my parents and jesus christ my lord and savior..” Jesus Christ is right.

    and “Miley what you do says a lot about who you are, and BELIEVE ME, your actions are speaking SO much louder than your words.”

    Laura, it sucks, but.. well, it sucks. I know some people say, omg they’re just kids they dont know what love is. But im pretty sure you did. If your anything like me, you arent the kind of person who switches boyfriends back and forth, and thats pretty clear to see if you were together for five years. But believe me, you dont need him, what you need is that best friend feeling. and you WILL find it again. Soon, preferably. And dont worry, Miley will do something outrageous soon enough to screw everything up its the circle of life dear

  • Nicoleee

    No shit sherlock?

    Please…. is Laura & Miley really that dumb!?!?! It’s not love… Miley is rich and famous and dating her is going to shoot him into stardom too! He is a young boy, an aspiring actor, she’s easy… who wouldnt take this opportunity thrown into his lap! He’s obviously in it for himself and his own future. And besides Laura, if he’s really that shallow and obviously unloyal.. get on with and get over him! If he really loved you, he would not have done this to you. He’s not worth crying and mulling over! You know, this happens all the time to ‘real’ people… We are only hearing about it because one of them is rich and famous. So why such the shock?!?!?!

  • whoknows?

    Everytime I think I have a clue to who is seeing who something happens that changes my mind. I thought maybe Nick and Miley were back together after NY and some of Miley’s tweets. Now I saw Miley’s JJ&R interview and the way she acted over the picture and this article about Liam I am confused all over again. If Miley and Liam are dating I can understand why they would want to be secretive, maybe more than usual, because of all the talk about Liam ending a long relationship for Miley and Miley ending things with Nick(this is how it seemed IMO) after only knowing Liam for a couple of months,not to mention that she is starting to get a reputation for jumping from one relationship into another. This isn’t meant to be judgemental,just my thoughts. If this is indeed true I hope that everyone is considerate of whoever Nick ends up dating because if Miley did choose Liam over Nick then he has every right to consider that relationship in the past. This may be totally off base, but it just how things seem now. Obviously we do not see enough to really know what’s going on, so we need to be careful speculating on other people’s lives, myself included.

  • annamile



  • Slutty Cyrus hater

    Liam deserves better than that skank.

    Miley’s a man stealer, a trashy hillbilly, and is fucking ugly!

  • mimimimi

    Liam deserves better than that skank.

    Miley’s a man stealer, a trashy hillbilly, and is fucking ugly!
    shut up! nobody knows what’s going on! and liam flat out denied them being together. stop hating or thing will turn on you and bad luck you will get!

  • goodluck

    who cares about this CHEATER?
    and miley’s a boyfriend stealer.
    i feel sorry for liam’s ex.
    5 years is no joke. heck miley act like she died when her and nick broke up their 2 yrs relationship. did she even think what will the girl feel? 5 years?. heartless bitch.

    she choose this

    good luck miley he might sniff you.
    over this

    cody linley is so right.
    miley loves guys who looks like HULK HOGAN
    and thinks like 3 yrs old.

  • deco

    Miley and Liam have been seen on several romantic outings and were even spotted making out at Katsuya restaurant after her LA Wonder World concert.
    All the sites gossips that have this lie, only have 1 source “E” .. Hello Garret

    Nobody have pics … Miley and Liam not dating

  • xd

    i know you’re a niley fan. but lets not be stupid. miley doesn’t care about nick jonas anymore.

  • alexa noyes :)

    Good, he deserves better, like, I don’t know…maybe a girl his age.