AJ Michalka SECRETARIAT Movie Role


AJ Michalka Tweeted her new role in the film Secretariat about Penny Chenery, owner of the racehorse Secretariat, who won the Triple Crown in 1973: I didn’t wanna announce this until I started filming, some of you already figured it out.. I’m working on a film called Secretariat.

It’s a Walt Disney feature film with Diane Lane and John Malkovich. Diane & Dylan Walsh play my parents. Randall Wallace is directing! So excited about this movie, it’s a beautiful true story. Having an amazing time filming in Kentucky! Finally the news has arrived ha! Xo AJ

  • Yo dawg

    I wonder if it’ll star Trace Cyrus as the horse……………..

  • Mandy.

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  • ssssara

    i agree with the other comments…
    its definitely filming in lafayette.
    i couldn’t go to the casting call but they need like 4,000 extras so i’m still aplying & hoping for a spot..

  • michka

    She is also a devoted Christian like the Jonas brothers right? I think she should hook up with Joe and get married.

  • michka

    She is also a devoted Christian like the Jonas brothers right? I think she should hook up with Joe and get married.

  • 1111
  • Norfolk

    I couldn’t agree more, Kelsey

  • Delsy

    your obsessed…like in a unhealthy way

  • breazyb

    ha no im pretty sure its in louisiana. unless there filming in more than one place? but they are filming at the race track by my house. %100 positive. i went to the casting call

  • Anonymous1256

    Kentucky? Thought they were filming that in Lafayette, Louisiana. Thats where the open casting calls were this week anyway…

  • Bree

    Hmmm to bad the film has not started yet and ts actualy being filmed in louisiana like right down the road from my house. I went to the casting call.

  • louisee

    no its in kentucky, im an extra in it :)

  • Sarah96

    I love her! Can’t wait to see it!! I agree AJ and Joe should reunite!!! =]

  • Anonymous

    its being filmed in both kentucky and louisiana

  • Lara Martin

    They are filming in both states.

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  • gdzzdg

    i already know from other site justjaredjr

  • gdzzdg

    so, fail

  • anynomus111111

    love her!


    joe talks about changing much better lyrics in Tulsa haha :P

  • anynomus111111

    OFF TOPIC ;)

  • uhoh!

    cgdancer612 excited to see the sytycd tour tonight in toronto! :)
    19 minutes ago from UberTwitter Betcha Nick will go with her!

  • Tomatoworm

    Yay AJ! Sounds like a good story/movie.
    “now I’m done with racehorse stars” – Joe
    Poor Nick – he is in ber web.

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    I LOVE AMANDA! She is My HERO!! Her and Joe Should reunite!