Family Guy as a Disney movie.

  • Elisabeth

    STEWIE xD I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Need4NewMoon

    LMFAO! I love the fact that they made Herbert the Pervert the old witch xD

  • jonasfanforever1615

    i watched this whole episode today.
    it was so funny. haha.!

  • JonasBrothersaremuchbetterthanEdwardCullen

    Family Guy can be funny..
    but Futurama is better :)

  • naaaan

    omg lmao. stewie and basically everything.

    “JEW!!!” no offense but thats hilarious. there were rumors that walt disney was anti-semitic

  • meaghannnn

    hah that was amazinggg, but that old guy who was the witch is this always creeps the shit out of me…

  • randomstar

    hahah family guy is so funny stewie and brian look so disney haha love this show

  • Ty.


  • Anonymouss

    hahahha this is great.

  • eman

    lmao aw,cute.

    follow me ! :)

  • mrs. bass

    i loved this episode. stewie’s ‘gayness’ showed even more


  • anonymouss89

    Hahaha Stewie looks soo CUTE!!
    Love him!

  • Melissa.

    OMG! hahahaha i love family guy. stewie and Brian are so funny. THIS IS HILARIOUS.

  • the obviously obvious obvily. it.

  • Anonymousasfasfasf

    STEWIE IS SO FRIKCING CUTE IN THISSS! ahaahh awwuhhhh <3 -smishes him-

  • itsokSMILE

    i saw this eppisode.kick ass way to start the season i love family guy


    Dude, this is hilarious..

  • bojo

    They weren’t making fun of Jews, they were making fun of the fact that Walt Disney (the man) infamously hated Jews.

  • tellmewhy!

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  • hahaha!

    hahaha!! “Look how gayly we run” Stewie is hilarious!

  • Delsy

    haha i lurrrve family guy i saved up enough money to buy season 1-5 but spent it on miley tickets….

  • danielleeestfu

    ahahhahaha thank you for posting this, OceanUp. Family Guy is the best :)

  • woohooitsapartyy

    its because like walk disney was all like white christiany or something, i dunno. i read it on the kkk website for school, interestingg stuff..

  • Sadiezz


    /teenie moment.

  • isthisit
  • hpaddictedx

    HAHAHA Family guy is my life.

  • Mike Hunt

    I’ve never been first before!

  • @erwicht

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  • Stephanie176

    i wish they wouldnt make jokes about jewish people.

  • Anonymissy

    Aw they’re so much cuter as Disney characters!

  • Anonymissy

    Aw they’re so much cuter as Disney characters!

  • Anonymissy

    But yeah i hate it when cartoons make fun of Jews. Grrr :/

  • Anonymous

    chrissy the pooh!

  • Yo.

    To all of the people confused about the Jew reference (offensive, I agree, but what’s new from Family Guy?) : There have always been rumors that Walt Disney was an antisemite / Nazi sympathizer. In some older Disney cartoons, Jews were fodder for Disney Studio’s ‘comic’ material.

  • itsme

    disney doesnt make fun of jews?

  • Anonymous

    chrissy the pooh!

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    Family guy is so funny. But I have never seen this episode and looks like I never will.

  • Sally <33

    OMG! this video is getting so popular!! even oceanup posted it and they don’t even have a category for family guy :P i love this video!! Stewie (the baby) is sooo adorable!!

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  • Anonymouss

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  • liveandlove


  • Jonas4Canada

    MTE, its just a joke because thats what people thought about Walt Disney. Plus, the voice actors of Meg Chris and Lois are all Jewish.

    LMFAO @ Meg as an Ursula, she looks even worse in Disney form, her character is so ironic because Mila Kunis is stunning.

    And I love how the pedo looks as the witch, it works so well!