Mitchel Musso SHOUT IT Music Video

  • Mia21

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  • eman
  • darkrainbow

    awww. i love it <3

  • ms. lonelyheart

    God, this boy is so CUTE! <3

    Of course I love the video (not so original [everyone’s already said it, but I’ll say it again–major flashback to the “When You Look Me In The Eyes” video], but thankfully it’s lacking in ‘special effects’ like the “Hey” video)…there’s just one thing it’s missing.

    Where’s Mason? );

  • retroray

    Why was some random girl doing the
    3oh!3 sign :/

  • bestecyrus

    Love mitchel :)

  • Hayley


  • Anonymous

    cool guy mitchel musso you are so cute

  • Khushi

    I Like it…It’s similar to JB’s When you look me in the eyes.
    He’s a good singer,too

  • Khushi_Nick

    Haha i love this vid+ he has an aweome Voice..:) ? ? ?

  • go

    Mitchel Musso you are HOT

  • Lainey

    Mitchel Musso my favorit song is Hay and you are HOT!

  • thesis

    He is hot. Mitchell get some more muscle because you will looks so fucking hot with bigger muscles. You already looking hot.

  • abcdefg

    Can’t the guy put us out of our misery and stop making these really bad videos!

  • cielo

    i like mitchel’s music

  • LOL96

    Get real paiiiiiige mitchel mussos uncle ur dentist. Dats sumthin i hav 2 c 2 bleav. Btw ur name is so lame

  • paiiiiiige

    he’s hot and a good singer, but his uncle is my dentist and he’s a jerrrrrk in real life.


  • sarahh

    it looks a LOT like the jonas brother’s music video for “when you look me in the eyes”

  • Anonymous3124

    its like shake it. but with his brother and more Disneyesque.

  • Anonymouss

    this is a cool music video. Nice job mitchel!

  • Anonymousss

    I see Kevin Bard from Stereo Skyline :)

  • kelly

    Im in thisss music video I love mitchel musso he the best !!!!!!!=)

  • laurennn


  • ale

    aww I love it!!