Stella Hudgens & Ashley YOUTUBE Show

Stella has a YouTube show! More HERE. Thx Helen from HudgensRadio!

  • the obviously obvious obvily.

    they should name the show Stash. ;D

  • I couldn’t sit through the whole thing. Holy mother of god that was annoying.

  • Msoceanupwhaat?!

    Omg, off topic but guys you have to check her verision of party in the usa its amazing :o

  • Resa

    Omg, off topic but guys you have to check her verision of party in the usa its amazing :o

    nice! she’s a really good singer. Found this one better than miley’s! lol

  • Yo dawg

    I can’t help but wonder if she’ll strip down in these like her older sister…

    “And I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless cuz everyone knows that’s how you get famous…”

    Just saying.

  • kirstyyx


  • Anonymousasfasfasf


    i think ashley is just stella’s random friend
    stella is vanessa hudgen’s sister…

  • GabiEstefam

    they are WAY annoying and they keep on screaming..
    and stella wants to be famous just because vanessa is..
    i don’t like the show at ALL haha it’s trashy

  • Emma (:

    Their Kinda Trying to copy the Miley&Mandy Show. But ofcourse no-one can. :D But Yeah their uhh.. cute? Stella is really similar to her sister. She laughs like her and at times it seems as if its like a tinier version of Vanessa. XD PS. Whose Ashley’s Sister?

  • Anonymous456

    Wtf is trashy about making a youtube vid, if they’re trashy, so are miley,mandy,selena & demi cuz they all make youtube vids;

    double standards much?

  • demirocks

    stella is so full of herself she is just Nobody but at least the show is kinda nice

  • iuayyr873r6y73yr

    they’re probably miley&mandy fans.
    a little copy cat but ok.

  • asokdkdoskopskodkdoeeuyheg

    but that’s true. That’s a total copy of the Miley&Mandy show 1st EPISODE! GOD, SO WANNABE! hahaha

  • fallll

    who’s ashley’s sister??

  • Yah yah yahh… ;)

    Too cute. :)

    Haters, STFU & sit down.
    Always, have to find a reason to hate somebody. Give them a break.

    I been knew who her sister was. She’s not famous, of course you know, that. She’s a regular kid that goes to school everyday & hangs out with her friends.

  • asokdkdoskopskodkdoeeuyheg

    Oh My God. They’re kind of copying the Miley&Mandy show but in an ANNOYING WAY. I LOVE vanessa hudgens but her sister tries to look funny or something like Miley but it just makes her look ANNOYING O.O

  • wouldn’tyouliketoknowwww

    she laughs like vanessa

  • boomboomclapx


  • TAYLOR12

    she reminds me of her sister.

    i would imagine thats what vanessa acts like too, well accept way more mature.

    but yea, why did you guys post this?

  • MileyFan93.

    She looks a bit like vanessa.

  • Katarina

    cool stella has braces ;P

  • Joan

    I don’t know why you post them, they’re not famous. they’re just normal teens. I bet you post this so people can hate

  • D

    aren’t they like 13? this is quite obnoxious.

  • Anonymousvfr
  • Haters, STFU & sit down.
    Always, have to find a reason to hate somebody. Give them a break.


    you have got to calm down

  • Blair Waldorf!

    I find Stella really annoying

  • Blair Waldorf!

    OU, new post, please

  • danielleguzio

    Stella? is that you? coming on here bragging about yourself? wow.

  • Anonymous49

    why is stellas bra hanging out? shes like 12

  • thehomieB

    Stella is a bitch just like her sis :)

    do u know stella and her sister?
    if so, did u meet? and did uu think stella and her sisters a bitch? haha NEWS FLASSHHHH,
    you dont know them, and u never willlll,
    tnx for judging people who cant judge u back.
    you know why? cuz they dont have time to judge people like u who judge people soooo easily,.

    so, reply and apologize or go to hell.

  • w.e

    uhm they are kinda annoying like i just hear screaming but eh its ok i guess

  • MyselfYeah

    Stella is a bitch just like her sis :)

  • Sophia;)

    I wonder if I was like this when I was, what, twelve? Thirteen?

  • lauraaaaaa
  • itsme

    GOD. some poor kid thinking shes so cool becuase her sister is a slut on disney. i feel sad for this girl. Just looking for more attention… how do we even know this girl is actually her real sister. yeah exactly.

  • lauraaaaaa

    Change your luck now

  • shmesmx3

    okay. leave the girls alone. this is completelly normal. they don’t care what other people think. they’re just having fun. and i don’t find the stuff that they laugh about funny, but stuff is only funny if you’re actually there. true fact. it alwayss happens to me. and to someone saying that stella’s bra was hanging out, what is she now…like in 8th grade?? she’s practically a high schooler!! i know 5th graders that dress trashier than that

  • pebbles


    yeah kinda just pulled a chris crocker ;)

  • suuuckkit

    i found that ash girl more annoying than stella like the kid wouldnt stop talking -.-
    shut the fuck up dude.

  • niley forever

    stella lokks like vanessa and sounds like her also butt shes very pretty plus i think we would be bestfrieds to mad i cant meet her

  • trhfgbv

    they’re annoying

  • GoldenGal9311

    Wow…….she’s REALLY annoying.

  • Lizzay

    Yeah, pretty sure I was nothing like that when I was 13. Those girls need to chill out. And Stella got really ugly, I used to think she looked like Vanessa.

  • Anonymous-

    wow people are mean, how can you jude a little girl like you do! leave the poor girl alone!

  • era

    you stupid i cannot even imagine you are that much ummpy guy iam the thier body gaurd did you listen

  • johnaj

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  • Anonymous6767

    she laughs like vanessa..
    i know theyre still kids and all but that was kinda annoying. normal, but annoying..


    they are beautiful okay……………..

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • JonasFan1234

    I think she just wants to be famouse!!!
    Seriously she has like the urgee!!
    I dont knw who Ash is but Stella
    SOOO wants famee!

  • natalieeee

    ughhhhh. they are kinda annoying!

  • didi

    DUDEEE, she’s effin gorgeous. who the hell are ya’ll to tell them there ugly or stupid or wannabe’s? SERIOUSLY. there just hvin fun? GODDDD !!!!
    u guys are discusting. and YES , she has fans, NOT only cuz her sister is vanessa but cuz people and including myself thinks she TOTALLY down to earth

    and ashley is a GREAT singer.
    so im not asking alot but ur respect :)

  • hotmess

    How is this a “copy”? Just because two teenage girls make webshows about random shit doesn’t mean they’re “copying” Miley and Mandy. Seriously.

    I think Stella is adorable. Her friend on the other hand is annoying and a huge camera whore.

  • thehomieB

    DUDEEEM she’s effin gorgeous, URRRR ugly,
    dude i dont know u, but i know ur ugly cuz of what u write, u write like a smart ass but ur SEROUSLY just a lame as ur shipwreck.

    God!!!!! u NEED a life cuz stella is amazing and everybody who LOVES her knows it and everybody you HATES her needs to know that STELLA, is gorgeous,fun,cute and ETCCCC.:)
    live it, learn it, RESPECT IT.


  • Jani

    Dude, that was like super annoying. I’m looking back at this wondering if I was that annoying when I was 13….I think I was worse. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it.

  • JBdeepInMyHear

    Ok wow ! They were so darn loud ! I have like a major headacke ! :s The only funny thing about this was ‘what up ?!’ … I have a very lame sense of humor :P

  • Anonymous-


  • E.

    their voices are EFFING annoying
    stop screaming. you’re not funny.

    i bet that if stella wasnt vanessa’s sister, they wouldnt get rated 5 stars.

  • thehomieB

    I think she just wants to be famouse!!!
    Seriously she has like the urgee!!
    I dont knw who Ash is but Stella
    SOOO wants famee!

    it was suppose to just stay in youtube where her fans can find her, and she just tweeted me on twitter saying she DIDNT want it to get out, expecially oceanup, cuz people here including you will just bash her, instead of loving her and ashley,. so u NEEEEDDDD a new life saying u “I KNOW, that stella isnt doing this for fame” cuz dude, she’s a teenager , everybody on youtube does that, why cant they? huh? give me ur explanation, why cant they?

    and to everybody was wondering
    this is stella’s OFFICIAL twitter
    www, NOO,, not a poserrrrrr.
    and this is ashleys twitter
    and this is my twitter myy twitter,.

  • Anonymous1hgoigr

    Just let them be, there just kids having fun, nothing wrong with that.
    lots of kids make videos like that, yall are just critizing her cuz she’s Vanessa’s sister =/

  • Charlotte-x-

    The only Disney sibling I can tolerate is Frank the tank. Cos, well… he’s Frank the tank.

    And Madison De La Garza too. She’s fucking awesome.

  • Msoceanupwhaat?!

    Resa said:

    Omg, off topic but guys you have to check her verision of party in the usa its amazing :o

    nice! she’s a really good singer. Found this one better than miley’s! lol
    Same, i love mileys singing but the girl singing did an excellent cover !!! <3

  • Mandy.

    Selena Gomez’s Debut Album, Kiss & Tell, came out TODAY! Be sure to buy your copy on iTunes or go to your nearest store to pick it up! :]

  • dear

    they just stupid ! really suck! seriously, they’re nobody and they believe they’re stars!

  • 02

    she has the same voice as her sister

  • Delsy

    ohh miley album is doing well it like sold 450k now.

    I like all Disney siblings

  • Mandy.

    Selena Gomez’s first album under her own name will please the fans she’s won as a TV star and vocalist on various Disney-based projects, and it will also make lovers of frothy, fun pop music very happy. Kiss & Tell is a work of near-genius modern pop that shows off Gomez’s light but surprisingly soulful vocals in a near-perfect setting. The producers and writing teams involved frame Gomez as a tougher, sassier version of the usual tween pop singer and keep the sappy ballads to a bare minimum. Instead, plenty of songs have her telling off lame boyfriends, tracks joyously detail newfound love affairs, and a good many generally rock out in a manner that might surprise a few people. Indeed, the variety of styles and sounds on the record is pretty impressive. Snappy bursts of punky pop bump up against Latin-influenced dance jams, bubblegummy midtempo ballads sit easily next to spunky new wave rockers, techno-ish dancefloor stompers lead into hopeful love songs, and Gomez is at home singing all of them. She sounds like she could leave the whole pop star world behind and join an emo-pop band on songs like “Crush” and “I Won’t Apologize.” Or she could completely embrace the pop star world and top the charts with sweetly sincere and ultra-hooky songs like “I Promise” and frothy trifles like “As a Blonde.” Or she could be the lead singer of the Disney pop-era version of the Go-Go’s. Thanks to the fact that one of the songwriting teams on the record has former Go-Go Gina Schock as a member and thanks to bouncy, peppy songs like “Kiss & Tell,” that’s not really too much of a stretch. Probably the best idea for the future is for Gomez to keep making records as diverse and well constructed as Kiss & Tell, keeping the same producers and songwriters on board and maintaining the same smart and sassy attitude she displays throughout. That should keep the tweens and teens happy while impressing and thrilling fans of perfectly constructed capital “P” pop, too. ~ Tim Sendra, All Music Guide

  • Jaz

    You Are so Right. It’s just a Couple of girls having harmless fun! + They’re not Copying miley and mandy. Lots of people do webshows for a laugh, their only young so i dont see why people are being so harsh!

  • Anonymous3oh3

    hey, at least she never mentions her sister, last name, or sisters boyfriend… shes just doing this for fun and herself. give her a break. her channel says nothing about who she is related too. if oceanup hadnt posted this i wouldnt even realize she is vanessa sister.
    give her a break.

  • 1111
  • Anonymous

    im sending this to tmz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel bad for that girl everyone in her school probably saw her sister naked!

  • TheLoveOfUrLive

    Gosh, just let the girl live;
    & get over vanessa’s nude scandal; it’s way old!

  • <3

    Fiirst finally

  • uhoh!

    cgdancer612 excited to see the sytycd tour tonight in toronto! :)
    19 minutes ago from UberTwitter Betcha Nick will go with her!

  • Sar

    I’m convinced that all Disney stars’ siblings are annoying and obnoxious (with the exception of Madison, that child is awesome).

  • JBdeepInMyHear

    … And Frankie :P

  • Anonymous101

    At least she acts like a normal teenage girl.

  • taylorrrrrr

    oh my god they are sooo annoying.

  • youmakemewannalala

    great to know Stella is just as annoying as her sister, only not half as pretty.

  • Anonymous111

    This is like a total copy of the first Miley and Mandy show o.O

  • Chelsea-Rose

    woah. if you pause at 0:26, Stella looks EXACTLY like Vanessa :)

  • Anonymous

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