Vanessa Hudgens REVEALED 7 THINGS

Nessa on paparazzi, missing high school, fans crying and BANDSLAM.

  • Ty.

    She talked unprofessional. Like “ummm” and she talks so scripted. :/

  • kami

    my reply was to Yo dawg,

  • kami

    to Ty–she sounds very natural and sweet. not scripted at all.


    She has a beautiful face, and she looks so fresh.

  • Danielle(:

    notice how this has 10 comments??


    im not a hater i just find it funny!

    <3herrr. but she kinds does sound dumb.

  • line

    V is gorgeous! :D

  • payday advances online

    Thanks for sharing this article I love Vanessa I think she is such a cute and talented girl.

  • bestecyrus

    she is really pretty but i don’t like her bad pics :|


    She and Selena are the best DC girls.
    But she has some bad pics.

  • Anonymous-

    sooo amazingly beautifull love her!<3

  • <33

    if you support Vanessa Hudgens! :]

  • hellooo

    She sounds so mature in this! Wow, very different. She looks more mature too, even prettier. :)
    She’s cute, has a cute personality.

  • Anonymous

    She is stuck up. People, beauty isn’t a talent, her fashion inspiration should make her be a designer or something….nothing related to acting…just because she looks good doesn’t mean that she is talented with her career…Disney is honestly overrated. Their kids look charming today and turn into a worthless person tomorrow. If Zac wasn’t her boyfriend, that girl would probably be a Lucas or Monique who didn’t do anything with HSM. Zac did films, ASH launched her music career, and CORBIN, did films and a album.

    Zac also is a piece of work when he said that “if you don’t put your heart into it then don’t do it…its my philosophy” joke. As he said it, his girlfriend goes around making worthless movies and doesn’t even think about her past albums. cus guess what Zac, “she didn’t put her heart into it.”

    I find it annoying that people worship these people for beauty and think they are god when they were not only a bad example but defended themselves instead of coming clean and trying to avoid the subject.

    Her actions speak for herself when Dane Cook told her off. She thought she was Queen Bee coming into the TCA and then she got SHOT down.

  • Anonymous

    thanks you are cute to

  • Anonymous


    i will not but thanks liena

  • hotmess

    Vanessa is gorgeous. But the way she talks in this interview is so different.. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just reminds me of another celebrity.. (Again, not a bad thing)

  • hotmess

    Taylor Momsen! That’s it. Haha she sounds like/ reminds me of (talking-wise) Taylor Momsen.. haha.

  • hotmess

    … Also, attitude/talking-wise, so much similar to Cassie Steele. Haha yeah.. okay I’m done with this post :P

  • Shaa

    okay maybe its just me but does she look sorta preggo? i know shes not but.. hmm

  • kami

    how do idiots like you live with themselves? you must really hate yourself. so sad.

  • Yo dawg

    I bet her fans were crying when they saw what her bush looks like….

  • Mandy.

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  • krisu

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  • Fan<3

    She is so pretty!

  • Marcia Lopez -Uuruguay

    4 !

  • TeamJoick

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  • No Bitchassness

    I think shes absolutely stunning and so is her little sister Stella.