Emily Osment FILLMORE San Francisco


From Katie P: I went to Honor Society’s concert Sept. 27 in San Francisco at The Fillmore. It was so much fun! Emily opened for them. From Missy h: They were SO good! Emily was great. You could tell she was kind of new to the performing thing. I was surprised, i didn’t know that she could play the guitar.

  • Missy H.

    yay they put up my pictures!!!

  • Missy H.

    woohoo Go Us. I did mention more about Honor Society and added more pictures. But they didn’t put it up. Honor Society needs to be mentioned more!

  • katiebugg

    I agree! I sent a TON of pictures of Honor Society, but they only published the one of Jay. Oh well. (:

    The boys deserve more.
    So awesome that you went to the concert too!

  • katiebugg

    I took some of these pictures (the one of Jay and the first one) and they were absolutely INCREDIBLE. I’m sorry to see that OceanUP isn’t posting anything about Honor Society, because they completely deserve it. I have a feeling they will become huge, not to mention they are fantastic guys. (:

  • Anonymou221s11
  • trishtastic

    GoldenGal9311 said:

    Love her! She reminds me of Carrie Underwood

    I know right!!!!! She is awesome… I love that she was with HS. That is so cool!!

  • selenarocks

    i have videos if ya’ll wanna see


  • Noa

    she’s a great singer she’s so much better than selena but selena gets to much attention emily should get more attention because she can actually sing

  • Anonymous

    i met emily once before at mileys sweet 16 and i had an interaction with her at this concert, is it just me… or is she just always very rude?

  • Anonymous


  • asyari

    I really wish that after Hannah Montana’s over ,she’d do more serious movies so everyone can take her seriously as an actress cause she got the goods! And I really do mean get an Academy cause she has that quality that’s not been potrayed.Love her singing!

  • ZzZ

    Really?? I’ve heard some of her songs and there’s something about her voice that’s always bugging me… dunno what.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    I disagree. I think Selena sings way better than Emily. Emily’s is digitalized WAY too much! Selena’s is too…..but in some songs…you can’t really notice. Plus, Emily’s voice annoys me…..and I don’t think she sounds so god live. I’ve heard Selena sing live on her YouTube video….and she was AMAZING. I don’t know why they edit her voice. I personally like Selena’s voice better than Emily’s but that’s just MY opinion.

  • leliana91

    i was there she was amazing:D

  • Lynn

    Love EMILY!!! I wish I could go to one of her concerts…I wish her Ep would come out already!

  • blanca esperanza

    haha wrong emily taught miley how to sew and emily taught emily how to play the guitar.

  • guitarmaster

    Your retarded

  • pft.

    the amount of people who do not care.. hilarious

  • @KimMileyCyrus on twitter

    of course she plays the guitar !! it was MILEY who taught her the guitar! she says so in Miles To Go.

  • GoldenGal9311

    Love her! She reminds me of Carrie Underwood.

  • —-

    Love Emily!

  • Adry

    She is such an awesome person! Im glad she is doing what she loves.I wish we get to hear more of her now!

  • Be3

    Glad she’s doing this! One of the most talented and down to earth people on Disney! Can’t wait to see and hear more from her!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    Carrie Underwood looks young in these pictures!!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    Carrie Underwood looks young in these pictures!!