Shailene Woodley WHIP IT Premiere


Shailene Woodley, Shenae Grimes & Ellen Page hit up the Whip It premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on September 29. Fame. Chanelle spotted Shialene and her boyfriend Tanner shopping at Urban Outfitters in Simi Valley last week: She was shopping for 2 dresses and bought them without trying them on, then they rode off on their beach cruisers.

  • Ihavenoideawho that girl is but i just wnated to see…….

    #22!!!ya something to be proud of….LOL random.

  • eiaculazione precoce

    That dress looks as underwear, seems she forget to put on the real dress.
    eiaculazione precoce

  • Anonymou221s11
  • NickJoeKevin

    Haha, that’s my mall:) (not MY mall, but my city mall) haha
    She lives in my city! i saw her once, and she really needs to EAT!

  • kittykat

    ellen page is like my girl crush lol she so pretty! i wish i look like her

  • hfdsdasd


  • SKOdry

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  • Peace_Out

    Oh great. I DO NOT want stupid little tweens infesting the Simi Valley Mall just because she lives in Simi Valley. That’s the mall I shop at and I don’t want dumb little star struck girls there.

    Let her live a normal life. Let her BREATH. Stop taking creepy stalker pictures. People usually go to their home town to GET AWAY from all you crazy, obsessive, creepy, stalker, maniacs!

    & to the girl who took these pictures. YOU ARE VERYYYY CREEPY!

  • Anonymous

    she graduated from my high school last year. i dont get why you guys are freaking out. she’s technically a normal person?

  • Shai Lover #1

    Shai lives by You,and you haven’t passed out
    from shock yet? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Discostella

    I mean shopping.

  • Bryanni

    Yeahh, tanner is her brother.. She looks pretty, but ive seen her look way better. Thats soo wierd that they took a picture of her changing :x watch out..

  • *~Michelle~*

    You took the words out of my mouth! Lol ? Wow her dress is ugly. (Shailene)
    Shenae Grimes is gorgeous and Ellen is my hero.

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  • yayy

    she is so pretty!

  • Anonymous,

    she look pregnanat. how ironic?

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! Shai does look pregnant!! OMG!!
    I hope Secret Life didn’t come to life, if
    you know what I mean!!!

  • Erica

    I lOVE Shai!! SO cute!!

  • E.

    pretty! i would get so frustrated with people taking pictures of them, even when they are in a dressing room

  • Anony

    those arent beach cruisers….. JUST SAYING. =P

  • BellaSwann

    Kiss & Tell Record Release Party SELENA<3333333333333333333333

  • Discostella

    And they took pictures of her changing?
    Creepers. I’d be so freaked out if I were her.

  • Brangelina


  • Mike Hunt

    Wow her dress is ugly. (Shailene)
    Shenae Grimes is gorgeous and Ellen is my hero.

  • Anonymous…

    you can see the little sewn in boobie covers in her dress