Ashley Tisdale Crank It Up Music Video Set

Ashley Tisdale on set of her new music video for ‘Crank It Up’, second
single from Guilty Pleasure. Tis uploaded pix from her official website.

  • selenafan4life

    this video will be SIZZLIN’!


    ommggg looks like its gona be aweeomseeeeeee

  • DoJessica

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  • Billythekid-NY

    I dont want to be mean because Ashley is actually adorable and a nice person, but is her record label still spending money on that album? The album was a complete and utter failure. I forget offhand where the album debuted on Billboard 200 ( either 12 or 24?), but it didnt debut high and did a nosedive thereafter, and completely left the charts after only 6 weeks. I’m not sure if it even sold 75k copies! Many artists get dropped by their record label after such a dismal showing, but she has name recognition, which works to her favor against that happening, at least for now. But I still dont understand spending more money, unless its her own money pushing this video. dont know.

  • Anonymous

    her songs are shit.
    her music is shit.
    she cant sing.

  • Billythekid-NY

    I do have my facts correct AshFan. Her album DID NOT debut #2 on the charts. it didnt even debut in the top 10 on Billboard 200. what chart are you thinking of? There are no others, and it lasted on Billboard for 6 weeks and has been OFF that chart now for sometime. The facts speak for themselves!

  • alllysmack

    her songs are shit.
    the video will be shit.

  • stop

    this is a second EUROPEAN single. in europa, “guilty pleasure” sales better than “headstrong”.

  • AshFan :]

    You know what? You need to get some facts
    straight cause her record hit 2nd on the charts. Right under Demi.

  • Mahima

    um…i thought at first this was a heidi montag song.

    and its not jealousy.

  • samanthaaaax

    i love this song, and i love ashley
    but ohmgosh she looks like the biggest whore!
    like HELLOOO 5 year olds will be watching this music video, just because she trying to move away from the disney phase, doesnt mean she can dress like a slut. whether she likes it she still was in HSM which means 5 year olds still look up to her.

  • kiara

    what does this song have to do with her dressing like a victoria secret model?

  • erickrofe

    hello ashley, okay, you’re very charismatic, beautiful and talented, I think you’re one of the best, I wanted to be your friend on twitter

  • kris

    actually, Vanessa has sold more than Ashley. Ashley debuted higher, then took a nose dive off the charts. Overall Vanessa has sold more

  • Tori.xo

    I love ashleys new record but this song should not have been her second single. It is definetly not as good as her other songs. Delete you, hair or masquerade should have replaced this song. Sorry to be harsh

    But who else thinks that crank it up shouldn’t be her 2nd single? xo



    Identified debuted at #23 on the Billboard 200 charts with a sales of 22,000 copies sold in its first week, 12,000 less than her first album, V.


    You don’t love her if you are calling her a slut, you dumb cunt. There is NOTHING slutty about Ashley in anyway, if you want a slut go visit XXX HUDGENS & you’ll get one. Newsflash bitch, she is like 23 years old, she can wear whatever the fuck she wants to wear. Who cares if she was in HSM, IT’S OVER NOW, it’s IRRELEVANT. Other then that just shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymousss

    HATE IS JEALOUSY. whether you deny it or not. ITS PURE JEALOUSY!

  • REtweet

    I hate her, trying to hard to be sexy and famous which is not that much.

    She is sexy when she tries her hardest.

  • Lauren.

    Wow people on here are mean…
    I love this song
    I’m happy it’s her new single :)
    & I think Ashley is beaut & such a nice person.
    How can people say she tries too hard to be sexy all the time? When half the time she walks around in just sweatpants & a tee?
    She’s completely normal! Leave her alone. Mygosh.

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  • Noaa

    her songs are good but I still don’t think she can sing

  • Anonymous-

    umm no? yoiu can def hate someone without being jealsuose!

  • anonnymousss

    love her.

  • Anonymous-

    she is sooo fake, she tries to hard! she ist sexy when she tries, wich is ALLTHE TIME!

  • pft.

    goodness. she has yet to pick a single i wanted. ‘how do you love someone’ or ‘switch’ hands down should have been next.. even ‘hair’ would have been good. work with me ash.

  • Delsy

    I know right i mean i really wanted switch as a single

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out
    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • [?]

    i dunnoo.. i dont like that song very much

    WE NEED IT!!!

  • thththththth

    still don’t think she can sing


    Most Disney stars cant sing