Nick & Joe SayNow Sassy, Kevin’s Bowling


Jonas Brothers 12 Days Of Christmas tour is ‘in the works..’

  • <3

    Oh, my gosh so true!! I haha I was like.. uuum I want it to stop know! =p

  • KATIE23

    I bet when she said “Hi Kevin” the pause was for laughter. ;]

  • greeen;


  • Anonymousss

    Anonymousoui said:

    my hamster just died :(


    AW! Oh my god, I’m sorry :( I used to have one. I LOVE HAMSTERS! RIP lil babyyy<3

  • satincare

    please come to SYRACUSE!!!!!

  • ssexybeast

    my hamster just died :(

    Oh My Sweet Jesus, I am so sorry!
    R.I.P to your hamster.

  • zomg.

    saynow calls to fans are always so awkward. but that was cute anyway.

  • dfsfdsfs

    lol that girl is soooooooooooo shy

  • Anonymous

    bowling my ass. he was with her

  • Anonymous

    i can barely tell the difference between their voices now lol

    it used to be easier when nick was younger but now they all sound the same

    i thought nick was joe and joe was kevin on this call o_O

  • Melissa=)

    say nows are so awkward. its almost hard to listen to. haha.

  • mousi

    Maybe he was bowling with her lol.

  • XD

    lol@ Joe and the girl XD shes like ‘love u!’ and he’s all ‘love you more!’ like wow…:D

  • you

    gosh! That girl is so lame!!! She has nothing to talk about! Boring. But I love how Nick and Joe made sure to day “we love you too”. They’re so thoughtful.

  • asdkhfl

    ‘are you serious?!!?’

  • Anonymous

    mousi, whther he was or not, kevin missed out on another fan thing. he doesnt care now

  • mousi

    Lol poor thing she was so nervous xD

  • abc123

    so who was danielle the ball or pins?

  • Dumm Blonnd

    Joe’s voice sounds more like this irl.
    His voice gets lower for some reason on TV, but his voice is actually quite high.

  • jjean

    At least she remebered to ask about the winter tour. I wouldn’t have known what to say.

  • Lorena

    my hamster just died :(

    RIP your hamster :/

  • bbbbb

    how are they sassy?!

  • Anonymous

    no shit abc123. he is too busy fucking dani to care about fans now

  • dell01

    When I heard this earlier, and she said she was from Indiana, I was like, ” NO0O0!!! B1TCH!!!!! OH H3LLZZ NAWW!!!” (O_o) since I’m from there. damn oh well. haha

  • keanebaddream

    Kevin has a wedding to plan, everyone refuckinglax.

  • katee.

    i’m sorry but saynow fan calls are so awkward to listen to. but they’re funny.

  • dell01

    Yeah, see yall later.

  • abc123

    what are you guys going as for halloween

  • luvthemjonasboys

    hehe i wouldn’t have been able to talk if that was me so you gotta give her props for that ppl! but anyways wow i really hope they are going on their christmas tour because i’ll totally be there!!! And everyone know sthat Kevin was with Danielle! and awww Joe and Nick are so adorable!!!!

  • maybe

    when I heard the begining I thought it was kevin also lol

  • JB rocks my socks

    they are awkward i mean i would have so many things i would want to say to say to them but i think i would probably blank out
    but whatever it was still cut i love when Joes like love u more!

  • Jonas4Canada

    I think it depends on Joe’s tone!
    I think because he was talking to a fan, he made his voice higher to sound more like fun and stuff, kind of like how we change the tone of our voice when we talk to little ones.
    Joe’s voice is actually low though lol.

  • bianqueesha

    that was so hilarious!
    i love awkwardness.
    just not when it involves me haha

  • Anonymous!!

    Take a look at that picture. Thats the future of JB if Danielle has a say in it—no Kevin in the band—__ How would Hannah say it??? HATE THAT JB KEVIN STEALER MONEY HUNGRY BITCH WHO WONT SIGN A PRE-NUP!!–lol

  • joeismylove

    kevin was putting the ball in the gutter..

  • Kauai

    lol! Me too:)

  • no name

    awww joe, and in that picture on top wow he looks soo hot! like his body wow! and nick cute as always

  • helen

    all i wanna say is AKWARD

  • Geek<3NJJ

    I wish they would tell me they love me :( I waited an hour and 30 minutes on saynow and they never answered :( Joe is adorkable and Nick is seriously not that serious in this phone call…..YAY! I love his non- serious side!

  • Kay6984

    joe and nick are so cool and laid back!! love them. wish kev was on the call too. i can’t believe their management team would agree to him missing so many interactions with the fans…i mean he is 1/3 of the group and there are those of us that would like him to be there at least every once in a while!!


    Take a look at that picture. Thats the future of JB if Danielle has a say in it—no Kevin in the band—__ How would Hannah say it??? HATE THAT JB KEVIN STEALER MONEY HUNGRY BITCH WHO WONT SIGN A PRE-NUP!!

  • jo

    hahah love them!
    but i wish they would lower the ticket prices..its kinda crappy.

  • Elizzle

    Joe is the HEART of the Jonas Brothers. I could listen to/watch him forever…

    I guess that’s why, even though I am too busy to give them my 24/7 anymore, I haven’t been able to go more than 2-3 months without seeing a Jonas show since mid-2007. :) Still don’t get why people can’t see how marvy they (all 3) are.

    Siiiigh! Haha.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • feelingsorry4thm

    At least the girl was calm and didn’t freak out. Funny conversation though.

  • Mary6

    on the saynow when you can’t see them, the guys all sound so much a like. for a moment there i really thought joe was kevin, and nick for a second sounded like joe…it’s uncanny!! sometimes in their radio interviews it’s hard to tell who’s actually talking. it must have been a little bit weird for nick and joe, when the girl said kevin….it probably puts them a little bit of an akward position sometimes when he isn’t their b/c they have to cover!! but we all understand he’s planning a wedding and if the prenup story is true then he’s definitely going through a lot of personal stuff at the moment. hopefully he’ll be back in full force soon :-)

  • Annyos24

    After she said “Hi Kevin” they probably paused so they could think of what to say to cover for Kevin. It took them a little of time to say he was bowling. Kev’s probably with Dani!!

  • Lucy598729374

    it kind of sounds like they could be doing this call in a bowling ally….there is some background noise going on!! i wonder if they took any other calls….if so Kevin may have been on those.

  • Annie!!

    at 0:28 seconds it kind of sounded like kevin’s voice in the background saying something like “barely….” can’t make out the rest!! in the background at some points it sounds like pins are being knocked down. i think they may have done this in a bowling ally.

  • musicloveeee

    lmao why did joe ask her if she liked to dance? haha i found that so random ! =] lol he’s so silly, i think he was trying to get her to laugh or something. lol lucky fan <3

    jb is so sweet.


    Just one word…..AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emyyyy

    hhhahahahahahaha Joe! “are you serious!??? No…” hahahaha “I don’t know how to play any of it.” and “Love you!” Joe”Love you more!” hahahahaha oh Joe you are so funny!

  • holly c

    aww that girl is so sweet! she handled it so well!

  • LatinGirl14

    I wouldnt know what to say honestly. Just: hey whats up, what r you guys doing, how kevin ,hows he feeling, why are you laughing so much about my questions…

    Come to Uruguay. Its a country. Really small. In latinamerica. Yeah..

  • eatxsleepxjonas

    i love how pretty calm the girl was able to be….but at the same time, SUPER awkward conversation!!


  • meli:]!!

    my hamster just died :(


    I’m so sorry but i laughed SOOO HARD at this.

  • meli:]!!

    lmfao joe

    “love you”
    “love you more!”

    lol joes so cute

  • Anonymous

    say nows are so awkward

  • Kelss.

    I love how normal they are in this.
    I hate the professional front they put on in front of fans (cough Nick). But this was cool, they need to do it more often.

    I suck at bowling.
    23 is my best score. No joke.

  • joejonasisthesex

    Where was Kevin? Thats right! Ignoring the fans

  • jerseygirl

    “I’m learning how to play Fly with Me”

    Joe – “I don’t know how to play any of it.”

    LOL. He’s hilarious.

    Love you more, Joe.

  • Kelss.

    what are you guys going as for halloween


    I’m sticking a quarter on my back and be a ‘quarterback.’

    Hardy har har.

  • Anonymous

    joe sound like kevin whatever but when he ask her “do you like to dance” it sound sexually!

  • Melissa=)


    Amen! Its like Danielle has him on a fucking leash. We were here first, not that bitch
    oh come on. hes been with her for like 2 years. we dont even know if the prenup story is true. he obviously loves her so just be happy for him. you dont even know her so stop calling her a bitch.

  • Kelss.


    Amen! Its like Danielle has him on a fucking leash. We were here first, not that bitch


    Haha. You guys don’t even know her. More or less their situation. Rise above the immaturity and assumptions. You’re better than that.

  • Joes_my_baby

    Joe is so funny! Nick was honored.

    And that picture of Joe–gosh he is the most gorgeous boy in the world.

  • Anonymoussssssss

    nice guys how come people give them so much shit

  • juliecouture

    NO I LOVE YOU JOE!! i love you too nick ;)

  • jonashearts

    Take a look at that picture. Thats the future of JB if Danielle has a say in it—no Kevin in the band!

  • katy.

    ahahha, these conversations are so awkward.
    i just love them. <3

  • Elizzle

    That was cute, but that was Joe doing the *ka-dunk ka-dunk*, LOL.:)

  • AAC

    Am I the only one that likes Nick’s impersonation of the piano in the beginning of Fly With Me? It was so adorable. They have to be some of the most sweetest guys around.

  • musicislove82

    At the end Joe goes “I love you more!”

  • Ms.aNonymous

    First of all I just love some of your randomness it makes me laugh..

    Ahh..Damn the grammy loss last year.. but hey I want them there on the red carpet sitting where they get camera coverage and to go up and win and speak to the masses..They deserve it and more..2010..2011 and the Jobros and love to be abe to out right say I am a Joebro Hoe..

  • hello kitty

    I am not trying to start truble, but I would have never imagined that Joe and Nick would agree to let Kevin be gone so much

  • Ms.aNonymous

    JOe is a lover..its obvious..

  • Anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • XD

    Why. Does. It. Look. Like. Joe. Is. BLEEDING!?

  • Anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • crackers123

    If Joe asked me if I could dance, I would’ve said:
    You know it, baby. ;)

  • nickjstudmuffin

    they are sooooooo cute and sweet and adorable and overall amazinggggg. i would of cried tho if they called and would of not been so calm…….at all.

  • Emma1108

    Kevin, I know you’re planning a wedding and all, but seriously, just show your face!
    Sorry, but I do write a lot of commas.

  • jonashearts


    Amen! Its like Danielle has him on a fucking leash. We were here first, not that bitch

  • becca:]

    i would have thought Kevin was tlaking to me too!
    they sound so much a like.
    those fans actually kept their cool!
    if i ws her omg i wouldnt know what to say!

  • Kelss.

    someone doing damage control

    lol this funny how awkward is this conversation id be going on for hours the need to call me.


    Haha it is awkward because the girl didn’t let the conversation flow, so Joe had to come up with new topics.

    I’m really stupid on the phone too though, so I’d probably get hung up on. That, and it’s a mechanism to GET people to hang up on me because I hate talking on the phone. If someone doesn’t go along with what you’re trying to doesn’t make conversation fun. At all.

  • iwannakissjoe

    Joe says “I love you more.” How adorable!

    She sounded so surprised — of course! Lucky lady and way to go asking them about December! It’s true! Yeah!

  • ohemgeee

    haaha awww “i love you more”

  • Anonymous

    I love how at the end Joe says “I love you more!” bhahaha

  • Anonymousoui


  • Anonymous

    They are amazing!

  • Andy

    In the picture, it looks like Joe is amazed by Nick’s chest lol. I love how at the end Joe says ‘love you more’. He’s so adorable

  • saddie

    all i have to say to those of u who are complaining about kevin’s absense and hating on danielle is wow.i mean c’mon ppl,if u were true fans,u would totally understand that obviously he cant be there,glued to the phone 24/7 since im pretty sure he has a wedding to plan which alot harder and more stressful than it looks so yeah ppl stop complaining and hating them and stop assuming things about the couple since u dont even know wuts going on between them and give them some privacy for gods sake ppl.

  • Clarissa

    “are you serious?!” “um.. no.”

    “do you like to dance?!”

    “i don’t know how to play any of it… (pause) that’s funny right?”

    ahhhhh i love these say nows they’re so horribly awkward

  • Shanile0

    what do they mean by ‘sassy’?

  • Kathryn

    This girl seems pretty chill. I’m glad she didn’t go “AHHHH! OMJJJ! iTz DA JonUzZz BrUDdd3RRsz! DEy k@lL3d mEH bAcKCk! d3Y W@nT TOO M@rRrY MEH!1!!!1!ONEHUNDREDELEVEN!”

  • Lin

    gosh i sound like a teenie

  • Anonymousoui

    my hamster just died :(

  • zomg.

    aw. :(

  • katekate

    aw, no kevin :(

  • Anonymousoui

    my pet wizard says that poopy is a cuss word

  • duceex3

    Jonas Brothers are shit.

  • fdnclxdcsdfwe

    duceex3 said:

    Jonas Brothers are shit

    no ur shit and ur a shithead so shut up u fucking idiot!

  • Anonymous45

    i love it when joe said “love you more” at the end it was so cute and who ever said “the saynow was only like 10 seconds” lied

  • Anonymousoui

    wie alt bis du?

  • Anonymousss

    Inspired who?

  • Livie

    Jonas Brothers are amazing!

  • :]]]]

    haha, aw joe.
    ‘love you more’ <3

  • Emma1108

    That’s not what I was talking about, I just want to see Kevin because I miss him. :(

  • theeffervescentdreamer

    About the concert, I rather see Family Force 5 in concert singing their version of Christmas songs…

  • Katie7737

    LOL they were totally laughing

  • andreaVeronika

    haha, LOVE joseph, is sooo funny!

  • jonashearts

    So now Kevin has to ask Danielle permission to do something for the fans? First she wont sign the prenup and now he is not working for the fans, again. He needs to dump that bitch!

  • Anonymous

    someone doing damage control

    lol this funny how awkward is this conversation id be going on for hours the need to call me.

  • maybe

    how do you get a call back from the jonas brothers?

  • macla

    i want them to call MEEEEEEE .. it’d mean everything :) theeeeeeeey aree sooo perfeeeeeeeect . oh my

  • ahira

    awww, they were eating, ahaha
    and i loved the ending, they were sweet enough to say, love you too, love you more,

  • QueenElizabeth

    Oh my.

    Those boys are quite the hoot.

    And my dear, let your hampster rest in peace.

    -Queen Elizabeth, out.

  • Melissa=)

    So now Kevin has to ask Danielle permission to do something for the fans? First she wont sign the prenup and now he is not working for the fans, again. He needs to dump that bitch!
    how do you know it was danielle that made him not talk to fans? maybe he didnt want to. stop being jealous.