Jennette McC I Can’t Make You Love Me

Hey guys! Jennette here. I’m singing in the bathroom of the hotel here in Nashville, Tennessee, as suggested by one of my twitter followers. :) Here’s a one-take cover of Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. Hope you enjoy it!

  • devorah

    Best Teen Singer = Demi Lovato but jennette has an amazing voice shes gonna go far

  • DinoGirl

    She’s a fantastic singer.

    Most Disney/Nickelodeon singers will make about 3 or 4 CD’s and then never make music again.
    But I can see her being a serious artist in country music when she’s older.

    …And I don’t even like country music.
    Besides Taylor Swift. :P

  • cheshire

    she is better than Demi as she doesn’t yell or scream in any of her videos

  • ~

    She sounds really good. I wish she sung it like Prince, instead of the country version, though.

  • danii

    are we listening to the same thing?
    shes amazing or you must be tone deaf

  • savannahxo

    i don’t like her personality at times but she’s a good singer :)

  • devorah

    umm shes good but honestly shes not better than demi. you guys may think she yells and screams, but shes doesnt. she has an amazing voices. you haters are just dumbasses

  • KellyLovesJoeJ

    I dontt know why but she bugs the crap out of me.
    Probly cuz shane dawson is my mootha fukaa and she got into some argument about him about “cussing”
    Well obviously if you Say dont swear.

  • nia

    Jennette pwns all of these disney singers!

  • Leena

    yeaaah. miranda cosgrove needs to take some lessons from her.

  • nia


  • devorah

    i like her but i dont think shes better than demi lovato. better than miley and selena hell yea but demi no

  • Fizgig

    Good job! A tv cross-over that can actually SING!

  • nia

    demi can sing but her voice gets annoying sometimes because most of the time shes shouting and not belting.

  • liss_chavez

    i lone her but i dont think shes better than selena demi and miley.she is way better than miranda c. though

  • Anonymous

    i dont see miranda making embarrassing youtube vids in bathrooms and begging people to watch them.

    people with real music reps dont have to try to sell themselves.

  • kelseeelynnn

    wow , i wasnt really sure what to expect , from her singing. cause its the first time ive heard her sing, but WOW shes really really good ! I LOVE HER VOICE :D keep it up Jennette !

  • Anonymousssss

    i like her voice:)…but its not better than demi’s but for sure better than sel and miley…and no not a hater:/…i love them both;)

  • Leena

    i like her voice:)…but its not better than demi’s but for sure better than sel and miley…and no not a hater:/…i love them both;)

    no need to compare the voices. she’s good and has talent, just leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you have to fucking hate? She sings really good, I think it showed lot’s of emotion which any GOOD artist shows.. I love Demi, Selena, And Miley.. they all have a passions for singing maybe Demi and Miley a bit more Selena even admitted but they all llove it!! That’s what makes an amazing artist dedication and the love for there music. kthanks

  • SOOO

    Oct 2, 2009 @ 06:36 pm
    nia said:

    Jennette pwns all of these disney singers!


  • eggogogo

    at least she can hit the notes unlike selena but selena is a better actress

  • laurenmaria

    i agree with Leena. no need to compare, that just starts shit.
    Jennette has an amazing voice.

  • JUliE<3


  • lkjsalkdfjsd

    wow…her singing is so captivating.

  • abcdefg

    Yep she’s right. She’s can’t make me love her. Not going to happen.

  • Anonymous101

    actually she never got on to shane dawson for cussing she said she unfollow whatthebuck for because he cussed to much and then shane dawson jumped in it the whole thing was over and less that a half hour and she even response to them when they tweet her and vice versa. Anyway you should judge according to genuine talent not because they don’t like someone you do I personally am not a fan of most people that other people love because I don’t feel they are genuinely talented

  • C…

    she has a great voice and i like the shirt she’s wearing <33!!
    AND i love her character as Sam in iCarly!! shes hilarious

  • Kelsey!

    I think she has the best teen voice! not gonna lie Imma buy her stuff because her voice is very good. I’ll make another country artist exception with Jennete!

  • Kali

    She’s so annoying to me”/
    She has a really good voice tho.
    But I don’t really like the way she sang this “/

  • D

    i don’t really like her, i’m not really into icarly or anything.. but she has an outstanding voice. probably the best out of any teen star out there. i can see her being really successful as an adult.

  • adfada

    magic tone in her voicee

  • jonasbrothersfan

    She’s got a really good voice! I think she’s a great singer. :)

  • Jonas88

    who she?

  • darlina

    better voice than demi lovato

  • Anonymous

    jimmy choo and balenciaga chloe handbag

  • Gril

    I Cant make you
    love me






    hi paola.

  • james

    ugly and can’t sing

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Jennette is amazing!
    I definitely prefer her over Miranda Cosgrove. Jennette has more talent.

  • Joan

    Miranda everyones fave

  • lulu

    ewww her voice SUCK SELENA S VOICE BETTER

  • Anonymous

    This is the single freakiest thing I have ever seen. Get the straight jacket! This chick is crazy along6 with what ever adult is with her.

  • stargirlqu

    She is amazing I think she and demi are the best teen singer

  • devorah

    demi lovato post please =]

  • pce.luv.demi

    i dont think you can compare her with demi lovato cuz they have to completely different voices. demi is more pop/punkish meanwhile jeanette is more country

  • Anonymous

    She does seem to have a bit of a deranged look in her eyes

  • Anonymous55
  • Anonymous3oh3

    i think she has a good voice, and i LOVE this song… but I dont like the way she sang it.

  • Anonymous

    My grandma would call that caterwauling

  • allisonirahetarocks

    listen to this version:

    Allison Iraheta. Album dropping on December 1, 2009. Pop/Rock vibe to it. Yes, she was on American idol. Mad talented singer. You should look into her.

  • Kathleeen

    I thought she was good for a nonsinger! I love sam!(=

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Allison Iraheta is sooooo much better.

    And why does Jeannette need to tell that it was a “one-take” cover? Unless it actually took way more. Hmmmm…

  • Anonymous

    i liked it =]

  • MileyRayFan

    Love her!She’s fab.