Selena Gomez GHANA UNICEF Interview

She’s a Disney teen queen, a TV wizard, and a fledgling rock singer. But 17-year-old Selena Gomez says what really blew her mind recently was a trip to Ghana as the spokesperson for the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program.

  • shaina

    she is such a role model and i adore her so much!!

  • Emyyyy

    Miley must be so proud to be the “head bitch in control” for Disney. The company known for over-produced sell-outs. Miley must be very proud of that… Again, that is more of an insult in my opinion. I would rather be known for using my fame to help raise awareness for people in need, any day.

  • 100% agree

    Well I wish no one clicked in and comment to Selena’s post,

    1. Commenters here are such asshole, pieces of stinky sperm.
    2. Get your head out of Miley’s pussy and see what Selena is doing, ok?.

    3. Are you a fucking 12 years old kid?. Is it already past your bedtime?. Go to bed, or go to hell would be better.

  • shaina

    what did selena do wrong 2 u and miley either they dont even know each one of you…they dont even kill your family for you to get mad and what’s the big deal if they call her the teen queen they just describe selena,why are you so mad at her,are you jealous?

  • Anonymouse

    Seriously? Great! It isn’t that hard to moderate! lol I wonder how many people are inspired to actually do something BY Selena!

  • moremoremore

    Well her album just came out so she’s been having a lot of appearences and such. So that’s why. Tons of press. i love her.

  • hellen sales

    selena rocks a lot ! she’s a diva . and people, stop being jealous and judging her . Try to be where she is right now, and then you’ll can say something.
    if you don’t like her, shut up, you don’t need to be a bitch.

    follow @hellensales


    LMFAO, rock singer ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY IN FUCKING HELL. She cut out every high note on DTWS & she just BLOWSSSS at singing.

    Miley is the TEEN QUEEN, except it, you fucking retarded Selena fans, SHE WILL NEVER BE MILEY. She only wishes. You can reply to me but I wouldn’t bother since I don’t give a fuck what you delusional idiots think. :) Im the one who is being TRUTHFUL, not you.

  • SammieheartsSelena

    Teen Queen? That’s Miley, honey.


    no hunny,I think your mistaken,Miley’s the hoe,skank ect. :D

    for once get you head out of Miley’s ass and see what Selena’s doing is a great thing!

  • whaddduhppp

    Wowww people insulting selena here have absolutely NO lives.
    Selena is doing a great thing here, and some people still find a way to compare her to miley.
    And wth doing it because of her album? Ghheez. This girl is an amazing romodel and enjoys what shes doing
    all the selena haters are stupid future hoes that kiss mileys ass
    SFTU qodd ; selena is amazingg, love her

  • roseand shelse

    we hate u bitch u a bad singer

  • moremoremore

    tell me how selenas a slut and a hoe when shes in Ghana helping people that need it most, no matter the reason, SHE DID IT. she made a difference for them.

    please get a life instead of just typing the same hateful words over and over. you are wasting your time.

  • ____

    love her. she’s amazing :)

  • 1212333333

    i LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!


  • Anonymousoierhg

    whoever is spamming needs a life pronto.

    and wtf oceanup? ass-kissing much? selena is the farthest thing from a rock singer. she is bubble gum pop badness (in singing. in acting she’s amazing)

  • nia

    Woah dude calm the hell down! I always see you on Selena posts bashing her and talking about how Miley is so much better than her. You are pathetic. I hope someday you’ll realize how ridiculous and immature you sound.

  • nia

    oceanup didn’t write that. he just copied what associated press said.


    I never said i was a Miley fan.
    But facts are facts. Miley IS the Disney Queen HBIC. Often imitated, never duplicated.


    Exactly, Selena loving bitches.

  • juli$ong

    umm helping people in another country
    doesnt help with her album. selena is really
    sweet & i really dont care if shes not the teen queen. shes still a great person (:

  • BLA

    OKAY ONE THING! SELENA NEVER WISHES TO BE LIKE MILEY. SHE DOESNT EVEN WANT TO BE A TRASHY, CLASSLESS GIRL, AND A SLUT LIKE MILEY IS. miley fans hate selena because their idol and ‘ohfuckingrolemodel’ cant be as classy as selena is and probably theyre jealous. get it people? whoever you call a disney teen it’s not your problems okay.

    and this is a selena post. stop bringing miley into this

  • Adam

    Oceanup just got rid of the spam. YES!

    BTW, I love Selena, and it’s great that she’s using her fame for good in this world!

  • Anonymouse

    She sounds diff and really quiet. Not that that’s a bad thing, she actually sound really intelligent.

  • mileycyrusandselenagomezfan

    big love selena from kuwait love u

  • Christina…

    She is a great role model and actress. She is using her fame to bring awareness to places in need. It’s true that many people don’t know where Ghana is or the struggles of people in developing countries.

    Donate to Unicef, lets raise 1 million for those in developing countries.

  • MileyFANDUH!

    Wassup with the Selena Post lately? Have people lost interest in her or something? It’s been quite lately.

  • Anonymous

    bla bla bla

  • selenasacunt

    I never said i was a Miley fan.
    But facts are facts. Miley IS the Disney Queen HBIC. Often imitated, never duplicated.

  • Extreme Ways

    Compararely, the only Disney star that takes her rolemodel position seriously.

    A little bit too seriously though. In her attempt to stay out of drama while serving as an example to younger children, she might be getting reclusive and disconnected with the “real world”. Why is it that things always happen in extremes? Life isn’t black and white.

  • Emyyyy

    I would much rather be helping others in need than be a “teen queen.” Selena has done NOTHING to be considered a “hoe” or “slut”. Miley was the one actually on top of a guy with her shirt off… Selena has never done anything even close to that at all. I would not want to be a teen queen at all. Sounds more like an insult to me. Yay, you are a pure pop singer who sings about moving to the glam Hollywood and is loved by a bunch of girls. Yippee. And Selena said she made her album to share with her FANS. Not to try to impress all of Miley’s slaves….

  • 1111

    real wishes – this is amazing

  • Anonymousss

    you guys are always hating on miley.
    Like back off for once. gosh.

  • Anonymoustrying

    FIRRRST!HA! and i love Selena

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  • loveydoveykiskis

    yay selena <3

  • JonasBrothersaremuchbetterthanEdwardCullen

    She really seems like a sweet girl, very intelligent..

  • person of pie

    ummm… pop singer.

  • Anonymousss

    you dont have to like a celebrity and its not cuz ur jealous .

  • kimmy4444

    selena is so pretty

  • Leena

    aw she’s sweet :D

  • andreaVeronika


  • 76576…..


  • Resa

    bla bla bla
    lol, you badly wanted to comment that. I see that almost in every selena post, cause u have nothing better to say. I know you love Miley – i do too – but stop with the selena hate