• Anonymous3

    i didnt think it looked THAT bad she just looks a little stiff

  • oraclebop

    Meh, it’s not supposed to be about the graphics anyway, it’s the songs I’m in for. :)

  • Anon558744

    taylor swift is so amazing and so real and so pretty and yeah. no one beats taylor!!!! shes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saraaa;)


  • Casey L.

    Haha they should make a scene in the game where Kanye West pops up and says she doesn’t deserve to be in this game.

  • eunicekyna

    she looks ugly…:(

  • WeWantDemiBackInArgentina

    Well, I guess its not that easy to make the character EXACTLY like her :l I think its awesomee the fact that they considered Taylor for the game, i wish i could buy it :D

  • veeroh

    they made her look really weird & awkward…but we all know shes beautiful

  • ljkljgl

    Makes her look even more rat like than usual. And I didn’t even think that was possible. Ew.

  • Saraaa;)


  • Send It On

    tayloooooooooooor <33


    Selena TODAY show<3333333333333333

  • Anonymousz

    omg. i can finally get to be her.

  • leilalala

    the way taylor’s character moves in the game is exactly like her! i mean the hand gestures, the looking at the ground thing she does when she sings pop-country songs… they did good :) (except the way they made her look though <3)

  • Ms.aNonymous

    I think Taylor is flatter than that that..

  • hpaddictedx

    I think Taylor is flatter than that that.
    I was thinking the samee thing.

  • Rose92

    um…that’s all good for taylor and all.. but that was creppy =/

  • LiaLove

    She’s gorgeous <3
    not much vocal range, but I love her still =]
    she’s just so relateable(sp?)

  • nickjlover

    Makes her look even more rat like than usual. And I didn’t even think that was possible. Ew.
    You F-ING Jerk Leave Taylor Alone BTW Can’t Wait 4 The Game To Come Out Talor’s Awsome Oh, Also That Dude From Marron 5 Is Gonna Be In The Game

  • TaylorSwiftRocks13

    You all are such jerks.. At least shes ACTUALLY IN THE GAME unlike all of you all.. Taylor is awesome:)Cant wait to get this game. TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS! :) <33

  • TaylorLuvr

    “Wait, wait, wait Taylor. Imma let you have ur moment bt Beyonce deserved to be in this game.” lol

  • TaylorSwiftRoxx23

    Seriously?? Get a life jerk..

  • bojo

    Looks NOTHING like her. Giant mouth, eyes too close together, that is very unflattering even as a caricature. I could make a better Taylor Swift lookalike in The Sims. I hope they change it before the final version is released.

  • pft.

    lol. rough.

  • Stewie

    I would sue.

  • Itsaboutjonas
  • Anonymous

    OMG. poor taylor.

    so ugly :(

  • :))))))

    i love taylor.

  • jonasforlife.

    hahahaha, geez her face

  • GaylorHater

    Even uglier in a game if it’s possible.

  • tay tay

    this one makes me laugh

  • Kourtney

    yeah….the graphics on the game kinda suck. that makes taylor look like she got kicked in the face several times… whatev she’s gorgeous in real life

  • jane woo hooo


  • hpaddictedx

    Lmao are they joking? This is why you stick to rockband.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    wow. suckish graphics! she’s so beautiful, and they made her look hideous.