Tiffany Giardina CHEERIOS Commercial

  • boobookittyfuck

    cinnamon toast crunch owns

  • RebeKaah

    shes SO young. i bet she didnt even know nick then.

  • RebeKaah

    shes SO young. i bet she didnt even know nick then.

  • seriously,

    UM WHO !?


  • ANNIEbee


  • Margrett

    i totally remember this commercial! i never knew it was tiffany!! aw thats so cute! i love her, cant wait to hear her new musicc :)

  • K94

    & I totally remember this too!
    She’s a singer, btw, for those who don’t know.
    Her songs were in Another Cinderella Story, with Selena & Drew.
    & she did plays with Nick Jonas when they were younger.

  • hpaddictedx

    I actually remember this!!! She’s so cute here.

  • Katieeeeeeeee

    tiffany is perfect!! aw i love her curly hair!!! she’s soo prettyyy

  • Anonymous Tweeter

    AWWWW!! Cute and talented then, cute and talented now!

    Aww.. I heart Tiffy G.

  • Katieeeeeeeee

    reply to : Seriously

    UH where have you been living?? Under a ROCK???

  • Marianna

    is is sad that i am old enough to remember when this was actually on tv?

  • carolineeb

    Thats so funny that it was her, i remember seeing that commercial, like every day!!! wow has she been doing this for a long time!!

  • Wow i’m old

    lol oh my gosh am I this old? I actually remember seeing this commercial on tv and thinking it was so cute. wow.

  • kkeke

    So cute! I met her at push play’s release party!!!! She is sooo sweet she talked to me for so long!! :)) <3 Love her!!

  • sara12


  • deannar

    funny thing is i acually remember this commercial lol

  • c

    HAHAHAH i remember this commercial!!!!
    “haha…yeah, it’s a cholesterol thing.”
    so cheesy, hillarious!!!

  • lalalala

    omg, i remember this! ahahaha

  • :-)

    Wow i rember this i had no clue that was her it dosnt look like her lol
    Shes sweet i randonly ran into her while wating for my freind over the summer shes was nice

  • martha12121

    shes the BEST! ah i cant believe this is the girl who sings hurry up and save me. shes so cute. i love her!

  • atlas

    I like the embedded comment form… now all we need are related posts.terrific

  • Anonymous343

    Aw so cute! i remember seeing that commercial!! awww i love tiffaNY

  • Delicia5

    i like her curly hair!!! omg tiff. this is amazing!

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  • Izabela

    who is she??????????

  • Izabela

    and omg for the first time I’m first =D

  • Anonymousjnhl,jn

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww.she was so cute


    She used to be BFFs with Nick right?

  • Anonymoujghs


  • ssexybeast

    Who is she?

  • Delsy

    i don’t like cheerios

  • Glen Coco

    Too cute!

  • jenenakn

    CUTEST THING EVER! i remember this commercial!

  • atlas

    I like the embedded comment form… now all we need are related posts.terrific