Aaron Carter Laguna Beach Jeans STUD


Aaron Carter posing alongside his Dancing with the Stars partner Karina Smirnoff at the Laguna Beach Jeans Showroom on Friday afternoon. Photos: WENN.

  • My Thoughts

    I remember him back when I was like 7!

  • Anonymous

    this, ladies, is the face of date rape

  • Kourtney

    LOL. he is NOT cute anymore. He was adorable when he was like 13 when I was 10…but not so much anymore

  • jk

    whoo cares this washed up HASBEEN lets hope jonas brother are next!

  • Billythekid-NY

    Cheska said:


    Cool. However, that has not translated into album sales for her latest album, Guilty Pleasure, which debuted at #12 with 24k sales on Billboard 200, and then promptly dropped OFF the charts after only 6 weeks. So it’s very obvious people are loving/liking Ashley more for her acting/looks than for her singing. She deserves the folllowers for her acting ability and looks, but not for singing, though I’m still shocked her fans didn’t support her more. At the very least she deserves her followers unlike peeps like Kim Kardashian with 2.5 million followers, who basically has done nothing but f*ck and strut her way to the top. She is the true embodiment of the term “Famewhore”!

  • Anonymshootus

    oceanup should get better leaders lol. and they should post news about britney s =p

  • wljadfs

    I USE TO LOVEE HIM WHEN I WAS LIKE 6-7 this is soo wierrd hahah he looks nothing like what i remeber

  • so

    This is the guy that has a crush on miley he said it. He is handsome.
    Why does miley get the best looking guys crushing after her.

  • musicinmysoul_x

    wljadfs said:

    I USE TO LOVEE HIM WHEN I WAS LIKE 6-7 this is soo wierrd hahah he looks nothing like what i remeber

    hahaha same here. when I saw him I was like, wtf? he looks nothing like he did when he was younger.

  • cheska


  • JonasESPAÑOL
  • Livv

    Ergh, he is so repulsive

  • Kinzie

    I think he’s pretty hot.. and his new songs are AMAZING :D go youtube em<3

  • taylorlautermystudmuffinx3

    nick carter was wayyyy better ;)
    aaron carter is ugly, why is oceanup posting this?
    ugh bring on some selena/demi/jb gossip, or even miley for all i care

  • teenies are gay

    Everyone says that he was their first crush… His brother was my first crush… Or maybe Steve from Blues Clues… Can’t remember. But he really looks a lot like Nick.

  • twigg

    i remember when i wanted to marry him. |:

  • twigg

    then i remember when he was a drug addict.

  • ~

    Ew. I remember loving him when he was actually CUTE .. I remember everybody had his dolls and shit, lmao.

  • Doom

    I had a crush on him when I was little. And then Frankie Muniz.


    Now I have a little crush on Andy Samberg. :|

  • dkasdksadk

    Miley Cyrus is set to appear with Timbaland on his new record “Shock Value 2″. http://bit.ly/2Ep1p


  • Anonymous2u

    I thought it said “Aaton Carter Laguna Beach Jeans STD’S”. I was like WHHHAAATTTT?!

  • kghsiohg

    wtf? hes sooo ugly and he has NO abs haha and he has his shirt open haha FAGGG

  • kghsiohg

    wtf? hes sooo ugly and he has NO abs haha and he has his shirt open haha FAGGG

  • wowww

    He used to be SOO handsome & I used to have a crush on him. D: But drugs ruined his good looks. :[ & His face is like too skinny now too.

  • nonnymous

    lmaooo he looks like such an idiot, especially in that picture where he looks like he’s like bootypoppin’ and those jeans are HIDEOUS

  • AlexJonas

    Seriously, can you all stop talking shit about him? Did he do anything to you?
    Yeah, shut up. He may not have the best “past”. Who cares if he has done drugs, or if he did something you don’t approve of. That’s his past for a reason.
    And he is learning from his mistakes, just like you are.
    For those of you saying that he’s gay, don’t spread rumors, that you don’t know are true.
    And for people reading the shit people are posting, don’t believe ANYTHING they say, unless you have heard Aaron say it!!

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree wit u!

  • pay day advance

    Really good.

  • Delsy

    do people still care about him????

  • :P

    do people still care about him????


    I was about to say the exact same thing.

  • asdn

    remember when he was with hilary? I LOVE HILARY! LET’S HEAR THE HILARY FANS!<3

  • Mrs bass

    What is he a model now?

  • GoldenGal9311

  • GoldenGal9311

    My first celeb crush was Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. And my next crush was Shia Labeouf.

    Um……..Aaron, WHO THE BEEP still wears Timberlands?????? Seriously.

  • lala1234

    hes ugly
    and i kinda thought he always was

    and Delsy is right
    people still care?

  • lala1234

    hes ugly
    and i kinda thought he always was

    and Delsy is right
    people still care?

  • JB<3 EA

    unknown.. dont relee care bring on the JB Gossip!!!

  • bhsdjd

    UNKNOWN??? unless you were just born…everyone looooved his music when he was a teenager!

  • musicinmysoul_x

    Wow…i haven’t seen him since like, Lizzie McGuire.

  • Anonymous25

    aww the original Justin Beiber!

  • Caroline

    lmao, he was my first crush!
    i was 4 yrs old

  • Asia

    awww I used to LOVE him when I was little. I think hes still cute.. kinda looks dorky sometimes but hes cute. Nick is deff hotter. but I love watching aaron on dancing with the stars, hes so good! my fav.

  • MrsGregGarbowsky

    Aaron was my first celeb crush, I was like 10. He’s kind of cute but I think Nick (his brother) is hotter.

  • FigaroSeville

    This is quite annoying, he is a figment of my PAST’S imagination…hrmm!

  • lameeee-o

    danggg, he’s hot again lol
    remember when he went to rehab because he was a junkie? good times. glad he’s not like that anymore :]

  • Allison

    Dang, those are hott pictures! So happy to hear he is coming back. Can’t wait for his new CD. Thanks for posting, OceanUP!

  • katelyyn_

    ew laguna beach jeans are gross
    my sisters boyfriend used to wear them

  • Mrs.AlexNoyes

    Damn it I love him

  • Shaa

    I thought he was dead O_o…..

  • cash advance now

    I love the jeans, but he just looks like a little boy to me! I prefer men models!Cash Advance Now