Emily Osment HIGH & DRY Radiohead

From Hadiya & Greg: Emily Osment performed at Wal-Mart n San Jacinto, CA. The songs were from her upcoming EP All The Right Wrongs. She has great stage presence and after the concert she had a meet and greet.

  • Anonymous1234

    hey speaking about gomez.. what do u think about @ddlovato ‘s last tweet? it cant be about @selenagomez right?

  • 1212333333

    Demi is so FAKE
    hating her now for her TWEETS

    Taylor delete Miley from twitter.

    lov sel and taylor

  • nikabela

    This was good. I loved it. She was great. It could be quite hard to play the guitar to. I mean she hasn’t had too much concerts yet, and still handled it very well.

  • CabbagePie

    At least she CAN actually sing – its just its her voice isnt anything different,

    Unlike Selena, who should really stick to acting. I think shes a good actress but a weak singer. I can sing better than her fgs.

  • ssssara

    emily’s like a mixture of haley williams and carrie underwood, with some disney star thrown in.

    i want to hear her cd. hopefully disney doesnt do all that awful editing crap on it. she sounds like she has a really good voice.

  • This is new

    Did you just say Radiohead was a one hit wonder?


    What planet are you from?

  • bojo

    Is Radiohead gonna start talking shit about her now for singing that song, and tell their fans to throw a bitchfest like they did to Miley? Fuck Radiohead. Seriously they suck. Fuckin one hit wonders from like 15years ago who think they are the greatest band ever and all other are not worthy of their holy presence.

  • ketty

    She way better than selena. Hollywood pick the wrong girl to promote we have emily talented more beautiful than selena, and can play instrument and sing better. Hollywood made a huge mistake now disney is back to being a joke thanks to selena. Jonas and miley hard work to have gotten some respect with miley golden globe nomination of her song writting and her awards in the real music industry and jb are brought down back to down by selena. She can sing and now people are going to think again that disney is a joke because the promote this girl who can’t sing. Poor jonas and miley they work so hard to give disney some respect and selena ruined it with her voice, she a joke.They should had promoted emily osmont who sing way better than selena and she has a passion for music not this jelouse bitch selena that only wants to sing because her friend do.

  • Javiera

    fortunately, she signed with “Wind Up Records” not with “Hollywood Records” (Disney)

  • Anonymous1234

    haha im SO with u gurrrrl! ur so damn right! sel cant even hit one note!

  • Shaa

    I agree with you 100%

  • Geek<3NJJ

    shes pretty good

  • Do NOT talk that way about radiohead!

    um are you f***ing insane. Radiohead changed music, you obviouly dont know sh*T about music if you think there just a one hit wonder, if ANYTHING this chick will be a one number and forgotten. These disney kids WITH they were as talented at that radiohead. There lyrics mean things other that OMG HE BROKE UP WITH ME!
    good music is led zepplien, RADIOHEAD, Queen, and yes these disney stars are fun with there gossip but radiohead have music that can make you cry and think about life, here seach creep, or exit music, or Idiotque, any of there songs for that matter…. and plus why does miley get to meet them just because she’s famous, hey Id love to meet them too… to bad I dont have a manarger.
    Oh and radiohead has better things to do then worry then even think about this, the only reason they commented on miley cyrus was because they WANTED her to understand just because your famous doesn’t me you get to do whatever you want… sounds like a lesson she needs…
    sorry for my ranting but DONT diss one of the best bands on this earth

  • Anonymous405

    Oh, no no no no. You are poorly poorly mistaken and wrong in every way possible, bojo. they are possibly today’s most respected and influential band in the world. They are not one hit wonders from 15 years considering that all 7 of their albums have been critical and commercial successes, making them one of the most successful bands.

  • Do NOT talk that way about radiohead!

    Oh, and dont talk about my bad grammer and writing I’m engish is my second langue…

    ( I meant WISH not WITH)

  • thetruth

    Honestly i never heard of radiohead until they said those things about miley (which i completely agree with) i dont know there music so i cant say whether or not they are good but in terms of emily vs selena, emily is better but they both suck selena just sucks worse. if that makes sense. i dont hate them tho they havent given me a reason to although i cant say the same for miley…

  • thetruth

    o and when did walmart start having concerts at their stores? i knew they had those sound checks but…

  • hwkjhkwhtkwht

    never cover radiohead again, thanks bye.

  • Anonymousasasasa

    She looks like a young Carrie Underwood

  • Anonymous1234

    yeah she’s good.. but she’ll never be miley, so she better get back to hannah montana. acting is the best for her.


  • D

    she’s decent. she’s better than selena gomez at singing, haha. but her songs aren’t bad.

  • judy

    gomez is better than her

  • Anonymouslol

    she was so rude at the pushplay concert last night

  • ashleyxo

    The songs she did for disney did not do her voice justice. She is actually good. I’m impressed.

  • Anonymous1234

    she’s good but wtf with her outfittt..
    so rockstar ¬¬


  • She’s actually not terrible. maybe I judged too quickly

  • Melissa=)

    shes pretty good.

  • lollll .

    woww, emily has an amazing voice. i love her & im getting her EP. (:

  • AlexaJB

    the last song is like “magical” by sel …wow…

  • 1212333333



    @DemiLovat Sel always support u MILEY is not good for U , You LOST FANS

  • Anonymous1234

    id take her over gomez any day TOO.. ur so right!

  • t

    i REALLY like her.

  • mightymouse

    @t bojo: Technically Radiohead are not a 1 hit wonder – Karma Police & Nude both made it to the top of the charts. And even if they were, so what? Jimi Hendrix was a 1 hit wonder. Does that make him less of a musician? No. I understand you may not like Radiohead’s type of music but it’s not their fault you have a peanut size brain and cannot comprehend their awesomeness. They do however demand RESPECT. Unlike Miley, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has never heard the word ‘no’, Radiohead got to where they are now through a hell of a lot of hard work and sheer talent. They don’t sell a over sexied image – they sell music, the type of music to inspire people. Sorry for my long rant but I had to get that off my chest:)

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  • JhrPlm

    xgJUZSRi cGAVLg

  • Dryade

    she can actually sing!!! not as good as miley, but she can!! she’s a great actress too.


    i love that girl!!!im her best fan and i would LOVE to see her in close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1emily you rock carry on you can be better than miley!!!!!!!



  • sppeeddffire

    horrible she cant sing@

  • Greg

    Hey OceanUP,

    I don’t mind you posting my videos and photos, but a link back to http://EmilyOsment.ws and or http://DCFans.tv would be nice. Especially since I have more photos and a more in depth summation of her concert posted.

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    At wal-mart? Never heard of a concert at wal-mart before. Different track than her brother I guess.


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  • Anonymous

    radiohead sucks. never will be legendary band like beatles or kiss,stones or zeppelin.
    best song on em’s cd is i hate the homecoming queen.1st disney artist to sign not with hollywood records.
    music that really sucks is rap crap.
    it isnt nothing but noise.

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  • This is new

    Holy shit. I didn’t know she could actually sing.

  • baybay

    i was there it was amazing!!!!

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  • hannahmae1234

    she’s actually really good.
    wtf, i didn’t know this before.

  • Nataliee67

    Radiohead a one hit wonder? they are on the list of greatest albums of all time ALL 3 OF THEIR ALBUMS ALONG SIDE THE BEATLES you fucking idiot 12 year olds no NOTHING ABOUT MUSIC I GIVE CREDIT TO EMILY FOR ACTUALLY KNOWING GOOD MUSIC. radiohead are music legends one hit wonder my asshole you should know more about them before you start talking shit.

  • Paulinha.

    that is the proof to everyone who said that emily can’t sing. she’s actually very good and her voice it’s exactly like the EP. so, if you said that she’s horrible, you’re jealous.

  • Paulinha.


  • Nataliee67

    I’m so suprised to see there are actually smart people on this site for once thank you radiohead is one of the greastest bands in the world today. bojo is a big time idiot.

  • Nataliee67

    excuse by saying all there of their albums it sounds like they only have 3 they actually have 7 but 3 of the albums are on the rolling stones list of greatest albums of all time and all 7 of their albums have critical acclaim something NONE OF THESE KIDS ON DISNEY HAVE. grow up and learn real music and if u never heard of them its probably because your to young..

  • Aleeh.

    her voice is not that bad.
    i love her radiohead cover.
    the girl listens to good music.
    she’s good.

  • radiohead are the greatest band in the world today

    Bojo is a fucking idiot! Go back to listening to the Jonas fags because you wouldn’t know what real music is if it bit you in the @ss!!!

  • Tobefrank

    She sucks

  • Anonyytmous

    i love her

  • lmao.

    She sucks.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    i’d take her over gomez any day. shes actually got some talent

  • judy

    im with u she has some talent id take her over gomez any day

  • GiLLY

    I must admit, she is pretty amazing… Please people don’t start hating on her, she’s done fuck all so far -.-

  • Pa123

    whoaaa she’s really GOOD :) !

  • GiLLY

    I must admit, she is pretty amazing… Please people don’t start hating on her, she’s done fuck all so far -.-

  • WeWantDemiBackInArgentina

    She actually has a great voicee :)

  • 1212333333

    eww not good xDDDDDD