Aaron Carter, ‘I Never Loved Lindsay..’


Aaron Carter broke up with with Hilary Duff just 8 years ago amidst a love triangle with Hils’ Disney rival Lindsay Lohan. Aaron told M Magazine that he is still in love with one of them: ‘I still love her [Hilary], even now. To this day, my only experience with love was with Hilary, and I’m 22 years old.

When I first saw Hilary dating again, I was heartbroken. I loved her. I wanted to be the only one who kissed her, but made a very bad mistake. I got in a love triangle with her and Lindsay Lohan. But I don’t even want to consider it a love triangle, because I never loved Lindsay.’

Aaron wrote a new single ‘Let Go’ about his emotional ordeal: ‘If you listen to the lyrics , ‘I used to love a girl.. sometimes I think I still do,’ you can definitely tell that I’m referring to Hilary,. I felt like I needed to write a song that helped me to let go. I have to, because she let go. It’s time to move forward. I’m going to be OK!’

  • jonaslovatobabe

    i loe how he is trying to get into the
    spotlight again.
    this is old news.
    no one cares.
    i was like 10 when this all happened and i totally remember
    it, i was team hilary lindsay is psycho.
    i never liked her.
    i loved mean girls though and that’s it.
    all her other movies were CRAP!

  • GoldenGal9311

    Dude Aaron, it’s been YEARS. They both moved on haha.

    But I think it’s cute that he said he loved Hilary! I was always a fan of their relationship………BUT, it wasn’t like “OMG!!! AHHH” Like Niley fans. LOL


    Get over it Aaron.
    It was YEARS ago!!

  • Pfft. you’re not above Lindsay, Aaron. You’re both D-listers who think you’re A-listers in your delusional minds.

  • Lizs

    like aaron and hilary move on, nick and miley should too . :D

  • J__Ri

    hahahahaha ouuuuuch!!!
    poor Lindsay!

  • kristinee[:<3

    it’s like the
    Miley/Nick/Selena love triangle xD

    Miley = Hilary
    Nick = Aaron
    Selena = Lindsay

    Miley/Nick/Selena is Hilary/Aaron/Lindsay 2.0 XD



    December 7, ahhhhh.
    but i’m younger than him, :]

  • kristinee[:<3

    hey, does anyone know how to make bold like bold text on the comments? idk how, xD

  • kristinee[:<3

    testing the bold if this works xD

  • kristinee[:<3

    ignore my comment above, i was trying to figure out how to make bold text,i’m a loser. xD

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  • karmaisabitch

    OUCH!! ahaahah

    you need to mo

  • Anony

    dude, get the fuck over it. its been like 235436436 years. seriously. attention whore.

  • Anonymous

    lol stfu aaron

  • Hi, I’m Surrey :)

    A confession like this should be in like, IDK, People or something? Kinds sad that it’s been 8 years
    and still asociated with the little teenies.

  • cyrussupport

    sounds like niley

  • Anonymous111

    I miss this lindsay :(

  • so


    This sound like Miley and selena and nick love triangle.

    Miley (Hilary)

    Selena (linsey)

    nick (Aaron)

    Same story nick made a huge mistake and did not love selena and he will forever be in love with miley, but he screw up just aaron did. Fucking boys can’t keep it in their pants.

  • MrsGregGarbowsky

    oh god I remember the whole lindsay-hilary thing. aaron was in love with hil and he also said in an interview that they took each others virginity. idk if thats true but thats what he said.

  • Brittanyyy

    WOW look at Lindsay now, she is a total wreck. How sad.

  • rooroo

    someone’s desperately trying to claw back up into the limelight. aaaaaaaaaaron, no one cares anymore. no one ever really did.

  • beccaa?

    IKR? hecks YEAh.

    its obviously just him trying to makethis more then it is and bring it up again so he gets in the paper! EW!
    and i feel kinda bad for linds… :| ohwell, its olllldddd news anyway. i dont even hardly remember this whole ordeal from back then anyways…? FAIL

  • Chalalsl

    This is lame foo reallss ok yeah
    It was soooo long ago
    Disney is famous for love triangles jajaja
    So n.m.s. are 2.0

  • hannahmae1234

    Aaron was my first crush ever.

    OH how times have changed.
    he’s milking this story to get fame.
    boy, you aint makin no comeback

  • sooo

    omg thispic is so old

  • Anony

    dude, she’s a lesbian. She doesn’t fucking care if you loved her or not. IN FACT, she probably turned into one after you guys broke up. Yep, you’re THAT good of a man.

  • <3 iloveyou;

    oh, that’s a good one!

  • wow12

    ok, I am not Lidsay’s fan and I think she’s a nutcase but I feel sorry for her. That was not nice of him to say that to the whole world. I’ve been in a place where I like the guy and I thought he felt the same until 3 years later he said on his blog that he’s never into me and he’s only making his ex jealous by dating me. So, Aaron you just lost my respect.

  • kfjaslkdf

    aaorn oh aaron.

  • nemi.love.4.ever

    i remeber those times…good ol’ days :)

  • sweet dreams

    It was long ago………but i guess hilary do look cute with aaron…!!!

  • LaLaLandGirl

    aw,now i wanna watch lizzie mcguire again. hilary was my favorite.

  • Madeline

    wow do the words attention whore mean anything?!

  • iLikejonas

    aw, he’s sucha sweetheart :)
    looove himm!

  • AnonymousLivi

    Lol this was the old Nelena and Niley. Whatever their couple names were, they are in the past. While I was 7 years old, this love triangle was going on. Just as how 7 year olds now watching WOWP and Hannah Montana and JONAS don’t see what is behind it [The Nelena Niley love triangle]. But when they get to 13, they will see it, and then those 7 year olds will be watching a new show and the generations go on. Disney keeps love triangles coming ever 6 years a new one. Quite interesting, if you ask me.

  • Annoyed

    Ewww Aaron Carter is everything thats wrong with guys. I remember him coming out in an interview and telling everyone how he was so sorry for how he treated Hilary and how he slept with several girls including her best friend. He’s disgusting. But she’s doing much better without him. She has a great professional hockey player boyfriend, she has several movies coming out next year with huge actors, she’s returning to the spotlight with Gossip Girl, and she’s still managed to remain a humble and sweet person.

  • laurennn

    that’s harsh. :(

  • bojo

    There will always be a Hilary-Aaron-Lindsay. The names change but the roles remain the same.

  • Allie1795

    lol oh aaron. anything to get attention =]

  • SwirleyShirley

    How is Aaron Miley?
    Aaron = Nick.
    Miley actually moved on with Gaston.

  • asdn

    good times.

  • Anonymou555s

    haha he’s saying this now because lindsay is a lesbian


    OOOOH sucks for Lindsay.

  • Holly

    wow thats a tad harsh. He’s a bitch. She didn’t love him either so i guess alls good then. Aaron = loser.

  • Yep yep

    Oh Aaron. He’s such a man whore.
    I still have his CDs, and im not gonna lie, he’s still on my IPod. I miss those days.

    By the way, no pun intended for that ‘Oh Aaron’ thing.

  • Nina1234

    oh, bitch, please.

    get over it, dumbass

  • shaCHEER11

    aww i remember back when they were that cute disney couple.i really hope that hes not saying this to get her back because dude she moved ON without you. lindsay is sooo messed up now. its still cute that hes admitting that he loved her.

  • mcr!


  • Chrissie

    this is just sweet…

    though that time i was real young, i knew that both of them are better than him with lilo… aww this is sweet…

  • ThatGirl

    sounds like niley


    HAHAH more like


    the one who never will move on

    LMFAO! So true

  • oywiththepoodlesalready

    Aaron = Nick in 10 years lol

  • <33

    is this really going on right now? god, aaron, yeah 8 YEARS AGO. NO ONE CARES ANYMORE. get over yourself and find another way to gain fame. sick joke.

  • D

    damn i remember this way back when.. hilary and aaron were like the star teen couple back in the day.. like niley was haha. they were always every where. but the kid should probably get over it being that was years ago..

  • jb<3

    aaron use to be so hot before, and now….hes not =\

  • Chelsea-Rose


  • Chelsea-Rose

    first ??

  • Dennis

    FUCK aron

    i love lilo<3

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Aaron Carter is gross.

  • lalalalalalalalala

    ok then … lol x

  • Anonymouszzzz

    sounds like niley


    HAHAH more like


    the one who never will move on

  • Katie555

    It’s like Miley Nick and Selena……..
    Disney SO plans this stuff I’m telling you now!!!

  • ALM:)

    oh god I remember the whole lindsay-hilary thing. aaron was in love with hil and he also said in an interview that they took each others virginity. idk if thats true but thats what he said.


    Seriouslly? Hilary’s told magazine interviews to this day shes hoping to lose her virginity to someone she loves, not that she already has. Can you remember what interview it was?x

  • jane391


  • Anonymous

    Wow, at least try to be subtle when you’re shamelessly dying for attention. This is like the only thing anyone knows him for, so even though it’s been EIGHT FREAKING YEARS, he’ll still talk about it. Lame. Wow, can’t believe I wanted to marry this guy when I was ten!