Ashley Tisdale CRANK IT UP Music Video

  • Aurelie

    WRONG she’s totally sexy!!!
    I Love the song!

  • Kathleen

    Doesnt she seem like a Britney Spears wannabe?

  • Mafe

    I love it.
    she looks so hot and the people have to understand that she’s not in disney anymore, she grew up.
    i love her and her music

  • Mafe

    I love it.
    she looks so hot and the people have to understand that she’s not in disney anymore, she grew up.
    i love her and her music


    Kevin Jonas’ # !!

    HAVE ?’s ….? ASK! :D :D :D

  • becccaa?

    i like it.. and i like ashley… but, THERE WAY COOLER SONGS TO BE SINGLES/THE NEXT ON HER ALBUM :||| (How do you love someone, masquarede, switch, hot mess, guilty plesure, erase and rewind, delete you, overrated, what if, etc.)
    also, this vid is OK, i like it.. but its was boring after awhile. the texture and the feel and etc. was cool, but it just goes on and on….

  • jonaslovatobabe

    i love the video.
    and the song is realllly fun.
    she is amazing.
    and soo not slutty compared
    to other stars her age
    if you watch there videos there WAAAAAAAY worst….

  • Delsy

    “They call her sexy”- because she is goooooooooooo ASHLEY you keep on rocking but she really need to make switch her next single it annoying me

  • Anonymous111

    I really wish masquerade was a single, I love that fucking song

  • muchbetter

    is that the real quality of the video!? or did someone record it off their tv??

  • GoldenGal9311

    I love Ashley. But the video looks too much like “Bleeding love”.

    The song is okay. Her hair looks great!! and I love the wings!

  • Anonymousss

    ^^ Lol …she IS still with disney !
    do people on here just not get it or something ???
    Im not trying to be mean or anything but srsly
    i just said that she’s still contracted with Disney’ =)

  • Jb001

    Pretty good song.

  • Anonymous-

    The video is HOrrible! she is soo slutty in the video! and i know she is ”growing up” but seariously! the video is just really weird! I dont like her anymore! in fact if she keeps up this way ,i will soon begin to hate her…

  • kami

    wtf???? why all the synthesizing of her voice. she sounds like a cartoon character. and she looks ridiculous rather than sexy. she should have stuck with the nasal high pitched sound she had before. it was better than this.


    lol me too lol

  • Sasha

    she’s trying to be britney, and has forgotten that she still has young fans who are impressionable. She can’t decide after she does HSM that she wants to be more grown up because she became famous with a child audience who still follow her.

  • nikabela

    It was like watching Britney Spears. Even the music was like that.

  • laruavila

    Is like a britney’s video :)
    I love it ?
    Go Ashley!

  • fhjiht

    love the song..but she’s dressing a litttllee bit like a slut :)

  • Joan

    she’s trying to hard to look sexy, and it doesn’t look natural. weird that her bf did this mv. it could’ve been better but good song

  • sarahhh

    if you would read the description box of this video you would know the answer ;)

  • TTFrutti

    Ashley, you’re not sexy. Just saying.

    Love the song though ;)

  • Anonymousd

    and thats proves that your a fucked up person if you hate someone you dont even know. you should just get the fuck off the computer if your gonna act like a damn fool

  • Anonymouscvdfg

    ur a dumbass ! she is not sitll contracted with disney . her record label is warners brothers not the one ran by disney! ur an idot



  • Anonymous457

    OK If that really is Kevin’s number (I didn’t call, because that would be WRONG)… you’re a total jerk for displaying it for the world to see (Unless you are Kevin…then…its really nice of you to extend out to your fans that way).

  • inxmiles

    Higher Quality (post it up oceanup?)

  • Emma :)

    This is NOT slutty. Cmon. She 24!!! Katy Perry is also 24 btw. COMPARE. Anywho. Love it :D

  • xxSmilesxx

    I think it’s quite amazing! People need to understand that she’s not Sharpay anymore… She’s done with Disney…

    Well most of it anyway… :\
    I love her, I think she’s awesome! She’s great with her fans and I LOVE Guilty Pleasure :) <3

  • Anonymous111

    It’s a litle sluty.. But I love the song and her. And for some reason I’m so happy it was done with her as a blond, I mean it’s weird, I prefer her as a brunet but I just think it looks so much better than if she did it as a brunete. After all I would rate it 4 stars, because of the bit of slutiness, beside that I love it

  • i’d say the same thing about ‘it’s a little slutty’. but since she’s not from disney anymore she can sing/act like whatever she wants. btw, i love this song (:

  • ehhh

    i agree, a little over.
    she looks like she’s trying too hard to erase the disney image. but seriously, why does it matter if the ‘image’ stays?

    kids still have access to this video.
    i agree shes awesome and all, but this is slutty.

  • Anonymous23

    ew she needs to stop trying to be BRITNEY. In some shots she imitates her poses, dancing and even her voice perfectly. Find your own look and voice and image Ashley. STOP COPYING BRITNEY. ugh another fake blonde trying to be brit. I liked her a lot more in Its alright, its ok.

  • you aint sexy

    she’s trying wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to hard to be sexy!
    DISNEY CHIC TRYING TO BE SEXY… you’re stil with disney… “PHINEAS AND FERB”… remember that ashley TISNOSE? hahahaha

  • Anonymous123412

    Wow. Britney Spears much? And her voice was too edited, it didn’t even sound like her. And for those who comparing her with artists with the same age, it’s different for her. Ashley was in Disney, and the other artists are not. Just because she’s 24 doesn’t mean she can dance and dress like a hooker when she have little girls look up to her.

  • Missy

    She looks slutty =/ but w/e shes still cool =)

  • Missy

    :O so truee!!!

  • Scary Spice

    I really love the wings?
    but as far as Ashley & this “music”..she can’t sing, so she should just stop with this wannabe brittany’s not cute- it’s just annoying. But she’s pretty legit with acting, thats the future she should be working toward. She’s great w. the charaters she’s potrayed.

  • Anonymouses

    is she dancing with jon gosselin??

  • ehhh

    very disappointed.

  • DemiandMileyPones

    Is she out of Disney? If she is then I am happy for her. I love her too much and I love that song. :)

  • Anonymousss

    Nope’ ashley is still contracted with Disney’

  • asjklfjd;kjaf

    I like the song and the music video (: she looks great in it!
    it also looks like she’s done with Disney for the most part…which is good because now people can really view her as herself rather than Sharpay.

  • Anonyemilemous

    ashley is awesome and all, but i think she is trying a little too hard to erase the disney image
    really, she looks like a britney protege..

  • asdijfoawijesf

    hahah this is trying to be britney in so many ways.

  • asdn

    was that the official version or just a preview? the quality was really bad
    good song

  • Anonymous123

    “she’s really pretty.And im glad she’s finally acting like a 24 yr old that she is.”

    24 year olds acts like this? I don’t think so. If so, then wow. I think she’s still a little too young to those things. And she definitely should find her own look, sound, and style.

  • Rose92

    she’s really pretty.And im glad she’s finally acting like a 24 yr old that she is.

  • melemma

    she seems like a disney britney wannabe only her songs are not heard by all ages, only teeny-boppers. no wonder why her album flopped!

  • Anonymous96564

    GET IT GIRL AMAZING! people stop saying she is slutty shes like 20 sumthing chill!

  • JBlover!

    awesome video, awesome song, awesome girl, but i wish people would understand that she’s not sharpay or disney anymore. She’s 24.


    k well i love the song, buti hate the video. and i dont hate the video b/c shes showing more skin and not acting like she would at disney. but b/c the video is way too tryhardish, wannabe, and fake .

  • ashleys husband!

    i love it! but how did i know scott speer would direct it again grrr i dont like himbut ASHLEY LOOKS SMOKIN! ill admit the song had tons more potential for a hotter vid but its really good!! :D LOVE YOU ASH!

  • Blair Waldorf!

    Video is still loading……….

  • Wowzers

    She is so fudging hot it’s not even funny.

  • pft.

    still say she shoulda gone with ‘switch’



  • Blair Waldorf!

    just saw 28 seconds of it cause i was in a hurry to comment. lol. But to what i saw, i thought it was a little over…but maybe i’ll change my mind when i see the whole video. :D

  • stop

    OMG… so simple, i´m disapoint, i love that song ;(