Jamie Johnston Degrassi METH Addiction


Jamie Johnston‘s character Peter Stone will battle Meth addiction on the two-episode Degrassi season premiere called ‘Just Can’t Get Enough‘ on Sunday, Oct. 4 at 7 PM ET, according to CTV.ca.

In ‘Degrassi Goes Hollywood,‘ Peter’s life was looking good: His band Stüdz was destined for fame, dating the hottest girl in school and leaving his problems behind. But as Peter realizes he can’t seem to fit into the high-fashion world Mia (Nina Dobrev) inhabits, an unlikely guest offers him a chance to escape.

Jamie said he studied drug addiction to prepare for the part: ‘Thankfully there are shows like ‘Intervention’ and ‘Dr. Phil,’ where you can see what people are thinking when they go through experiences like that. I even traveled downtown to the more sketchy areas of Toronto to see how people move and how they act when they are on drugs. I just took every piece of information I could get, mixed it all together, put it in the oven, took it out, and now I have Peter on meth.’

Jamie hopes fan can learn from his portrayal: ‘I hope that when people see how bad even just a little bit of meth can mess up your life, that people will know to just not do it. There’s been a lot of stuff going around recently about the horrors of meth, the before and after pictures of their faces.. its one of the worst things you can put in your body.’

  • :P

    I knew it was some kinda drug. It’s the only thing that woudl explain why he was acting so crazy in the previews. I didn’t understand why though but now I get it. Season premier on Fridaaay!

  • Nick&Jada4ever

    Omg! I can’t wait till Degrassi premires on Friday! :))))))))))))

  • Anonymoussssss

    ah im so excited to see it(:

  • ~

    I love Peter. He got SO SEXY .. lol.

  • teamdisney:)

    he is so dang beautiful.
    i love peter.
    im glad he finally put the damn camera down.
    i cant wait. i have feeling i could cry in the permier.
    yeah and ew i hate him with MIA
    but darcy left degrassi too ;(

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  • :{D

    Totally saw this coming.
    They made it kind of obvious with all the previews.

    Can’t wait for the premiereee :]

  • nia

    Ahhhh! I love degrassi! So exited for the new season!

  • teamdisney:)

    no it premiers this friday!

  • Leanne

    The episode was so good! It premiered last night in Canada and is INCREDIBLE. all you Americians are in for a treat :)

  • rose <3

    PETER, PETER!! haha like the commercial…right

    anywho, mias a biatch and im glad shes leaving the show, peters better without her :p

    and shes better on the vampire diaries! haha

    DEGRASSI FTW! who agrees?

  • rose <3

    anddd im sure that this whole drug addiction thing will spice up the peter story line! hah

  • Tisha Nichole

    I hate meth Its the worst drug you can possibley get on. But I hope they don’t over do it. Ive seen people on it and have seen people addited vary close to me. I JUST HOPE they show the relity of it. It messes with your personality more then it dose your body.

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    Nice chop.


  • Pamela J

    I love me some Jamie J!
    God he is so sexyy! I’d move to Canada just to see him!

  • Addicted To Degrassi

    i love degrasi so much and im so happy that it finally started again with the new season…I used to hate Peter but now i like him. i just hope they dont take this whole meth addiction to another level because the affects are pretty hard to go away nd i would hate to see his character all messed up and crazy like that.

  • Jonas4Canada

    SAV <3 !
    I don’t really watch too much Degrassi but I love Sav and I think that one niner is adorable!
    Oh and the whole Johnny/Ali thing was NASTY!

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    who’s that ? ….

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    omg! i’m so excited for the premeire..i’ve been watching degrassi since it started (:

  • teamdisney:)

    ahh love degrassi!
    and peterr
    in the begining he was suuuuch a little creep.

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    Degrassi <3333

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    who’s that ? ….
    That’s Jamie Johnston from Degrassi,(a Candian show,but is very popular in the US)(on TeenNick)he plays Peter,the new season on Degrassi is starting soon! CAN’T WAIT!!

    Not everything on oceanUP is centered on Miley,JB,Selena and Demi.


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    me too!!!!

    :) :)

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    ow kay thx :D

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    Never Heard Of Him … First??

  • Dennis
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    Degrassi is the best, I’ve been watching it since it started.