Jason Dolley, ‘I Love Bridgit Mendler.’

Jason Dolley talks to Popstar! about the plot of his new Disney Channel show ‘Good Luck Charlie’, loving his costar Bridgit Mendler and going to college online.

  • itsme

    the shows going to be boring. the plot is just so plain. it makes for a movie, like the quints. remeber that old disney movie? It’s goign to end up being one of those disney shows that are canceled after like 5 shows. sorry, i love that cast but it’s just going to blow over. it’s not remeberable, exciting, or anything special.

  • LaLaLandGirl

    yeh…what happened to cory? xD

  • oneofakindxo

    ha wii sports. love that. <3

  • Paut94Mexico

    Bridgit Mendler everytime I see her I go like ” Oh she’s the GIVE LOVE A TRY girl’ haha:)

  • Kathleeen

    I’m actually excited for this show. haha, I’m excited for every show! But I hope it gets good views because I love the cast members! Espeacially, Jason Dolley!

  • Miley CyWaZ

    Who paid him to say that?

  • Macie

    How do the parents not know they weren’t going to have to have a kid?

    You do it, get preg, belly comes and period stops for 9 months.


    My own opinion.

  • Anonymous

    ele é lindo
    he is beautifull

  • Spy

    I love Brason, my favourite Disney ship!!:) I love your videos of them, played this one loads, I’ve done one myself but nothing compared to yours!:D
    -=Melissa=- https://sites.google.com/site/handyspionageapps/

  • J-Bug

    The only thing I want to know.
    I’m pretty sure it’s better then this show will
    ever be this seems like an ABC show.

  • juicebxxx

    i love him:)
    i hope he goes far.

  • asdfadsfs

    i went to a taping. this show is funny. definately better than cory in the house. i promise!

  • GoldenGal9311

    WHAT? The storyline doesn’t make sense. I mean, it does but wtf? That’s like making a show about how someone went to the zoo last friday. IT’S POINTLESS. Disney Channel is always going to the extreme. They make a show about wizards and popstars and then turn around and make show that is SO normal, that it becomes pointless. I shouldn’t be getting worked up anyway cause I haven’t watched Disney Channel in like 2 or 3 years. I wish the show great success. BUT I must say, IF THIS SHOW has that laughing in the background, then it is bound to fail.

    On another note, he looks smoking. I had a crush on him in Saving Shiloh.

  • randomstar

    ok i will give the show a chance (haha sonny with a chance) but disney couldnt make up a better storyline?

  • MyselfYeah

    love her too ^^

  • lovely09

    Really only 8 comments
    Does anybody else like reading the comments because some of them or so stupid there hillarious

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