Jordan Pruitt Myspace blog about Homecoming and the Neutrogena event: Hey Guys! So I have to tell you about my weekend! I had the best time of my life! On Friday, I went to the homecoming football game! And one of my friends got homecoming queen! It was so awesome!

We ended up losing the football game though, which was disappointing. On Saturday, I did my best friend’s hair and makeup for her homecoming. And I also did my other two friend’s makeup haha! And then, we all got ready for our dates to pick us up! We took pictures with our entire group, and then we ate dinner!

We danced, we had so much fun, and my date was a blast! :) Another exciting thing going on today! I will be going LIVE with my saynow page! If you call in to my number, I will answer any question you have for me! I LOVE you guys! xoxo J

  • Anonymous7

    ewww he is fat and ugly

    what a stupid bitch

  • LaLaLandGirl

    she has such an amazing voice.
    but too bad i just don’t like her music.
    anyways,she’s so naturally gorgeuous.

  • carnelle

    prettiest of them all

  • iloveyou<333

    No offence but her date is one of the fugliest guys I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous1111

    shes gorgeous

  • bojo

    That dress is so pretty and she is super nice and talented. I’m glad she got to have a prom. her date looks like michael cera.

  • FDlPhXq


  • bojo

    A homecoming I mean, not a prom. Same thing where i am from. (:

  • Anonymousdfkjdf

    ^agreed. Why do you guys expect her to have a OVER THE TOP NICK JONAS BRAD PIT kinda date. so shut up and his name is oliver oldacre ha it was some homecoming in tenessssseeeeee

  • Melissa.

    OH MICHEL CERA AFTER AN ACCIDENT! :) noo just kidding

  • Miley CyWaZ

    LOL, WUT.

    That guy looks like a huge doucher.

  • JBlover!

    i agree with you, i don’t see what’s wrong with her, and so what the guy may not look amazing or whatever, but he could have a great personality. In my opinion, Jordin’s awesome, i absolutely love her voice. = )

  • Anonymous adfafad

    finally a girl that wears clothes! she’s so respectable. and talented. shocking she’s not more famous…

  • Anonymous

    okay, she is beautiful & no one should sit here & judge her date by his looks. you don’t even know him.. I’m sure he has a beautiful soul.

  • Sophieee

    i love how she’s so normal! and she wears the same dress… twice :O gasp! haha

    she’s so pretty. :)


    she’s pretty and she’s got an amazing voice… she deserves more recognition.

  • annaismyname

    i meant homecominq .

  • Anonymousjdsfbkjegbe

    to the girls who keep saying he looks ugly or whatever, stop being so superficial. he could be the funniest or sweetest guy there. its so annoying when people always have to judge on appearances first. he’s obviously good enough to score homecoming to go with her…you dont see her going with another celebrity.

  • oneofakindxo

    i love how she’s so normal! and she wears the same dress… twice :O gasp! haha

    she’s so pretty. :)


    AHAHA i know right?! lmao

  • J-Bug

    That is a disgrace to Micheal Cera.
    I’m seriously offended right now.

  • oneofakindxo

    aw shes so cute!

  • kaylaxo

    our school had homecoming this weekend too. shes…pretty.

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  • GoldenGal9311

    Wait….she’s still in school? Lol no offense but it seems like she’s been a teen for the longest.

    Maybe she just looks older than she really is? How old is she?

  • WHlHBgZ


  • DemiMileySelenaFan

    Dang selena has that same exact dress as jordan…………

  • YTMsnbH


  • Anonymous


  • DinoGirl

    In some of these pictures, her date looks like a chubby Michael Cera.

  • GoldenGal9311

    LOL, that’s who he looks like!! I was like “OMG, he looks like someone!”.

  • w

    That’s cool that she went to homecoming.
    Does she still go to a regular school?
    Our homecoming sucked…

  • hahah


  • Kathleeen

    She goes to school? haha, anyways cute dress but the date I’m not so sure about!(x! top ten!

  • hahah

    she looks like a piggy
    she has a piggy nose
    an didnt she go last year
    i guess wilburt has a prob growing up

    haha jk


  • annaismyname

    she’s wearing the SAME dress to prom & to the event … O_o