Dylan And Cole Sprouse USC BOUND?


Dylan & Cole Sprouse, 17, were spotted at University of Southern California last week, where they were getting a private tour. According to RadarOnline, they tried to keep a low profile, but were recognized by a student who asked:

‘Hey, are you Zack and Cody?’ Then Zack put his finger to his lips in a ‘shhhh’ motion, but Cody nodded and their tour guide confirmed that, yes, it was in fact the Disney Channel stars.

  • zomggg

    weird as hell, theyre the same age as me o_O
    one channel had Suite Life on and they’re voices were all squeaky and gay, and then the other channel had Suite Life on Deck and Cole talked and his voice was all deep and manly and I was like WTF when did this happen.
    Anyway I’m goin to UCLA next year, call me boys ;D

  • DorkMuch?

    Wow! I was beginning to wonder on whatever happened to them. hahah I mean i hadn’t seen any news about them. Umm not to sound mean or anything but did anyone even freak or would freak if they were meat them? Ahahahaha i most likely wouldn’t. To be honest i wouldn’t freak for anyone who, unless it was DEMI LOVATO. She is the SHIT. I love her. I wouldn’t even freak for the Jonas Brothers they are hot but kinda irrelevant to me. Not a big fan. I do like their music :D

  • lalalalalalala

    YO @selenagomez i’m very happy for you&ima let you finish but @mileycyrus EP Rocks & is going GOLD tomorrow! Nick @jonasbrothers ;) xoxoxo

  • GoldenGal9311

    Now I know why they call it the University of Spoiled Children. LOL….just kidding. But it does seem like every young celebrity goes there.

  • Ano

    they look 12……wen they’re voice changed on their tv show i was like dang…they already started puberty hahaaha

  • GoldenGal9311

    My dream school is the University of Pennsylvania. If I can go there, I’m a bad-A mother effer. I’ve always wanted to go ever since I was a child.

  • Ello

    Why do people bash Miley C on every post on this site? Weird.

    Anyway good for them! Can’t believe they’re 17!

  • dumbb

    Cole I playing basketball for USC !!!!!!

  • Saraaaa

    im going to usc tooooooooooooo ! :D

  • Saraaaa

    my friend goes to UPENN and she LOVES it ((:

  • Holly

    i LOVE them! Please please post as much on them as you can oceanup, theyre so cute :)

  • bianqueesha

    im going to usc tooooooooooooo ! :D


    LUCKY! lol but seriously
    I’ve wanted to go there since i was little!

  • JONAS fan

    wow what a shocker i bet cole and dylan are either going to end up going to usc or ucla

  • Saraaaa

    i’m sure you’ll get in, no worries ! :D

    follow your dream. if usc is your dream school, go for it !

  • Anonymous:)

    That’s funny.
    University of Spoiled Children= USC

    HAHA :)

  • Camy


    It was so sudden!! Technically we were always the same age but they’ve always been so short that I always thought of them as younger. And now, bam, they’re all.. manly XD

    And I loveee how close they are!!!

  • kari

    cole is sooo hottt
    damn i love his arms
    cole sprouse wet makes me wett :D

  • Dorothy Tang

    they look so cute together. hmm wonder which uni they will go to.

  • laurenbitchh

    cole is damn sexy i love that picture
    i would do cole
    and thats because im 20

  • oneofakindxo

    cole looks hot in this picture. ha. <3

  • :) <33

    They want to keep a low profile,

    I know,

    now all the people who go there will be like “hjkafjkafjf” and freaking out, great job.

  • coleis

    damn that boy is just sexy

  • coleis

    damn that boy is just sexy

  • dumbb

    don’t compare them to any Jonas
    Because d and c have so much better personalities
    way funnier better actors Nick looks like a 40 year old
    by the time he’s 20 ewe

  • lmao

    cole is like so much hotter than dylan
    i cant wait till cole is like 18 or 19 cann you just imagine damnnnn
    and hes been working out by then omg:D
    i love himm<3

  • tiedtogetherwithasmile-

    that picture
    is the definition
    of adorable

  • Anonymoufs

    i want to go to UCLA… what do you study USC?? lol

  • yummy

    That photo of them is cute.

    Anyone know good photo galleries of them?

  • yummy

    ps I agree Demi is a good singer. Her voice is great. I just hate her acting and don’t think she’s all that attractive. “Catch Me” and “Don’t Forget” are great songs though.

  • w00t

    University of Spoiled Children
    University of Second Choice
    U Suck Cock

  • GoldenGal9311

    Saraaaa said:

    my friend goes to UPENN and she LOVES it ((:


    Tell your friend that she’s a bad-A mother effer = )

  • Ano


    btw y do we say tht

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  • Ano

    demi= great singer, okay actress
    selena= okay singer, great actress
    miley=okay singer, okay actress

    i just thought i’d throw tht in there ha

  • bianqueesha

    demi= great singer, okay actress
    selena= okay singer, great actress
    miley=okay singer, okay actress

    i just thought i’d throw tht in there ha


    lol yeah thats what my cousin and I agreed on too



  • Carolyn2

    God, I can’t believe they are Seventeen..

  • Kathleeen

    me either! I thought they were like 15 or 16. Time goes by so fast!

  • Ano

    they seem really close bros…………thts cute i guess

  • Anonymous

    how the hell are they the same age as nick jonas?!

  • bianqueesha

    omg they look 14 :/
    USC is my dream school lol

  • Anonymoufs

    aww so cute.. i love them! one of my first celebrity crushes.

    i wish they werent so old tho!

  • morgansierra

    haha! sprouse twins at USC, it looks like they shouldnt be more then freshmans in high school. hm.

  • omgxoxo

    cole is soooo hott!!!!!
    ahhh especially in the show damnn boy
    his arms<3
    i love his voice it kinda sounds like zac efrons:p
    i love you coleee!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what they are doing in that picture?

  • Shytima

    I love this picture. They are so adorable. I am 4 years older than them, so I don’t crush on them, but I have to admit that they are really cute guys.