Matt Prokop HEAD INJURY In Hospital


High School Musical 3 star Matt Prokop sustained a head injury while playing football, according to his ex-girlfriend Sarah Hyland. She Tweeted: ‘please pray for @mattpro13, he’s in the hospital overnight for a head injury.. stupid stupid STUPID football.’

  • Anonymoufs

    awww i hope he gets betterrr <3

  • ZzZ

    I feel so bad for him. He’s got a head injury and only 13 comments?? It’s like nobody cares!!!

  • Jenna

    He will be okay, according to his best friend, Ryan Pinkston;

    “Just wanted to let everyone know that our best friend @mattpro13 will be 100% fine! so pray for him, but he’ll be tweeting away in no time!!”

  • discobizcut

    I think I LOL’d



  • emilybieber

    ohemgee :(
    please get better as soon as effin possible..
    i love you tremendously..
    you have all your matt-adors prayin for you..
    we love you prokop..

  • KatieM

    hopefully hes okay
    thats really scary

  • anonima

    Matt Prokop Will Be Fine (L’

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    aww…hope you get better.

  • oliviaaaa

    i hope he’s okay. i love you matt. praying for you buddy <3

  • souzi


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  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Awww. Poor Matt.

    Get well.

  • Brittanyyy

    Mmm, hottie ;)

  • Delsy

    awwww don’t really remember him from HSM3 but Get Well Soon matt

  • kaddie

    gosh he is soooo HOT<3
    get well soon